Zodiac Signs

One Word That Describes Each Zodiac Sign

Forget rare words in other languages. There are plenty of lesser-known ones in English that you might not be familiar with. It’s never a bad idea to expand your vocabulary, and there’s no better way to kick off Virgo season than by deep-diving into the thesaurus you haven’t opened since high school.

Even if you’re not going back to classes this year, it’s the ideal time to learn something new and infuse your writing with language that is new and refreshing. Your professional emails, academic essays, and creative writing will sound stronger, sharper, and more self-aware.

Not to mention, after you read this, you’ll hopefully have a keener understanding of your own potential, characteristics, and strengths, since each of the following words is associated with one of the twelve zodiac signs.

Of course, no single description can hope to capture the essence of a sign in its entirety. The mystery and wonder associated with astrology is the fact that it leads you into unknown territory, a spiritual world beyond language. But these words come remarkably close to pinning down the unique quality of each of the twelve signs we know and love.

Aries: gadarene


involving or engaged in a headlong or potentially disastrous rush to do something.

Taurus: adamantine


rigidly firm, unyielding.

Gemini: autodidactic


relating to someone being self-taught.

Cancer: saccharine


excessively sweet or sentimental.

Leo: august


respected and impressive.

Virgo: punctilious


showing great attention to detail or correct behavior.

Libra: cadenced


marked by a regular rhythm.

Scorpio: premonitory


a presentiment of the future, a warning or a premonition.

Sagittarius: volitional


relating to the use of one’s will.

Capricorn: austere


severe or strict in manner, attitude, or appearance.

Aquarius: iconoclastic


characterized by attack on cherished beliefs or institutions.

Pisces: hypnagogic


relating to the state immediately before falling asleep.

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