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Ranking Of The Signs That Will Damage Your Heart Most

There are signs that have a reputation for being worse than others, there are signs that have the reputation of being more passionate than others and there are those that have the reputation of being more unfaithful than others. But there are also signs that will do more damage to your heart than others. In the Zodiac, there is one for everyone. And for that,

here is the ranking of the signs that will most damage your heart:

  1. Scorpio

The worst thing about falling in love with a Scorpio is to have fallen into their nets. Without you realizing it, Scorpio can gradually break your heart and in the end, you will find that your heart is totally shattered. This is how Scorpio acts, slowly without anyone noticing. It is so subtle that you will hardly realize the damage it is doing to you. Scorpio is the type of person who will also be happy seeing how your heart is broken. While you cry, Scorpio will laugh and very loudly … He is one of those people who sometimes cannot control his evil and therefore has to constantly do something to calm his anger. If you want to avoid getting into romantic dramas, avoid Scorpio. But hey, after all, Scorpio made it clear to you at first. It will be many things, but Scorpio always makes it clear at first what their intentions are, and if you did not realize it,

  1. Capricorn

Not for hurting anyone but Capricorn doesn’t care if it hurts your feelings or not. There are many more important things on your mind than worrying about your feelings. Capricorn in good times is very good, but in bad times it is one of the worst… If you really want to avoid having heartbroken, you should avoid dating a Capricorn, you are warned. It is one of those that plays with your heart at will. It plays with it as a cat plays with a mouse, scratching it with its paws and trying to hunt it. But beware, not all Capricorns are like this, there are some who mature, realize that they have a slightly dark side, and know how to take care of it so as not to harm others. But there are other Capricorns who can take years and years to change their mindset since they are VERY stubborn people.

  1. Aries

Aries is not as good as everyone thinks. And when he sets out to do harm, he can be one of the best in that ‘sport’. Come on, he’s on the podium for something, he has earned his fame by himself. Aries will hit your heart as hard as a boxer hits his punching bag. Without any concern and without looking to see if someone is suffering. And he just does it because he can, for no apparent reason. But the fault is yours too, Aries is always a pretty clear person from the beginning and it is possible that he has already made it clear to you what his intentions were. Maybe it hurts because you are quite a vulnerable person who dropped his guard too quickly, and with Aries, you don’t have to let your guard down until you are totally sure you can trust him. Even at that time,

  1. Virgo

When a relationship with Virgo ends, he will step on you just like when you step on a cigarette butt to put it out. Virgo is not as bad as the previous signs, he empathizes with you when he sees you suffering. Virgo is not an insensitive monster, because it is true that he is capable of feeling the pain that anyone around him feels. But it is also true that Virgos look out for themselves before others and that if they are happy, they give absolutely everything. When the relationship ends, know that it is not an easy time for either of you, but Virgo is not going to regret you and that the relationship is over. That is your problem … It is you who must move forward, Virgo is trying to rebuild his life the best he can …

  1. Leo

Leo is pure fire, but for the good and for the bad. He has so much strength and is so brutal for everything, even to hurt your feelings, but never accepting that it was Leo himself that he hurt. That is the worst flaw of a Leo: that he does not know how far his worst side can go. And it is that when you are in the middle of an argument, Leo is capable of taking dirty laundry from years ago, he makes the excuse that the damage was already done and that he is simply remembering the past. Leo is capable of making a fool of you if he proposes it and knocks you out. It would be a lot easier and it would hurt less if Leo were able to recognize the damage he did to you. The hole it has left in your heart would be more bearable. But it is that Leo is a lot of Leo and you should be very clear that Leo is capable of anything, either to love you with all his might or to break your heart. Capable of everything.

  1. Cancer

It is difficult for Cancer to break your heart if you have no reason for it. If you’ve only committed petty ‘crimes’ in your relationship, Cancer will have no reason to be vindictive. For example, if your relationship has to end because you are simply not compatible, it will end in a peaceful and friendly way. But, if you give him reasons to end the relationship, such as that you have been unfaithful or that you have not treated Cancer well, prepare yourself for the worst of the worst … Cancer is an angel from heaven, but it also has his most cruel and vengeful side. He knows you so well that he will know what will hurt you the most and there he will go straight to hurt you. In addition, his therapy to recover is to hurt those who have hurt him, and that will do. So don’t step on his heart and he’ll likely leave yours alone. On the contrary,

  1. Gemini

It is possible that Geminitread on your heart, not because he is a malicious person, but because he is a somewhat clumsy person. And if you step on it it is totally involuntary. But this is not an excuse that makes it hurt much less, but it is true that Geminis is short of malice, especially when there has been a lot of love involved. Geminis will never allow themselves to hurt a person with whom they have had many good times and when there has been a history involved. But it is true that there are times when he gets lost in his own world, he does not know which decision is the best and in the end, he ends up making the decision with which he will hurt you. There are also times when he does not realize what the consequences will be and in the end, those consequences can be losing you. Gemini is not bad at all, but sometimes they might be more careful when it comes to acting on their life.

  1. Sagittarius

In the heart of Sagittarius there is no room for evil, not even if the situation requires it, or even if it has plenty of reasons to be. Sagittarius is a very loyal and generous person and in him/her you will find the person with whom you will want to escape to a desert island and sleep together on the beach for the rest of your life. But there are times when relationships end for one reason or another and even so, Sagittarius will not act evil. Sagittarius is not one of those people who would post photos with another person the day they left, even if they were dating. Sagittarius lived in your heart for a while, but before he left, he wanted to leave it the same as when he came. And you will appreciate it very much because a breakup is not easy, but Sagittarius will do everything possible so that you do not suffer because of him.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius, no matter how bad you have behaved or whether you have betrayed him or not, would never do anything on purpose to hurt your feelings. If the relationship has come to an end and the love is over, he will simply take your heart, return it to you in a box marked ‘FRAGILE!’ and will return it to the place where it was found. It will leave you fully prepared for someone else to be able to love you. With Aquarius, everything is easy, even breakups and arguments. Dramas, fights, and betrayals do not go with him/her. Aquarius will do everything possible so that neither of you suffers. Even if necessary, he will give you a kiss and a hug at a goodbye time. It will leave your heart broken into a thousand pieces, but how respectful and peaceful it is.

  1. Taurus

Although Taurus may seem a little negative person, he is only negative with himself. He will wish you the best in the world, as long as you haven’t done anything wrong to him. It will even try to fix it by all means and make your work again. But once he sees that there is no more future, Taurus puts land in the middle, but it will make you feel that you have not wasted your time. Now, after having lived with Taurus, you feel wiser, stronger, and more sure of yourself. Taurus instead of breaking your heart leaves you full of energy and beating stronger than ever. But if you hurt Taurus, don’t expect this to be so. Yes, he may give you a second chance to show him that it was a mistake, but if you fail him again, he will close the doors of his heart and walk away without telling you anything.

  1. Libra

As Libra knows very well what it is to have a broken heart, he does not want to hurt anyone so that they do not suffer as he/she suffered. He is a very conscientious person who regrets easily, so he has promised himself not to hurt anyone. In love, things can go right or wrong, and people can break up no matter how much love was involved or no matter how much they want to be together. Libra as long as not to hurt will not even be able to leave you, for fear that you will suffer and for fear of breaking your heart. Libra is afraid of acting in the wrong way and making mistakes and therefore prefers to wait for things to clear up. Even if Libra decides to take the plunge and leave you, you won’t even wish him bad, because he doesn’t deserve it.

  1. Pisces

In the Pisces body, there is not even a millimeter of evil. On the contrary, the only thing that exists is kindness and kindness. A Pisces will never disappoint you easily, even if you have hurt him/her. If Pisces leaves you, they will always try to do it out of respect, education, and love. He knows what is best for you and that is why he does it. It will make it so smooth that you will not even notice its loss and that was the purpose of Pisces, that you would not even realize that the love between you no longer has a solution. Pisces can break up with you, and that, whether you like it or not, is not an easy thing to overcome… But it won’t try to break your heart, even if it does.

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