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When it comes to forgiveness , it is difficult to find the right way to behave. In fact, everyone has their own vision of the thing. If on the one hand there are those who always prefer to give a second chance, on the other hand there are those who really do not forgive. Beyond these extreme choices, however, there are various possibilities such as letting go of anger more for oneself than for the other person or trying to offer new possibilities without ever trusting completely. In short, there are many alternatives but the basic ability to forgive is there or is not there and not everyone is able to understand if they have it. As this is mostly a way of being, it is important to check the profile of your ascendant, in order to have a more precise picture of the situation.

Can you forgive? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Able to forgive but only half forgiving
When someone does you wrong your first reaction is to go on a rampage and give vent to what you think at that moment. Once your anger subsides, however, you tend to rethink what happened and evaluate the possibility of granting your forgiveness. This, of course, depends a lot on the person involved and how much you care. The problem is that no matter how hard you try, once you get angry you really have a hard time forgetting everything. For this reason, even if you try hard you will be able to let things go, ending up making life impossible for those in search of your forgiveness.

Taurus – Able to forgive but with reserve
Those who hurt you or, even worse, betray your trust, generally create enough suffering in you that they push you to close in a hedgehog for some time. Basically, however, especially if it is someone you care about, you can’t keep your nose for long and busy with feelings you prefer to offer your forgiveness, forgetting what happened. The memory of having suffered, however, tends to remain, for this reason, even if able to forgive, keep a watchful eye on the actions of those around you so as not to repeat the experience.

Gemini – With an ability to forgive that depends a lot on the other person
When someone does you a wrong, you take it for life and you tend to memorize in great detail the wrong suffered. When it comes to forgiveness, however, your attitude is variable and changes according to the attitude of the other person. If the request for forgiveness is not there or in your opinion it is not heard, in fact, you can not help but maintain the anger. In front of someone sincerely repentant, however, your heart cannot resist, granting one hundred percent forgiveness.

Cancer – From very difficult forgiveness
Not only are you a person who tends to take it easy and for often laughable things, you also have a certain difficulty in forgiving on your side. For this reason, whoever does you wrong or performs an action that is perceived as such by you, really risks finding himself suddenly out of your world. Of course, sometimes you too tend to follow your heart and to grant forgiveness. For this to happen, however, the other person needs to show that they have repented and be prepared to apologize.

Leo – Being able to forgive only the other person is really important
. Forgiving is really difficult for you. Used to always being right and always and only receiving approval, you just can’t accept that someone can even think of doing you wrong. So when this occurs your anger is such that it transforms you, making you truly fearful. And since when you take a position you don’t usually change it, granting forgiveness is next to impossible. The only people who can hope to get it are the most intimate ones you really care about but who from that moment on will have to prove to you every day that they deserve another chance.

Virgo – Able to forgive but unable to forget
When someone throws a bad joke on you, your anger is such that you no longer understand anything. After a few hours, however, you try to analyze things and if you think it is the case you are also willing to forgive. On the other hand, what you cannot do, even with an effort, is to forget the wrongs suffered. For this reason you will continue to blame what happened to every smallest misunderstanding, making sure that the relationship is no longer the same as before. A problem that those who love you will have to learn to accept.

Libra – Easy Forgiveness
Your need for peace of mind makes you a very forgiving person. Unless you have suffered enormous and impossible to forget wrongs, you are therefore quite inclined to try to understand the reason for the actions of others and, when possible, to forgive them. This makes you very open to others and sometimes at the risk of being scammed by those who, knowing they are not taking risks, tend to pull the rope. A greater balance in this sense, therefore, would undoubtedly help you.

Scorpio – Not at all inclined to forgiveness
The word forgiveness is not in your vocabulary. When someone does you wrong, then, it is usually the end of everything. Not only that, the anger you feel leads you to immediately meditate revenge and to consider that person as a sworn enemy. For you, after all, there are no half measures, especially when it comes to affections and betrayals suffered. Your degree of pain, in these cases, is in fact very high, which makes your anger even more blind.

Sagittarius – Enough reach for forgiveness
Being someone who likes to take life lightly, you tend to accept the mistakes of others in a calm way as well. Of course, at the moment you get angry but once the initial anger has passed you make a reason for it, metabolizing everything until you feel ready to forgive without even thinking about the wrongs suffered. Obviously, this ability is in proportion to the degree of hits you receive from others. Several wrongs from the same person would end up making you close in a hedgehog without being able to give more extensions.

Capricorn – Very little scope for forgiveness
Forgiving is very difficult for you and this is because you hate feeling teased, used or any other feeling can come from a wrong you have suffered. Even worse if it’s someone you care about and thought you could trust doing it. If you really decide to forgive, you do it your way, always being on the alert and no longer trusting as before. When you are hurt, in fact, you usually see the other person in a different way, with the risk of changing even the feelings you felt up until a moment before.

Aquarius – Able to forgive only if you see fit
. When someone hurts you, you don’t usually show it. Your first reaction is in fact to isolate yourself and to live your feelings internally. Once these are worked out, based on your pre-existing relationship with the one who wronged you and the degree of pain they caused you, decide if and when to offer your forgiveness. Sometimes, in fact, you could even pull it off for the sole purpose of getting a little revenge that can give you a minimum of satisfaction.

Pisces – Extremely forgiving
The empathy you have with people pushes you to always try to put yourself in their shoes, which obviously leads to forgiveness in case of wrongdoing. Even while you suffer, in fact, the very thought of making someone feel bad blocks you to the point of putting their needs before yours. A way of doing things to praise but which in the long run can really lead you to receive more disappointments. For this reason, the ideal choice is to make it clear that your forgiveness is not forever and that beyond certain limits it could fail. That way, those who care about you will know how to behave.

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