Zodiac Signs

The one move that really makes you good at dating according to your zodiac sign


The great thing about you is that you never limit yourself when it comes to dating. As a ram you are brave and adventurous. You are never afraid to leave your comfort zone.

You are not afraid to meet people you would not normally date, people who are not your type. To be exact, you don’t really allow yourself to have a “guy” at all.


You are always so confident and optimistic about who you are – and this positive way is also carried over to the people you are dating.

You make them feel as comfortable with yourself as you feel comfortable with yourself. And you inadvertently give them permission to be just as confident around you.


You are always ready for new experiences. Similar to the ram, you are very brave and adventurous as a twin. You are not afraid to experiment a little in your love life.

You know that you are changeable enough to survive any situation and that serves your advantage.


You always know how to give a good picture of yourself. And that is your greatest strength as cancer. You are a master of the own brand.

You know how to attract people with your charm and your accessibility.


You are yourself on dates and you are not even sorry. As a lion, that’s your greatest strength. You are just you. And people always know that you are not hiding who you really are.

The people you date can always be sure that they will get what they see with you. You don’t allow yourself to be stained by any masks or filters. You always stay true to yourself.


You are ruthless. And while people don’t necessarily appreciate that at the moment, they’ll realize later that you’ve done them a favor. As a virgin, you don’t like to waste your time on relationships that you know are not right for you.

And go with your cold heart whenever you know things won’t work so you don’t waste anyone’s time.


You always know how to act with extreme grace, elegance and attitude. You are so good at it. As a Libra you always behave so well.

You have really good manners and make it so easy for people to feel comfortable and safe with you. You always know how to treat other people well and that is why you are so good at dating.


You always know how to listen to your instincts in your love life. You are so intuitive that you are always in contact with your subconscious.

As a scorpion, you don’t think too much about everything. And you’re not daring either. You are very calculated and methodical in your approach to dating.


As a shooter you are absolutely funny and that is your greatest strength. And your humor is also customizable. It’s the kind of humor that is changeable enough to be funny for different personality types.

You are a positive person and you are really good at making every situation as light-hearted and fun as possible – no matter how tense it may be.


You have clear boundaries when you date, and that’s always good. You make no compromises in this regard. And while that may seem snobby and repellent to many people, you don’t really care.

You know where you are and would appreciate it if others knew where you were so that there was no dishonesty.


You don’t play the typical games like the others. You are not deliberately shy or disinterested. You don’t deliberately maintain some kind of emotional distance.

You don’t build a false wall around you and you don’t play hard to get. You just act like yourself and people respond very well to this sincerity.


You always know how you live at the moment and are fully present on your dates. While you usually tend to be a daydreamer, you stop doing that because you’re on a date with someone.

You really take the time to just be in the moment. You stay alert. You are listening. You watch. You learn. You take as much of the current experience as possible.

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