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It’s Okay If You’ve Forgotten What Love Is Suppose To Feel Like

It’s okay if your heart aches for something you don’t even remember anymore. Longing for love, which seems like it might have skipped you along the way. And you’re watching, waiting, and hoping for something and anything. 

It’s okay if your heart is still healing from a past love you thought was the one, only to realize they didn’t feel the same way. It’s okay if you’re still holding onto a part of them because they were the closest you got to a real, everlasting thing. 

It’s okay if you’re mistaking Mr. Right for Mr. Right Now.

It’s okay if the idea of love seems distant and unfamiliar, like some guests trying to make a home within your heart, but they aren’t welcome there, only they can’t take the hint to leave. 

It’s okay if sparks aren’t flying as you sit across the table on another date where everything about them seems right except the way you feel on the inside. 

It’s okay if your heart has forgotten what it is supposed to feel like. 

It’s okay if you’ve ever felt defeated. And in your mind, you’ve mumbled to yourself under your breath, “is there something wrong with me?” 

No, there isn’t. 

Everything about the way you’re feeling is what you’re supposed to feel before you stumble into the kind of love that lasts. It’s the kind of love that ignites everything within you. And when you felt like all was dead inside you, it’s that which catches fire so fast and spreads in no time at all. And it’s you that will light up in every part of you. You’ll feel warmth in every part that used to be so cold. And love that felt dormant will be active again. 

I don’t want to say it’ll happen when you least expect it; while that might very well be the case; the truth is love comes to those who still believe in it, who experience heartbreak but don’t give up, who continue to try when you have every reason to give up. Who deserve it and know they do. Love will come, and when it does, you’ll realize there was nothing you forget about how to love; it was just a matter of meeting the kind of person who spent their life looking for you too. 

It’s Okay If You’ve Forgotten What Love Is Suppose To Feel Like
It’s Okay If You’ve Forgotten What Love Is Suppose To Feel Like

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