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The perfect wedding dress for your Zodiac sign

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Finding the perfect wedding dress is not that easy. The perfect wedding dress should fit like a glove, underline your advantages and just be something very special. But what can you do with the infinitely large selection?

How about you take advice from the stars? After all, zodiac signs say a lot about your character traits, and don’t you think that these should be reflected in your wedding dress. So it’s perfect for showing the way in terms of cut and material!

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1. Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Daydreams and exaggerated romance impress you little. Most of all, you trust what you can see. Your strengths include your penchant for realism and your objectivity as well as your ambitious attitude. Therefore, you often aim for a steep career. In fashion, you rely on classic elegance because with your breathtaking beauty you want to bring tears to your husband’s eyes.

Your perfect wedding dress has a straight, flowing cut with a slight train. Pay attention to small details, such as some lace on the shoulder or pearls on the neckline. They make your wedding dress an extremely elegant but simple eye-catcher. Keep things minimalist when it comes to accessories with fine crystal earrings and matching hair accessories.

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2. Zodiac sign: Aquarius

You have a very fascinating note. Your style is original and clearly stands out from the crowd. With just a few manual dexterities, you can make your wardrobe seem fashionable and up-to-date without much effort. You just don’t lack ideas and your wedding dress should reflect that too.

So the following applies here: Everything is just not ordinary. What would fit better than a boho-chic hippie wedding dress? We’re talking about a soft A-line that extends to the floor and beguiles with fluttering sleeves. Combined with a colorful or white wreath of flowers in your open hair and subtle bangles around your delicate wrist.

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3. Sign of the zodiac: Pisces

You are a lovely dreamer. Your character traits are sensual, soft, intuitive, and very sensitive. Sometimes you even seem to others as if you just stepped out of a fairy tale book. You like it delicate and elf-like and that should show in your wedding dress too.

A figure-hugging cut that still leaves room to breathe, embroidered or completely covered with lace. Create the wow effect with a deep neckline and emphasize it with thin chains. If your dress already sparkles enough, you should avoid jewelry on your body and only wear matching earrings.

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4. Sign of the zodiac: Aries

You’re hot-blooded and spirited, so not for the faint of heart. You master your everyday life with a lot of drive and zest for life. Determined and brave, you throw yourself from one task to the next, sometimes even with your head through the wall. As a passionate person, you know what you want.

Therefore, you can be trusted that you simply do without a classic wedding dress and simply wear a beautiful evening dress. If you want to incorporate the bridal fashion theme, an elegant pantsuit in white or a cropped wedding dress is not a bad idea. Leave your head of hair open and be sure to combine jewelry with your outfit. It gives your appearance the sparkle it deserves.

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5th sign of the zodiac: Taurus

You are extremely feminine and you know how to use it. You are a career woman with traditional values. You master your everyday life pragmatically, practically, and sensibly. As an honest Taurus woman, your wedding dress should be without a lot of chi-chi but with that certain something.

How about, for example, doing without a classic wedding dress and appearing with a wedding jumpsuit? Or a dress with metallic elements that break through the white? Here you can play with a high leg slit or a deep cleavage as an eye-catcher. The main thing is that it stays stylish and doesn’t let the conservative guests tip over from their chairs.

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6. Zodiac sign: Gemini

Due to your happy, open nature, it is easy for you to make many contacts who love to be around you. Your multi-layered character requires the opportunity to enjoy life in a varied and intense way and you are up for almost every kind of fun. If you like to experiment, you are also not afraid to be the center of attention, which can be clearly transferred to your everyday wardrobe.

So your wedding dress can have the wow factor. An extravagant cut, maybe even a touch of color or a little (more) glitter underlines your extroverted personality. Perhaps a wedding dress in the new trend length called tea length would be exactly the right choice? It goes up to the ankles and embodies the energetic and happy – typical Zwilling.

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7. Sign of the zodiac: Cancer

You are probably one of the most feminine women ever. You like it romantic and like to allow deep feelings. Nevertheless, you are unimaginably resilient and a woman who knows what she wants. You love tradition and indulge in nostalgic moments – your wedding dress should tell a story.

So how about a vintage-inspired wedding dress? Preferably in the style of the 1920s, reminiscent of the “Great Gatsby”. Short or medium length, the dresses are cut rather straight and very densely embroidered with pearls and stones. As a flapper bridge, you can win with long-sleeved gloves and long pearl necklaces. Lay your hair in a light wave of water and decorate it with a 1920s-inspired hair accessory made from pearls and a feather.

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8. Sign of the zodiac: Leo

You have an impressive demeanor and like to be admired. You know how to put yourself in the spotlight and you always find the right audience for it. Your character traits are elegant, sophisticated and generous, and they should also be reflected in your wedding dress.

How about a wedding dress that has several dramatic accents? Tulle, rhinestones, veils, hoop skirts – simply the full range! Whether with a magnificent wreath of flowers in your hair or a small crown, it can be a bit louder for you. Just remember, if your dress is already sparkling, you can do without a chain and bangles.

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9. Zodiac sign: Virgo

You observe your environment critically and you do not miss a single detail. You love everything clear, precise, symmetrical, and appreciate reasonable compromises. You prefer to distance yourself from excessive wedding romance – after all, you prefer to concentrate on the essentials.

For you, pomp and pomp are clearly in the background, which is why your wedding dress also impresses with its subtle elegance. You will feel most comfortable in a fine silhouette with brilliant white. In addition, fine or no jewelry and, of course, pinned up or even loose hair.

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10. Zodiac sign: Libra

You have that certain something! A kind of timeless beauty accompanies you and that has a lot to do with your natural friendliness. A well-groomed and attractive appearance is a matter of course for you and your style is usually classically elegant because you prefer balance.

What does that say about your wedding dress? The finest silk fabric in a noble cut and the touch of a princess set the tone. Your wedding dress has a slightly flared skirt with flower applications because the playful details show your fine taste perfectly. When it comes to jewelry, you should focus on style icons like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

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11. Sign of the zodiac: Scorpio

You are a self-confident, headstrong woman who walks through life with strength and energy. You ingeniously sacrifice yourself in necessary situations, but you always know why you are doing it. You just know what you want And you like it lovely!

The mermaid cut with a wide foot hem is a good start here. For eye-catchers, your wedding dress could be equipped with cut-outs or fine lace that will blow your husband away. No matter whether you opt for a flowing mane or a strict bun, the jewelry for the bomb dress should be rather simple.

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12. Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius

You are a horse-stealing woman who is always in a good mood. You love the truth and are very open to others. Your direct, happy manner also requires a wedding dress that corresponds to your nature.

So how about an unconventional short wedding dress that exudes energy and liveliness? With it, you can shake the dance floor properly after the wedding! Combined with simple pearl earrings and a delicate crystal bracelet, you are well equipped to face your new adventure at a party.

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