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Ranking Of The Zodiac Signs That Love With Eyes Closed

Loving … I wish everyone understood what it is to surrender without fear as if you only had one chance. There are signs of the zodiac that honor the couple, who know what it is to care, protect and bless. They are the ones who do not accept that love hurts, because they surrender with their eyes closed, trusting that the other party will give them the same. This is the ranking of the signs that love with their eyes closed: 

1.- Pisces 

Pisces is the one who has hope in every touch, kiss, hug, and whisper. She is the one who gives herself with her eyes closed, more than anyone else because her sensitive side takes over the moment and she loves to add a dreamy touch to everything she does. He is the one who honors romanticism, when someone enters his heart, there is no going back, he becomes the first person on his list. He is the one who lets himself be carried away and surrounds you with the most tender thoughts, the ones that invite you to navigate inside yourself, that few get to know.

2.- Leo 

Leo is second on the list, when it comes to giving his heart he does it without a single blunder. It is the sign that was born to shout from the rooftops that he is in love, he enjoys showing off the person he loves, and being affectionate comes naturally. Leo wants his partner to feel comfortable in every way and there is no human power to make him change his mind, he likes to love with his eyes closed and trust the other person to give him the same in return. However, he does not tolerate betrayals, nor does he give second chances.

3.- Libra 

An empathetic, passionate, and sweet love. This is how Libra gives her heart to her loved one. A sign that when you are sure you are dealing with the right person, you go out of your way to show how much you care. Libra is the one who will give you the most beautiful dates, the ones that make your heart, mind, and soul tremble. Libra has a hard time showing his vulnerable side, if he talks about his fears, sadness, and dreams, it is because he really wants a future by your side, he does not play games.

4.- Scorpio 

Then we have Scorpio, the sign that looks like everything, except what it really is. It is true, that he has that mysterious and a bit cold side, which can scare the loves that come into his life. The reason is very simple, it does not tolerate hypocrisy, much less betrayal, so it prefers to be cautious. Scorpio becomes the most tender when he gives his heart, his sensitive side makes you want to share until the last day with him. He is the type of person who always has a romantic surprise and who remembers those details that others forget.

5.- Cancer 

Cancer certainly had to be at the top. It is one of those who love the most with their eyes closed because it is a sign that they still have faith in the goodness of other people. In fact, we could say that it is the most emotional of the zodiac, so when someone catches their heart they want the whole world to know. He is the kind of person who is loving, sensitive, and focused, someone who does not let go of you, who is always there to show you that you are not alone and wants to see you fly. Cancer does not cut your wings, it wants you to fulfill your dreams.

6.- Taurus 

Another sign that gets excited when falling in love is Taurus. Although he can be quite meticulous with his decisions, he has a vulnerable side that ends up making his own. It is a sign that enjoys satisfying your partner, want to see her shine, and bet on formality. When Taurus falls in love, he invites commitment, he likes serious things, romantic evenings, deep talks, and everything that confirms that he is on the right path. Taurus is the one who never stops conquering.

7.- Aries 

The sign that has risk in every pore, the one that comes into your life to accelerate your heart. It’s right in the middle of the list, let’s say you don’t indulge in love blindfolded the first time. Aries has to feel that he is on firm ground, before taking such an important step, although the attraction can do its thing because his impulsive side does not understand reasons and only wants to live in the moment. The truth is that Aries is a spark in the soul, who reminds you that you can love with intensity.

8.- Virgo 

Perfectionist, meticulous and dedicated. Without a doubt, Virgo is a sign that honors practicality, the simpler and more direct a relationship is, for him the better. He is one of those who show affection but does not get lost among so many compliments and surprises. Virgo needs to verify that the feeling is mutual and genuine before jumping into the ring. He cannot love with his eyes closed, because he always puts a realistic touch on everything, he prefers to first fall in love with the defects, rather than fall into a false idea of ​​romanticism.

9.- Capricorn  

We are entering the list of the least romantic. Capricorn is the one who always has a lot of thoughts, which do not let him think with his heart. It is a sign that sticks to strategy, to analysis, so you need to define the pros and cons of having a relationship. Let’s say your expectations are high and no matter how much someone attracts you physically or emotionally if you have no affinity with your goals, you don’t waste your time on something that isn’t going to work.

10.- Sagittarius 

The number 3 least romantic rank is for Sagittarius. A sign that has its feet firmly on the Earth, but its dreams exceed the sky. He is the one who can have fun and leave a mark on the loves that knock on his door, but from there to get hooked is very difficult. Not for nothing they have a reputation for breaking hearts and it is not that they plan it, simply when something no longer fills them they leave and many cannot understand how easy it is to say goodbye, it is not that it does not hurt, but they put resilience first.

11.- Gemini 

Giving your heart to Gemini is practically tossing a coin and praying that the side you want comes out. It is the sign that gets bored easily, that needs to break with the routine and love with intensity so that it really decides to stay by your side. It does not support chains. When someone tries to tie him up still in the name of love, they prefer to end the relationship. Geminis do not love with their eyes closed, they open them more than ever and before any small negative detail, they simply turn the page.

12.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is the one who closes the ranking with a flourish. We are talking about the zodiac sign that he does not jokingly love with his eyes closed. It is highly unlikely that you will lay down your life for someone else. Aquarius needs much more than pretty words or signs of affection, in his mind is the key. He is the one who puts the intellect before any romantic detail. You need more than just castles in the air, you bet on the genuine and on everything that breaks with the expectations of society.

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