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Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Most Trusting To Totally Skeptical


You naturally want to see the best in everyone. You are easily able to understand another person’s point of view and empathize with them. Even when a person is wrong, you can still find a reason to believe in them. You would much rather put your trust in someone and hope for the best than shut someone out prematurely.


You are incredibly trusting, Cancer. Though you aren’t naive, you still want to believe people are inherently good. You go out of your way to make others feel comfortable, and you open your heart to them, and you hope that they will treat you the same way. Though you can be immensely hurt if someone wrongs you, you’ll likely still give another chance in the long run.


Libras are known for holding onto their own reality. You can easily be friends with many different types of people, and most usually easily open up to you. You give a trusting vibe that causes others to want to trust you, making it that much easier on your end. You prefer to avoid conflicts, and you focus on seeing what you want to see. You’re more likely to give people the benefit of the doubt than be suspicious about their intentions.


You are a somewhat optimistic person, and that usually applies to people as well. You know that people can let you down at times, but you would rather give more attention to the positive than the negative. You are reasonably easy-going, and when it comes to new people, you hope for the best instead of expecting the worst.


When it comes to trust, it can go either way for you. You want to ensure you look at all the possibilities before-hand, and you like to move at a pretty fast pace. You are more likely to see the negatives than others, but you will still give people a chance to redeem themselves. You believe people should at least be given a second chance.


You are the type to dive in head-first, regardless of what your instincts are telling you. While you won’t waste any time if someone does break your trust, you still trust your gut more than what others tell you. If you have a good feeling about someone, you will go in blindly without a second thought. If you feel there is anything off, it’s a no go for you.


Taurus signs aren’t ones to easily trust- you have to do your research first. You will find out everything you can about a person before making a final decision about them. However, once you decide to trust someone, it doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you. You won’t anything sway you unless it’s incredibly major.


Leos want to surround themselves with the best kinds of people. You are friendly, and you try to form connections with others, but you also don’t let them into your life so quickly. You want to ensure that the person isn’t going to hold you back because people can surprise you in your experience.


Aquarius signs would like to believe the best in people, but honestly have a hard time seeing it. You certainly believe that people can grow and become better but have a hard time embracing people upfront. You also have a hard time sharing how you feel and fear most people will just misunderstand you. You strive for trust, but they just don’t believe it’s all that easy.


Capricorns are somewhat pessimistic about how dependable other people can be. You feel if they want or need something done, You should just do it yourself. You are open to the idea of establishing trust, but the person has to work for it before you believe it.


Virgos know that trusting doesn’t come very easily to them. There is a part of you that would love to trust without a second thought, but you are in tune with people and their intentions. You can sense when something is off better than most, which usually leads to you being more on the skeptical side. You can be pretty critical at times, but you would rather be safe than sorry.


We know you want to trust people, Scorpio. You may act like you don’t need anyone else in the world, but the reality is you want to be with someone you can fully trust. The issue is you just can’t guarantee that someone won’t hurt or try to manipulate you. You protect your heart with everything you have. Since there is no way you can totally predict what a person might do, you would rather keep yourself distant than risk your vulnerability being exploited.

Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Most Trusting To Totally Skeptical
Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Most Trusting To Totally Skeptical

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