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People born under these Zodiac signs tend to Marry for Money

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Astrologers reveal which are the signs that, in a relationship, one could be interested in something else besides love.

Money plays an important role in any marriage. But for some, the financial situation represents little more than paying bills, daily shopping, and a vacation a year. While some people want to feel comfortable financially and not worry about tomorrow, others were raised to say “Yes” to someone who can offer them the best conditions, and extravagant and luxurious vacations.

Forensic astrologer Valerie Evans reveals the zodiac signs for which love sometimes comes second, after money. Of course, it is a generalization, it does not mean that it is valid for all people born under these signs. 😊


If you know Taurus, you already know that they are deeply attracted to extravagance and the most beautiful things that life has to offer. Taurus can also procrastinate about their goals, which makes them want to use other people to help them get where they want to go. All these qualities can lead them to marry for money.

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Forensic astrologer Valerie Evans describes Taurus natives as people who always need to be “surrounded by love and beauty” and seek “hedonism and physical pleasures.” Taurus is free and perhaps focused on relationships, because they are “sensual and tactile, considering touch and taste the most important of all senses”. But, many times, they want to feel accepted by high society, which means that they want a partner who does not remind them of any “trivial financial responsibility”.

Money and fame


Scorpios are sensual signs, always looking for an interesting person from all points of view. Scorpios’ strong point is ambition, which means that they always try to improve their lives. According to astrologer Evans, what motivates a Scorpio is “s*x, money, real estate, secrets, and other people’s possessions”, which makes them eager to reach the altar “and guard their partner until death”. Once a Scorpio has a partner, the two will stay together forever, because their “hypnotic gaze” will not let anyone look away.

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If you’ve ever been involved in a relationship with a Pisces native, you probably know that they’re always trying to match other people’s energy. Astrologer Evans describes Pisces as “introverts who shy away from crowds and prefer to socialize in their bubble.” Because of their need for exclusivity, they are looking for a “rich husband who will save them from the tables of people”. This may mean that when they meet someone rich, they tend to present themselves as equally rich.

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Pisces dream big because of all the signs they have the richest imagination, but this means that they also imagine things that are difficult to achieve without the financial help of others. According to Evans, while this might not be the first sign to betray a person who marries for money, “ruled by Jupiter, Pisces are easily enticed by a husband who can provide them with sparkle.” Many times, they want to be in the company of people they consider important.

Zodiac signs that marry for money


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Leos are strong, born leaders who look for partners on the same level as them, which often means they want someone rich and powerful. The astrologer explains that “Leo likes games and perfectly interprets the role of a restless playboy who spends his time chasing rich heiresses”. Because it is such a powerful sign, it is easy for Leos to find an influential partner who lives up to expectations.


Libras thrive only when they make their lives aesthetically pleasing, and for that they need money. Evans tells us: “Libras, the symbol of beauty, elegance, and luxury, marry partners who will happily join them in their extravagance.”

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It doesn’t matter if Libras are born with money or not, because they think they deserve the most luxurious clothes, accessories, objects, and vacations. “They are naturally comfortable with opulence and think of nothing but socializing (or marrying) wealthy businessmen or industrialists,” says Evans. Essentially, Libras are looking for their version of Elon Musk.


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Sagittarians can be quite greedy, which means they love opulence. This opportunistic sign wants the best, whether that means flying to Cannes on a private jet or sitting front row at Fashion Week. Astrologer Evans describes Sagittarius as the “consummate jet setter”, who prioritizes international travel and yachting vacations. If your partner is a Sagittarius, expect them to always want to dine at refined restaurants and luxury vacations on the island. Sagittarius will not settle for anything other than the best, which means that they are looking for a partner who can easily provide them with luxury.

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