Zodiac Signs

How You Protect Your Heart, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Aries, you act as though you are unconcerned about everyone but yourself. You believe that acting callous will let you safeguard your heart and soul.


Those three tiny words are never said first. You wait for assurance that another individual feels the same way you do.


Gemini, you’re extremely selective about who you invite into your peer group. If someone breaches a line, you instantly cut them out of your life.


In relationships, you take things slowly. Before you give over your heart completely to someone, you make sure they are worth the hassle.


You’re more concerned with your career than with your romantic situation. You behave as though it doesn’t matter whether you find love or not.


Virgo, you have got a massive list of barriers, and you’re not going to settle for someone who doesn’t share your values. You maintain a high standard of excellence.


So that no one individual has control over you, you fall in love with everybody you encounter. Somebody else is ready to hurt you when anyone hurts you.


Scorpio, you make jokes to keep your true sentiments hidden. You never ever have meaningful love talks.


Sag, you do not ever let people see your true self. You hide behind barriers until you are confident in another individual’s ability to trust you.


You act as though you’re content with your single status. You never confess to being alone and behave as though you enjoy it in this manner.


Instead of expressing yourself verbally, you pour your heart and soul into your work. You use your creativity to convey your sorrow.


Pisces, you keep your emotions hidden. You get the impression that if you do not even acknowledge your affections out loud, they don’t exist at all.

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