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The stars reveal to us who are the 3 zodiac signs who fear love and do not wish to engage in serious and lasting relationships.

Astrologers have no doubts, the 3 signs we are about to reveal to you are the most problematic in love. It is difficult for them not only to manage their feelings but also to remain in a romantic relationship. The commitment and responsibility that this entails conflict with their strong attachment to freedom. They can’t stand being deprived of their independence.

Their heart is inaccessible. The key is well guarded, and even when they seem to have made up their minds to commit to a stable relationship, they often find good reasons to run away. Here are the 3 zodiac signs most reluctant to be overwhelmed by the laws of the heart.

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These 3 signs have the most inaccessible heart of all

The heartbeat, the butterflies in the stomach, and the idea of ​​marriage and family are something that scares them very much and for this, they are careful to stay away from serious relationships. Here are the 3 signs they fear to love the most:


Aries are impulsive and almost immediately lose their minds in love. He starts in fourth but stops immediately. When he begins to realize the commitment that a relationship entails and the time that must be dedicated to it, this sign begins to feel too tight and become unpleasant and unbearable, pushing the partner to make the final decision to end the relationship. Aries is a sign that needs news and discoveries, they always want to have fun and live a thousand and defend their freedom more than anything else. When he falls in love, he is initially very devoted and the partner becomes the center of his attention and his life, he is obsessed with his partner. He will soon begin to be elusive and indomitable and is too self-centered to put the welfare of others ahead of his own needs. He is also stubborn and convinced that he always has reason in his pocket. Being a leader in love and wanting to dominate doesn’t make his love life easy which ends up being dominated by his arrogance.

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Libra is a romantic zodiac sign and craves balance. He doesn’t mind the idea of ​​love at all but he likes him as long as things are easy. In the beginning, everything is beautiful and there are no conflicts and tensions but when these inevitably appear over time, Libra finds it very difficult to manage and tolerate them. Friendly and convivial they would like an idyllic relationship with their partner. Always avoiding discussions is not possible, some confrontation is completely normal. Not for the Libra who hardly tolerates losing his place on the pedestal where he enjoys infinite love and admiration. Furthermore, this sign is a great seducer, this game of seduction stimulates him a lot, and hardly resists the temptation to flirt and seduce even if this does not mean ending up being unfaithful.

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A relationship with a Scorpio is very beautiful. This sign has a hard time opening up and trusting in another person but when they do they are very loyal for a long time. If this sign finds it difficult to commit, it is because it is dominated by mistrust. There is no more suspicious sign than him. Sometimes they feel like they’re only surrounded by people with bad intentions. Already in his own right, he is very selective, his distrust greatly tightens the circle of people he allows to get close to him. Before you have the key to his heart you will have to pass many tests but if he decides to give you a place in his heart you will stay there as long as you want.

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