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Horoscope: Here’s what you should order at the bar according to the stars.

Going to the bar, whether for breakfast or a quick snack, is always a diversion that can relax and which for some of us is also a way to unplug and relax a bit given the different working hours or other commitments. Many times, however, choosing something from the menu can be difficult, partly for fear of making a mistake and opting for something you don’t like and partly because the choice of some bars is really wide. So today, after seeing how to get back into the rhythm after the holidays and how those who are still single can find love in 2022, we will try to see what to order at the bar to go without saying. Again, it is always best to consider the profile of your ascendant as well, to have a clearer idea of ​​what we may or may not like.

Here’s what to choose at the bar. The council of the stars

Aries – Brioche and cappuccino
Despite appearances, when it comes to food choices, you are one who always tends to go classic. For this reason, the classic cappuccino and brioche are the bar combination that suits you best. A way like any other to savor tastes you already know and that makes you feel in your comfort zone, even when there are dozens of paperwork waiting for you or a day so intense that only a delicious breakfast can improve. And why not, even on Sunday it can be the right choice to kick off a shopping day in a relaxing way.

Toro – A coffee and a mini croissant
The choice, when you are in the bar, is always complex because of your being constantly divided between the desire to taste all the sweets and that of having to think about the line, often jeopardized by your love for the food. Fortunately, some options also adapt to your problem such as the mini pastry that can satisfy the palate without putting too many calories on you. The right choice for you is therefore that of a bitter coffee to be sweetened with a small croissant that given its size you can also choose a greedy version without feeling guilty.

Gemini – Soy cappuccino and a surprise dessert
Why not kick off the day or continue it differently? Since you like to vary and hate everything monotonous. The right option is to consume a good soy cappuccino by choosing to combine it with a different sweet each time. You can range from chocolate, to slice of tart and, if you trust enough, you could even choose who you need. In this way your order will be a nice surprise and whether you like it or not it will still be a way to change by accepting any errors in evaluation with irony.

Cancer – A glass of milk and a biscuit
Since by nature you are a nostalgic person who always likes to stay on the classic side, the perfect choice for a snack or a snack to be consumed at the bar is a glass of milk (to be replaced with a macchiato) and a biscuit. In this way you will feel flavors congenial to you and perhaps able to remind you of your childhood, thus giving a nostalgic but at the same time romantic note to your moment of relaxation. A choice that will surely satisfy you.

Leone – An orange juice and a chocolate
Since in addition to eating well you also care about your figure, your choice when you decide to indulge in a greedy moment is often aimed at something that does not load you with too many calories. A good idea is, therefore, that of an orange juice, to be requested obviously without sugar and to be combined with chocolate. A small but full-bodied strain that will give the right sprint to your special moment without burdening it with feelings of guilt.

Virgo – A coffee and a mini tart
When you choose to dedicate yourself to a moment of pure relaxation, it is right to do it correctly, and what is better than a coffee to combine with a sweet? A fruit tart or a dessert filled with cream is an idea that will surely be able to satisfy your palate and make you feel for a moment in a dimension of your own, which you can fully enjoy before returning to dive into your commitments. everyday.

Libra – A tea with pastries
Even at the bar you can’t help but focus on something elegant. And what is better than a tea to combine with pastries? Of course, maybe you won’t eat them all, but being able to calmly choose the one you like best while savoring your tea will be a gesture that can relax you. One thing that you will like to the point of being able to transform it into a ritual to share with friends or colleagues.

Scorpio – Matcha latte and dolcetto
For you who love to experiment and who nevertheless remains a person who appreciates classic flavors, the best choice is a mix that knows how to satisfy both the eyes and the palate. A matcha latte is therefore a good way to relax with taste, combining it all with a sweet that is not too big but is greedy enough to give you a good mood. A mini tart, a chocolate pastry, or a pastry filled with cream will be able to change the mood of your day, even pulling up a crooked one. Seeing is believing.

Sagittarius – Chocolate with cream
Choosing what to have when you go to the bar is something that you find quite simple. First of all, it is something you do relatively often and immediately afterward because while you love new things, you always tend to focus on what you already know. Chocolate is therefore a choice that always comes in handy and that you know you like to the point of never getting tired of it. And when do you feel like munching on something? In this case, nothing is better than a slice of bread with Nutella or chocolate to be enjoyed in complete calm, obviously to be combined with something lighter, such as, for example, a good coffee.

Capricorn – A barley coffee and a mini fruit brioche
Whether it’s a breakfast or a snack, what suits you best is a barley coffee to accompany something sweet like a mini fruit brioche. A choice that mixes your need to keep in line with the desire to taste something good. It goes without saying that if your visit to the bar is in the morning, the brioche may not be minimal, perhaps varying in an integral and always good version.

Aquarius – A vegan brioche and a short coffee
That you like to make different choices than usual is now a known thing to anyone who knows you. So no one will be surprised to see you choose a vegan brioche to accompany a short coffee, perfect to give you an extra charge of energy, which is never enough for you. What if the desire to eat something delicious is stronger than ever? In this case, a fried donut will satisfy your need.

Pisces – An American coffee and a brioche with cream
The moment to live at the bar is for you an almost magical ritual that you try to make last as long as possible. A hot coffee, therefore, obviously in the extra-long version is what suits you best, also giving you the feeling of being able to give yourself time only for yourself. What if you fancy something sweet? A brioche with cream will satisfy your tastes. A perfect choice if you decide to alternate it with a slice of tart, perfect to combine with coffee or a cappuccino if your visit to the bar is just for breakfast.

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