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Find out what prompts each zodiac sign to give up on love. The opinion of the stars.

Loving is one of the most extraordinary life experiences there can be. Love does not only mean that of a couple but the pure feeling that springs from the heart and that leads to thinking affectionately of others, leading to actions that are normally unthinkable to see them happy.

Unfortunately, more and more people find themselves living in a state of mental isolation that leads to less and less expressing the feelings they feel until they almost do not feel them. At times it can depend on the hectic pace of life, at other times (and it is most of the time) from the fear of being hurt, of being made fun of, and of living a condition of malaise so frightening that living far from such a person is preferred. feeling. As often happens, the way of experiencing a particular situation varies from person to person and when it comes to love, the stars have a certain influence. Today, therefore, after having seen what are the positive sides of the various zodiac signs and what prompts each sign of the zodiac to turn the page, we will find out what leads people to close the door to love, considering that what is written is only valid for those who find themselves doing this and not, obviously, for those who are used to opening up to love. Since this is such a delicate and important feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer vision of the situation.

Horoscope: this is what prompts the various signs to close themselves to love

Aries – They Are Too Defensive
Those born under the sign of Aries love to be so strong in the eyes of others that they end up being too often on the defensive. In this way, they become more and more suspicious and ready to think that behind the actions of others there is always the risk of a rip-off. This leads them to never deepen relationships with others, always keeping them at a distance and preferring simple knowledge to something that could lead them to change and find themselves vulnerable.

Taurus – They are afraid of trusting others
Taurus natives who fail to open up to love are usually so sensitive that they fear the idea of ​​being hurt by others. For this reason, although they desire the closeness of their loved ones, they often find themselves giving up on forming relationships that they feel could become important and all out of fear of trusting others and discovering that they have made a mistake. This fear, when present, risks making them unhappy, being people who love both being among others and indulging in feelings. A situation that they barely manage and for which they would need to practice properly.

Gemini – They seek lightness
When they choose to close themselves to feelings, those born under the sign of Gemini usually do so out of a need to live life lightly. Others often end up boring them or making situations that are funny to them. For this reason, as long as they do not feel the need, they prefer to surround themselves with superficial friendships that they believe can manage without problems and at the same time useful for not making them feel alone.

Cancer – They Don’t Know How To Advance A Relationship
Cancer natives who find themselves withdrawn from love have a problem with their attitude. For them, love is something special that they would like to include in their life but which sometimes appears difficult to decipher and realize in their own life. When they meet someone, for example, they don’t know how to show how they feel and while making friends or bonding emotionally, they struggle to move things forward. Unless there is a firm will on the other side, therefore, they seriously risk finding themselves often alone, closed in an emotional state from which they will find it harder and harder to get out of themselves.

Leo – They are afraid of suffering
Those born under the sign of Leo who appears close to love are often people who have suffered because of others and who are still hurt and cannot trust someone again. Being people always on the go and good at work and in human relationships, it is easy for them to fill the time so that they do not feel they lack real relationships. The rare times they find themselves thinking about it, however, become particularly sad because they are unable to move forward and at the same time eager to get back into the game. The only possible alternative is therefore to jump, betting everything on the awareness that in case of problems they have already had the proof of being able to move forward, perhaps with a few dents but always with great strength.

Virgo – The fear of losing one’s independence
Virgo natives know well that human relationships create bonds that over time lead to exchanges of all kinds between the parties involved. Those who prefer to avoid unbalancing feelings usually choose this way of life for fear of having to give up their freedom. For them, finding themselves having to please a friend or compromising with their partner are uncomfortable situations that, as long as they can, they prefer to avoid. For this reason, even when they try to get involved, they always avoid getting involved completely, trying to make their position understood immediately so as not to find themselves in situations they do not like.

Libra – They can’t trust
When they find themselves closing in on love, those born under the sign of Libra do so because they are unable to trust others. This may depend on their way of being, from the disappointments that still burn inside them, or from the simple fear of being hurt and not being able to recover. The truth is that they live much worse by closing themselves up because feelings are something essential to their way of doing. The advice of the stars is therefore to open up slowly, proving that it is not that difficult and always remembering that inside they have a strength capable of making them overcome any possible disappointment and that therefore it is worth the risk. The pleasure of surrounding yourself with people with whom to truly share something is, after all, unmatched.

Scorpio – They are afraid of being accepted
When they tend to withdraw, the natives of Scorpio do so out of a form of reserve and insecurity that pervades them from within. Aware of being people with a very particular personality, they often fear that others don’t like them or, worse, that they don’t like them again once their character has fully emerged. This, therefore, leads them to always keep their distance, so as not to get too attached thus avoiding suffering. The truth is that they never manage to completely suppress their emotions and this means that while they are indifferent they run the risk of bonding without making anyone understand anything. A dangerous way of acting that risks making them remain alone. Much better to get involved and risk everything and everything. If it goes well, the satisfaction will be such as to make them finally feel 100% happy.

Sagittarius – They never want to open completely
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius always try to keep their distance from others and everything because they don’t have the idea of ​​opening up completely. They like to be able to communicate only certain parts of themselves and keep everything else aside. An attitude that leads to a certain detachment from others, something from which they often suffer. A situation that can only be resolved by building on and accepting the idea that to have something you need to give others in return. A way of thinking that does not entirely belong to them but that with a little effort they can manage to make their own.

Capricorn – They are afraid of suffering
Capricorn natives are people who, first of all, are afraid of suffering. For this reason, when they have to deal with others they risk not being able to ever open completely, remaining so vigilant as to raise invisible walls that over time push those who wanted to know them better to take other paths. The stars’ advice for them? Learning to trust others little by little, facing the fears you have about it, and remembering that sometimes suffering is part of the path but that depriving yourself of everything in order not to feel pain is just a different way to not be happy.

Aquarius – They are too demanding about their spaces
Those born under the sign of Aquarius do not like being too much around people and when it comes to feel they are often cold and detached. It is easy to imagine, therefore, that those who live with each other in a closed situation towards feelings, can be so rigid as to appear almost hostile. For them, the only alternative is to force themselves to open up at least a little and with a few people at a time. In this way they will be able to identify those that they could accept even in their most private spaces, discovering that now and then, opening up to others can even be pleasant.

Pisces – Fear of being abandoned
It is rare for someone of the sign of Pisces to be closed to feelings, being an indispensable part of their existence. When this happens it is because they find themselves struggling with the fear of being betrayed and abandoned and for those who live every emotion 100%, the very idea of ​​abandonment can give such suffering as to push them to close the doors of their heart. Fortunately, these are usually short periods. When this happens, however, the only way forward is the one that sees them ready to fight even against themselves to gain strength. Only by opening up, in fact, can they return to savor what they have deprived themselves of, remembering that living with feelings is the most natural thing for them.

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