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Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Absolute Party Animals To Total Homebodies

1. Aries

If there is a party going on, you’re there. Honestly, you’re likely the person who started it in the first place. You don’t need a ton of planning or even a real reason- just wanting to get together with a ton of people and have fun is enough.

2. Sagittarius

You’re always on the move- you tend to hop from one place to the next. You are down to have a good time and let loose, and you have plenty of exciting stories and a sharp sense of humor that always go over well with others. You are for anything that lifts people’s spirits and allows people to let loose for a while.

3. Leo

You like being the center of attention and showing off a little. Anywhere there’s a crowd you’re drawn to, and it’s not hard for you to convince people to join you, given that you’re a natural leader. Everyone knows you add an extra bit of flair wherever you go, and that the party doesn’t truly start until you walk in,

4. Gemini

It’s no secret that you’re social and enjoy meeting interesting people. You’re interested in staying on top of things and being in the know, and parties are a pretty simple way to go about it. You’re a bit more interested in the conversations you have than any other random activities. Still, if you hear about a party happening, you’re most likely showing up.

5. Libra

You love getting together and meeting new people, and you won’t turn down a party invite if you can help it. That said, you have your preferences. If you have your say, you’d rather go to something a little more formal rather than full-on rager, but you won’t be a downer about it. Your main priority is being amongst others who are having a good time

6. Capricorn

You are a reserved person, no doubts there. But after working hard, then you aren’t afraid to play hard. You can let loose with the best of them, and it’s often surprising. You won’t blow off your responsibilities to party no matter what, but when you do show up, you aren’t afraid to go all out- sometimes even a little too hard to make up for the lost time.

7. Aquarius

You like attention more than you admit, Aquarius. While you aren’t one to run out to the latest party and be like everyone else, you do enjoy it every now and then. You like showcasing your uniqueness, and no one would put it past you to have a few drinks and start conversing about some random topic that only a few people know about.

8. Virgo

You would honestly rather chill at home most days because truthfully, who is better company than you? That being said, you aren’t entirely opposed to the occasional party. It does have to be for a very good reason, though. You aren’t dying to get trashed with strangers for the sake of a good time, but if you know some people are going or you know some drama might unfold, you’ll likely find yourself there before the night ends.

9. Cancer

You love being around other people, but partying isn’t your favorite way to go about it. You’d much rather invite a few people into your home and spend quality time that way instead of standing in the back, trying to yell over loud music to get someone’s attention.

10. Pisces

You like the idea of going to all the parties. Still, when the moment arrives, you typically would rather just stay inside. You tend to feel so much and are pretty in tune with the environment around you, so going to crowded clubs or places with loud music tends to overwhelm you. You might tag along if it’s what everyone else wants or if you need a distraction, but it’s far from your first choice to spend your night.

11. Scorpio

You may go to parties if you’re dragged, but the whole time you don’t know what you’re doing there. You only like a handful of people and would prefer to connect with someone one-on-one, which is mostly impossible at parties. The most enjoyment you might get is finding someone else who hates being there as much as you so you can make fun of everyone getting drunk out of their minds.

12. Taurus

Let’s be honest- there really isn’t anyone who can make going out to party seem appealing to you. You’d much rather take a bath, pamper yourself, and turn in early than be out with a bunch of randoms who are loud and obnoxious. You like to be invited, but it’s doubtful you’ll show up- you don’t feel the need to impress anyone, and you already know how you like to spend your time.

Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Absolute Party Animals To Total Homebodies
Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Absolute Party Animals To Total Homebodies

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