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Ranking Of The Nastiest Signs Of The Zodiac

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Let ‘s be honest, most people who read their daily horoscope or the analysis of their star sign, do so to hear how their sign is unique and nice. In short, to read that good thing about their zodiac sign! On the other hand, for the worst sides associated with their sign in astrology, they do not prefer to know it. Too bad for them… because here is our classification of the astrological sign from the least nasty to the nastiest. Aunty Danièle has only to watch out!

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Classification of the most wicked astrological signs

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12 Aquarius

It is almost impossible to get a person out of his hinges from the astrological sign of Aquarius. Mediator by nature and emotionally detached, the sign of Aquarius has a certain power over the minds of others. But beware, Aquarius can become dangerous when it has overdosed! But normally when the sign of Aquarius is upset, he prefers to leave and returns when he is calmed.

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11 Virgo

The Virgo sign is not one to express feelings, whether negative or positive. However, the Virgin demands that we respect her. If someone dares to disrespect her, she risks getting angry and a person with the astrological sign of the Furious Virgo is very combative and will fight until the end to have the respect she deserves. Virgins often react late and get angry about something that has happened in the near past. It is surely the time they take to analyze in detail, even in the smallest details, what we did to him.

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10 Libra

People with the astrological sign of Libra are known to be very diplomatic and pacifist as long as no one comes to disturb their living space or they have to face an unfair situation. Otherwise, they will defend themselves tooth and nail. Generally, people of the sign of Libra are rather peaceful and gentle, who find that arguing is not beneficial.

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9 Sagittarius

The sign of Sagittarius is a calculator and a great strategist. He uses the art of sarcasm and uses words very well to hurt people who have hurt them. But because of its uncontrollable nature, the centaur can fall into violence. However, people of the astrological sign of Sagittarius are not so bad because they forgive quickly and forget easily.

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8 Taurus

Even if it is difficult to anger the stable sign of Taurus, when the latter goes to see red, it is calm before the storm! He becomes cold and silent. Then it explodes like an erupting volcano and it is better not to be in its way because people of the astrological sign of Taurus tend to throw everything that goes into their hands! Firm and stubborn, the Taurus does not rest until his vengeance is satisfied and likes to be begged for forgiveness.

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7 Aries

When the sign of Aries is angry, it is angry and irascible at the slightest provocation. When the energy of this fire sign goes in the wrong direction, it can lead Aries to be selfish, quarrelsome and aggressive. People with the astrological sign of Aries are very impulsive and do not measure the consequences of their actions and the intensity of their words or their force. But the anger quickly subsides and then comes the regrets but that will not prevent him from starting again …

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6 Leo

The Leo sign is not afraid to scream and roar very loud. He does not take into account the emotions of others because he is controlled by his own. This often leads him to regret and be ashamed of what said or did because he did not control his anger or his words. Generally, people of the astrological sign of Leo forgive and forget the arguments quite quickly. The Lion needs dramas in his life to exist. However, if you dare to say something negative about his majesty or his appearance, then you will be on his blacklist forever!

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5 Gemini

People with the sign of Gemini are extreme in everything and generally, a Gemini has two faces: this is what makes him so unpredictable. People of the astrological sign Gemini can be an elixir of youth as well when they are good but can become a real poison if they are angry. And in this case, their darker side stands out and he likes people around him to feel uncomfortable. Known for speaking a lot, it is not surprising that they cry, howl but also they can handle the art of discussion and sarcasm. They can be very nice and super nice to better assign you a murderous sentence of great wickedness which will cut your chin strap and nail you to the ground!

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4 Capricorn

Even if the sign of Capricorn is itself vulnerable, if you annoy a Capricorn and give it the opportunity to criticize you, it will not give you a gift. Cold as ice, with unshakable pride when it comes to arguments, the Capricorn sign takes this very seriously. People of the astrological sign of Capricorn love to see the person suffer and have no mercy, even if we beg him!

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3 Pisces

The Pisces sign is perhaps the most sensitive and the most empathetic of the zodiac but it is a real demon when it is made filth. Someone of the astrological sign of Pisces never forgets and never forgives, even if you make peace with him. With his imagination, he overflows with twisted and Machiavellian ideas, he is able to destroy the best-forged trusts of the people who have hurt him, even if it means destroying himself.

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2 Cancer

The astrological sign of Cancer is one of the nastier signs of the zodiac. When it comes to revenge, perverse and treacherous ideas come to mind. Be very careful if you hurt someone with the sign of Cancer because they will go up very quickly in the towers and explode violently, very quickly. Cancers can quickly get angry which can turn into a violent blow – ouch!

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1 Scorpion

The highest level of wickedness in the zodiac is the merciless sign of Scorpio. Although this sign of water does not let his emotions appear outside, the Scorpion contains deep within him a thirst for revenge of psychopaths in astrology and his anger has no limits. The saying ‘revenge is a dish that is eaten cold’ is very suitable for the astrological sign of Scorpio because it is surely already planning the best way to get stuck and what sauce it will eat you. People of the sign of Scorpio act slowly and silently. Methodical, their attack is always fatal. Scorpions never accept defeat and forgive no betrayal. If you have a problem with a Scorpion, especially stay away!

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Conclusion of anger according to the element of the astrological sign

The astrological signs of Fire are generally explosive and angry. They ignite very quickly but go out as quickly and forget the reason for their anger.

The astrological signs of Earth are difficult to annoy but when they are, they can be quite firm and stubborn in their actions.

The air signs are rather a pacifist and hard to annoy. Their revenge is quite sweet when compared to the other signs of the zodiac.

The astrological signs of Water are very revengeful and will do everything to destroy the people who have harmed them. And especially those who betrayed them!

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