Zodiac Signs

Here is the ranking of women by zodiac sign: from the sweetest to the most bitchy

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Here is the rating of women according to the sign of the Zodiac: from the cutest to the most bitchy ones. Men, do not neglect! In addition to her character, genes and upbringing, she leaves an imprint and a sign of her zodiac on a woman. So, what is the zodiac sign of the kindest, and what is the most evil.

1. Scales.

Even if the girl has Libra a problem, she will not complicate things. These little peaceful angels are in essence peacemakers, and they are ready for anything to make everyone around them happy. They believe in justice, equality and harmony, even if it comes at their expense. Libra tends to resolve disputes, rather than start them. If you ever have problems with Libra, it is clear that you are to blame for this.

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2. Fish.

Soft, helpful and non-conflicting are all about cute Rybka. They hate wrestling and conflict, meanness and gossip, in a word, all that girls do in groups. Even if you try to quarrel with the Fish, it will simply wave its tail and swim away.

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3. Taurus.

Unlike the Aries girl, who can attack at any time, Taurus is patient and sustained. Sensitive to criticism, it aims not to criticize others. She is cordial and generous, and always in the spirit. Even if you try to piss her off, she will do it reluctantly.

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4. Aquarius.

The friendliness and kindness of the Aquarian girl keeps her from most conflicts. She also has no time for cruel and angry people. But this does not mean that she is weak – she is freedom-loving and will not put up with cruel treatment. If you offend Aquarius, it will simply disappear from your sight. And do not wait for postcards!

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5. Sagittarius.

The anxiety and impatience of a Sagittarius girl rarely turn into hostility or aggression. She is fair, and this often prevents her from living in a cruel and unjust world.

And even if you disappoint her, she won’t grab your hair and scratch your eyes. She will just shrug and leave, muttering: “Well, what is it called!”.

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6. Twins.

The twin girl is usually good. She is spoiled by karma because she loves to gossip. And if you catch her in this, or even behave disrespectfully, be prepared for a tough and poisonous resistance. She can be very hot-tempered, but she’s saved by her incredible responsiveness and unarguability.

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7. Cancer.

Cancer girl can be both good and angry, depending on her mood. If you catch her in a good mood, she will hug, squeeze and kiss you, run your hands in your hair and say how jealous she is and how good you are.

But if you fall for her on the day when dark clouds hang over her, you will not be happy. She can be a totally crazy witch!

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8. Leo.

Despite the fact that the girl Leo seems warm, friendly, forgiving, and even ready to smile in response to insults, do not relax. This is not a harmless purring kitten – it is a vengeful lioness. Do not put your head in her mouth!

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9. Virgo.

This sign of the Zodiac is called the Virgin clearly by mistake because the real virgins are pure and they do not look like this bad guy. When the Virgin is offended, she will not speak out verbally or use physical force. No, she practices a much more nervous and passive-aggressive form of violence. She will remember all your transgressions in your entire life and will act so dismissively that it will kill your self-esteem.

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10. Aries.

Ask Aries girl what she is, and she will tell you that she is courageous, assertive, passionate, energetic and even a little fiery. This is an alternative vision of her impatience, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, stubbornness, arrogance and wickedness. No, she is not the most evil of all. But in third place from the end.

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11. Capricorn.

This bitch can be as hot as lava or as cold as ice. Although she is patient, as soon as you get angry or hurt her, you will feel a cold mist coming down the room. She will not beat you in the face or scream at you, but she will undermine your reputation, squeeze out all the juice from you with her ignorance and tedium.

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12. Scorpio.

Do not annoy the girl Scorpio, because she will take revenge on the methodical coldness of a serial killer. She was already born this way! She is warlike, mistrustful, angry and vindictive. If you ever make a mistake, never turn your back on her – her poisonous tail is ready!

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