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Do you consider yourself a private person? Find out if what you think of yourself represents true and everything thanks to your zodiac sign.
There are people of all kinds in the world, some more self-confident than others and ready to talk about themselves without any problem, others more reserved and cautious, always at attention and almost never willing to say more than what is needed. Sometimes what makes people more or less reserved are the experiences they have lived, combined with temperament and character.

In many cases, however, there is an almost instinctive component that leads them to express themselves openly or to try to hide as many things as possible and this aspect depends on the influence that the stars exert on each of us. Today, therefore, after seeing what the month of November will be like and what is the defect that every zodiac sign cannot bear in love, we will find out if and how much we are reserved. An aspect for which it is better to also check the profile of one’s ascendant since it is a part linked more to the way of being than to that of acting.

Horoscope: find out whether or not you are reserved according to the stars

Aries – Not very reserved
When you think about something you just don’t know how to keep it to yourself, so much so that according to some you are a good source of gossip, always aware of what happens to those around you. This aspect is also reflected in your way of being, so much so that you have no problem telling your life in detail, letting off steam when something is wrong and exulting when everything seems to be going perfectly. Your way of doing things makes you an open and sunny person. However, you also know how to keep your secrets, while with people you do not trust you are able to tell things as far as you see fit, keeping the rest to yourself.

Taurus – Quite reserved
Your quiet disposition leads you to be a fairly private person. Very attentive to what others do, you consider yourself a good observer. When it comes to you, however, you tend to use filters that change from person to person, leading you to tell different versions of the story and all based on the degree of confidence. Your way of doing things sometimes makes you look like a detached person and little inclined to get to know others, it is enough to know yourself a little better to understand that it is just a facade behind which there is a person capable of opening up a lot as long as you are aware that you can trust them 100%.

Gemini – Very self-confident
Your extroverted nature and the ease with which you manage to let things slip on you, make you a person who has no problem talking about himself and who, on the contrary, does so whenever he has the opportunity. At the same time, you always know how to entertain others thanks to your capacity for dialogue. Open and available, once you start talking about yourself, you are unrestrained. Your level of confidentiality is therefore very limited and reserved only for those days when you feel down in the dumps or unwilling to communicate with others because you are bored or simply in need of silence.

Cancer – Reserved just right
For friends and family, you are an open book, yet there are things you prefer to keep to yourself. Let’s say that before opening up to someone you want to be sure of who you are in front of and how much you can trust in their confidentiality. If you think you can feel safe then you don’t mind telling as much as possible about yourself, even without telling everything because you believe that a minimum of mystery is always good and also gives that certain I don’t know what you like to use every time. that you can.

Leo – Almost not at all reserved
The truth is that you love talking about yourself too much to be a private person. Being at the center of attention is in fact the thing you aspire to most and this makes you too self-confident and ready to tell every little detail of your life. A way of doing that fits perfectly with your bright and sometimes eccentric personality and that those who know you well have learned to consider part of you.

Virgo – Reserved
Let’s face it, talking about yourself isn’t something you love to do with anyone. However, you are not even a person used to keeping secrets and this puts you on an average of confidentiality that can be classified as average. That said, your often introverted nature makes you appear shyer than you really are, leading others to have some difficulty opening up to you.

Libra – Not always reserved
Your pursuit of elegance leads you to be a person who never talks too much. Basically, you are therefore quite reserved. This way of being, however, is not constant. If in front of the right people or with whom you are in confidence, your reluctance tends to vanish, leaving ample room for chatter, so much so that you even reveal some secrets. In short, you’re being reserved is a condition that you live rather than for the day.

Scorpio – Highly Reserved
Of you, it could be said that you are the most reserved astrological sign of the zodiac. In fact, talking about yourself is really difficult, at least as difficult as communicating your emotions. This way of being of yours contributes to making you a mysterious person and, in the eyes of others, at times distant and sophisticated. In reality, with those you love, you can be much more open as a minimum of confidentiality will always remain an integral part of you.

Sagittarius – Rather Open
Confidentiality is not your thing. In life, you tend not to worry much about what others may think and this pushes you to speak freely, sure of your beliefs. The same thing goes for the secrets that you’re not exactly good at keeping but love to share with the people you consider friends. And if it’s about you, even better. In that case, your love of simplicity will ensure that you are always ready to say whatever others want to hear.

Capricorn – Definitely reserved
If there is a secret to keep, you are undoubtedly the right person. Always ready to listen to others, you are considered a good confidant precisely because you are always discreet both in receiving information and in keeping it to yourself. A yardstick that you also adopt for your life that you share only with a few and not always 100%. In fact, you prefer to keep the really important things to yourself, almost as if by doing them you could protect them from external factors.

Aquarius – Too Private
Your being reserved is so obvious that hardly anyone would expect anything other than you. In everyday life, while knowing how to be a company, you know how to keep your distance, keeping your deepest thoughts to yourself and, with them, your secrets. Even your lifestyle is aimed at highlighting your way of being, very often leading you to carve out moments just for yourself and which you badly need to feel at your best. In short, in terms of confidentiality, you are undoubtedly one of the most “closed” signs of the zodiac.

Pisces – Reserved only if needed
Basically, you are a person who lives riding emotions and therefore loves being able to share them with others. Usually, however, this need of yours is satisfied with a few trusted people to whom you tend to tell a lot about yourself while keeping some things only in private. More generally, you are reserved enough and always able to make yours even the secrets of others that you respect as such to the point of keeping them as your own. Your attitude, in this sense, is rather balanced making you reserved but without exaggeration.

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