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New Year, Same Me: New Year’s Intentions by Zodiac Sign

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Astrology teaches us how to lean into our gifts to allow our full personality space to shine. Each Zodiac sign is blessed with unique characteristics, qualities, and manifestations they contribute to the world. The best gift we can give the world is through the vessel by being ourselves — expressing, embodying, and empowering the person we want to and presently are. All other intentions come second to that.

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Exercise Awareness, Lean Into Initiation

Being the warrior and leader you are, these qualities manifest most deeply as you learn to take into consideration the result of your actions and how they impact others. Gain an understanding of your intentions when entering new situations, learn to see from multiple perspectives, and watch the magic of your passionate enthusiasm develop into maturity.

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See Yourself, Remember Your Worth

Intentional and sensual, you heal others through your presence and touch. While in search of stability, a tendency to outsource your power may develop. This is not a reliance on costly or superfluous items, but rather a narrative that security is found through external reassurance. Surrender into self. Deep contentment in your being is both your biggest blessing and a lesson worthy of being learned.

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Let the Dust Settle, Bridge the Gap

With one foot in heaven and one foot on Earth, you engage and stimulate, and seek to be engaged and stimulated by those around you. Most notably, in the intellectual form. The knowledge you desire and accumulate is transformed into wisdom as you bridge matters of the mind into matters of meaning. Slow down, give space for thoughts to breathe. Wisdom expands as you seek feedback from both head and heart.

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Sovereignty First, Sensitivity Is Strength

Sensitive and psychic, you easily absorb the emotions of those around you. Self-awareness is a continual process of learning how to embrace sensitivity without escaping into your shell, pulling pinchers out in release. Allow sovereignty to be the refuge you seek. From there, empowered action flows free from the need to close yourself off from the world you so desperately love.

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Surrender Attachment, Lead With Love

Naturally radiant, generosity is a gift you emulate as you surrender attachment to desire and fixations. Widen your eyes, release the prowl in your stance. Love is living life open-hearted, regardless of who or what may be present. The universe operates in a dynamic process of giving and receiving. This gift is felt as your power touches the limitless. Lean into, and lead with, love, first. This will help you feel seen far greater than any audience could ever implore.

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Purity in the Process, Service by Spirit

Not one to neglect an opportunity for self-improvement, you expect the most out of yourself. You gain a deeper understanding of the human condition as you accept the lessons living in the paradox of triumph and shortcomings, weaknesses and strength. The high ideals you have for yourself are truly admirable; and they expand as you allow polarities and perfection to co-exist.

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Accept What Is, Embrace What’s Not

Although there is beauty found in everything, darkness comes when we neglect to acknowledge the full truth of our heart. Indecision, people-pleasing, and conformity may superficially maintain an illusion of harmony and peace — at first. In the long-term, these patterns fail to allow us and relationships to grow. Be courageous. Express the longing and discontent in your heart. What’s true will allow relationships to soar.

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Let Go, Support Surrender

Tranquility comes as we allow it. No one is as able or as willing to hold space for the pain of the human condition as you are. You’re a natural at transforming pain into beauty, lessons into embodiment. The depth of your emotional world allows you to sanction pure surrender in a way others deeply admire you for. Shed the weight of holding onto would haves, could haves, should haves. The cauldron of your inner world is a pot of gold, and one that overflows as you allow yourself to let go.

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Embrace the Unknown, Embark on Adventure

Learning from and through experience provides a multifaceted face 0f wisdom far deeper than any intellectual study alone. This knowledge comes quite naturally to you. As you explore, avoid reaching too far in any one direction. Your zest for life is a boundless resource others patiently admire you for. Lean into fascination. The lesson we learn is often not the destination we initially set, but rather contained within the process of getting there.

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Lean Into Yourself, The Rest Will Follow

Duty and integrity mean the world to you, and you are the person at the center expressing these values. When you set time and space to recognize the person you are at your core, you develop a relationship of self-respect that acknowledges the soul at the foundation of it all. This process will lighten your load, allow you to laugh more, and expand your capacity for leadership, mentorship, and joy.

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Be Human, Transform Humanity

Things get too off balance if you veer too far in the direction of fantasy and too far away from your feet. In remembering to stay present with what is, the heart and soul of the physical reality, you connect your gift of problem-solving with connective expansion. Allow others grace, see their human side, and mirror back that you deserve the same. Change and enlightenment are possible only when present.

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Personal Boundaries, Collective Good

You contain empathic qualities that allow you to connect with everyone you meet. Your natural tendency towards gentleness, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion are a gift you effortlessly infuse. You remind us all what it’s like to unconditionally love. By maintaining appropriate boundaries, you not only learn more about yourself, but allow these gifts to soar. See what power is yours, let go of patterns, behaviors, and relationships that are no longer serving you. In supporting yourself, you best support the world.

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