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No, come on, don’t kill that new plant too. Green thumb zodiac signs should be the only ones who can adopt a plant without fear!

It matters little that you saw it all flourishing, with green leaves and lush just before the exit of your supermarket.
Do not, and we repeat  not , adopt that map unless you are in today’s ranking of the horoscope .
We don’t want to scare you but there are some zodiac signs that are good for green and others that… well, absolutely not.
Today let’s find out what are those signs that they are very good parents of seedlings : do you want to find out if you are among them too?

The zodiac signs with a green thumb: find out if you are also in today’s horoscope ranking

By now, when you walk happily and excitedly through the open spaces of your nursery, plants have learned to tremble in their pots.
Oh no, they whisper to each other, swaying leaves and waving roots , what will he want from us again?

The reason plants behave this way when they see you is that they know you are not in the zodiac sign chart with a green thumb .
A long line of chipped pots , drowned or thirsty seedlings hidden in the corner of your home balcony are here to confirm!

Come on, okay, we don’t want to exaggerate: we asked stars and planets to tell us which are the zodiac signs with green thumbs just to think about positive things!
What do you say, would you like to find out if you can become the mother of a seedling?

Leo: fifth place

But how? Haven’t we always said that Leos are a little self-centered people, focused only on their needs?
How will they ever be one of the green – thumbed zodiac signs ?

Leos know how to be particularly kind and best take care of a plant. They take the matter extremely seriously and deal with the needs of their green friend with all the necessary precautions. What a surprise!

Virgo: fourth place

Does it seem strange to you that Virgo , generally used to always and only thinking about their well-being, are one of the zodiac signs with a green thumb ?
Well, forget that those born under the sign of Virgo are absolutely precise people and very good at respecting the patterns!

This means that Virgo is perfect for babysitting plants: she loves to find out about the right things to do and then follow them perfectly.
Plants, under the hands of the Virgin , can only thrive big!

Cancer: third place

Hey, there is a reason why Cancerians are absolutely maternal and kind people!
As soon as you give them something to look after, Cancers suddenly become moms and dads.

They find out about everything they need to know, they put a pinch of their candor and their warmth into it and… in a short time they have a real nursery!
For Cancers , taking care of plants is practically as easy as drinking a glass of water: if you want to make them happy, give them one !

Pisces: second place

While they certainly belong to another natural world, those born under the sign of Pisces are not only good at keeping goldfish in a bowl!
Do not make the mistake of believing that Pisces are not people who are deeply interconnected with the natural world around us.

Their second place in the ranking of zodiac signs with a green thumb tells us quite the opposite! Pisces
, in fact, are people who practically manage to save even the most desperate plants, the ones that friends bring them when they are reduced to a toothpick in the vase.

Pisces always knows what to do when it comes to nature and plants. He knows “secret” methods with which to revive any living being and, in his hands, the sprouts bloom.
Seeing is believing!

Aquarius: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs with a green thumb

Dear Aquarius , you already knew that you were the kings and queens of every garden, didn’t you?
Anyone who had doubts about it, has now completely solved them: Aquarius are among the most “natural” people that can be found in the horoscope.
They have a real connection with everything that has to do with the environment!

Aquarians , in fact , are extremely capable people of taking care of plants: it is as if they know what they want or what they need!
An Aquarius doesn’t mind adopting seedlings because they already know they need nothing more than the care of someone who is attentive to small signals. (Just like a good general: who knows if they don’t make an appearance even among the most warlike signs of the zodiac ).

A yellow leaf, a not very fertile soil: Aquarius do not need to ask an expert … they are the best in the horoscope at keeping plants!

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