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Pluto Just Stationed Direct—Here’s How It’ll Change Every Zodiac’s Life By 2024

The field of astronomy was changed forever on February 18, 1930, when Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto. One of many dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune’s orbit, Pluto was demoted in the summer of 2006 to a lesser status than the eight traditional planets in our solar system.

However, astrologers refused to disengage from their observation of Pluto, which had been designated the modern ruler of Scorpio and deemed a highly influential force upon our collective earthly affairs.

As the slowest-moving planet, it exerts power over generations more than individuals. Where it lies in your birth chart is indicative of where you experience great transformation and, occasionally, terrible trauma. Pluto’s orbit is roughly 245 years, meaning that no person can experience a Pluto return—but nations and corporations can and do. America, in fact, is undergoing one right now.

The dwarf planet dipped briefly into Aquarius, the sign of humanitarianism, back in May of this year, offering us a glimpse of what is to come over the next several decades. However, it retrograded back into Capricorn early this summer and only recently stationed direct, on October 10th.

Currently, Pluto is sitting at 27° of Capricorn, marking a tumultuous and chaotic—yet necessary—end to an era that began in 2008, when Pluto first entered the sign associated with tradition, order, and business. It will re-enter Aquarius on January 20, 2024.

Most millennials have spent their entire adult lives under the influence of Pluto in Capricorn. What does this intense cosmic event signify for each of the zodiac signs, specifically?


You have spent the past fifteen years witnessing intense change to your public image, Aries. An uncomfortable square to your sign has forced you to reckon with the way you express your individuality in the workplace. You could have been the victim of smear campaigns or faced the brunt of cancel culture before it was mainstream. With Pluto stationing direct in your tenth house of career and reputation, you can expect a climactic and potentially painful end to this era, bringing much-needed clarity in how to balance your authentic self with your public standing. Your circle will broaden in the new year as a result of this clarity.


Since 2008, you’ve been grappling to find balance between your perceived identity in the world and your deeply held convictions. This hasn’t necessarily been a painful experience at all times, since Pluto in your ninth house of religion and higher learning has made a harmonious trine to your sign. Nevertheless, as Pluto stations direct, you will feel a heightened sense of urgency around your beliefs and philosophies. You might be closing out an era, such as leaving a religious practice you once felt a profound connection to, or finishing up a long-term grind towards an advanced degree. Happy cosmic graduation to you! In the new year, you will begin to gain notoriety and accolades, making all of the long and laborious years seem worth it.


You’ve had a rough time of it for the past decade and a half, Gemini. With Pluto transiting your eighth house of death, transformation, and other people’s money, it’s likely you’ve undergone several dark nights of the soul. This has been a disquieting and perhaps somewhat uncomfortable experience, with the quincunx aspect to Pluto, but you will now begin to feel the weight lifting. You will be able to breathe a true sign of relief in the new year, when your pain inevitably solidifies your personal spiritual convictions.


With Pluto opposing your natal sign for the past fifteen years, Cancer, you’ve been facing down one of the most challenging periods of your life. It’s unlikely you’ve had much luck with relationships, business partnerships, or close friends, since Pluto has been exerting its characteristically destructive energy on your seventh house. With Pluto now direct, be wary and keep your circle small. You will feel this transit quite strongly, as it ripples out into every tight-knit relationship in your life. The good news is that you will know, by January, who your tribe really is—and who to allow access to your personal resources.


The past fifteen years have been confusing for you, Leo, as you have tried to strike a delicate balance between your charismatic and fun-loving personality and the rigidity and tradition of your daily routine. As Pluto has moved through your sixth house, you have almost certainly battled health issues and disruptions to your workplace that have left you feeling uncertain of your true destiny in this lifetime. The quincunx between Leo and Capricorn has made this experience especially daunting, since you are not naturally inclined towards doing things by the book. You’re tired, and you’re ready to move on. Expect your work-life balance to return in January.


You enjoy mastering control of your image, Virgo, and over the past fifteen years you have largely benefited from the trine to Pluto. Yet you might not have seen it that way at the time. It has been lingering in your fifth house of creativity, fun, and children, likely preventing you from truly feeling free to indulge. You may have spent many of your critical adult years single or saddled with responsibilities that prevented you from pursuing your passion projects. However, this period of growing pains has taught you valuable life and work skills that you can apply moving forward. You will enter the new year with an invigorated spirit of determination and a stronger work ethic.


There has been a sharp contrast between how you show up in the world and what you’ve been dealing with in private, Libra. Pluto has been making an awkward square to your sign since 2008, disrupting everything you hold dear in the realm of the fourth house: family, domestic affairs, and your life behind closed doors. You’ve found it hard to carry your natural charm into the public. Expect a final showdown before a quieter and more peaceful new year, in which pleasure and fun flood back into your daily life. A welcome relief, after so many years of conflicting energies.


After fifteen years of strong focus upon your siblings and local community, you’re finally finding your own identity. What likely felt like a free-flowing and rather comfortable energy, since your sign has been making a pleasant sextile to Pluto, has actually been stifling you. But as Pluto stations direct in your third house, you will feel the need to break free, start over, and create your own reality. For many of you, this will be in the context of family: moving out of your childhood home to get married, moving back in with relatives after a long period of living abroad, or creating your own found-family dynamic.


For as long as you can remember, Sagittarius, your second house of finances and personal resources has been under siege by the unsettling influence of Pluto. Whether you’ve gone through periods of immense poverty or reveled in wealth, you have been hyper-focused on money matters for so long you feel enslaved to the holy dollar. With Pluto now stationing direct in the final degrees of Capricorn, you are preparing to shift your priorities: rather than hoarding your resources or feeling paralyzed by fear that all will be lost, you are willing to step out into the community, serving and sharing with a generous heart. Expect your circle to grow and people to matter more than profits as you enter the new year.


Your sense of self has been destabilized for the past decade and a half, Capricorn. You of all the signs will likely experience this transit the most intensely, as it is happening in your first house of physical appearance and identity. You have likely spent the last fifteen years transforming—and then destroying—your personal brand, trying to make something stick. Breathe a sigh of relief, because you are about to discover that innate, authentic self is better than anything you could ever have invented. In fact, it’s about to pay off in a big way.


You’ve been on an esoteric quest for meaning for the past decade and a half, Aquarius, and you’ve likely spent much of your time in self-induced solitary confinement. Long before COVID, you were making the homebody lifestyle cool. Your hardest work was done in the shadow of your twelfth house, where dreams, drug experimentation, and psychological healing has helped you master your sense of identity. Anticipate some final graduation gifts from the cosmos as Pluto reaches its final degrees of Capricorn, perhaps in the form of divine revelations or meaningful dreams. You will move into the new year with a material, rather than metaphysical, focus, carrying what you learned during your isolation into the real world in very practical ways.


You’ve been enjoying the company of larger groups of friends and succeeding at networking like no one else, Pisces, with a delightful sextile to Pluto guiding you. But this fifteen-year era is about to come to a close, perhaps with an encore from the universe as Pluto inches closer to its final degree in Capricorn. You might notice some acquaintances start to slip away. You’ll know who your most important friends are by the end of this year, and you’ll begin to feel the urge to hide away more. Your time as the star of the show is about to end, with a lengthy period of solitude incoming.

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