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The zodiac signs that bind everything to the finger are people who are never, never disappointed: you will never hear the end otherwise!

Surely you also know a person who cannot help but tie any little rude to her finger.
Hey, let’s face it: that person could be you!
Whether you have a red notebook, in which you tie any small inconvenience caused by others, or that you, simply, are a dragon who reminds you of everything, it doesn’t matter.
Are you sure you are not in today’s horoscope ranking?

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The zodiac signs that bind everything to your finger: discover the top five positions in the ranking

Well yes, today we decided to ask the stars and planets to help us find the zodiac signs that bind everything to the finger.
You know who we’re talking about, right?

Maybe it’s about that work colleague who never got over your comment on your work. Or, she who knows her, she is your cousin who looks at you with hate since you told her you didn’t like her shoes. Hey, there is also another possibility: isn’t it that you are among the top five places in the ranking of zodiac signs that tie everything (absolutely everything) to her finger?

We immediately find out who it is. Better to know who we are dealing with before we find ourselves having to plug the damage, right?

Taurus: fifth place

Dear Taurus, on the one hand, we must be honest and tell you that you deserve, perhaps, first place in today’s ranking!
You are, in fact, people who really tie everything to the finger and who are always attentive to what is happening around them.

Despite this attitude of yours, however, we can tell you that your Taurus have at least one more gear than the other signs in this ranking.
You know how to forgive (even if you do it in a very blatant way) and then put everything behind you. At least until next time!

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Aries: fourth place

We hope for you that you have never done anything bad to an Aries: they can carry a grudge and a grudge practically for life!
Know that Aries binds anything to his finger: if one day you can’t respond immediately to a message from him or if, Fortune escapes it, you find yourself missing his birthday.

Aries are people who cannot help but think they are at the center of the Universe and therefore have all eyes on them.
If someone does something it is absolutely to put the Aries in trouble … at least according to the Aries!

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Gemini: third place

Other than free spirits and more than people without problems! Gemini earns third place in our ranking today because, even if they don’t want to show it, they tied it all to their finger!
For Gemini, the opinion of others matters. They can’t do it: if you have “done something”, Gemini will remember it forever!

The problem now is to understand what you might have done to him: we know well that Gemini people take it out on even a small event and then don’t tell us anything.
Here, then, that your Gemini friend who disappeared from your life long ago could

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Libra: second place

But now, the very kind Libra (not surprisingly they are in the ranking of the kindest zodiac signs, right?) Are they so high in the ranking of zodiac signs that they tie anything to the finger?

Strange as it may seem to you, the answer is obviously yes: stars and planets aren’t wrong!
Libra is a sign that would go out of its way to make you seem like you haven’t been upsetToo bad, however, that any comment that hits her deeply turns into a real monolith!

Libra is like this: they do not fight often and never raise their voice as well as never being rude but they remember everything (just like these other zodiac signs) and can carry the memory of slander with them for years!

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Leo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that bind everything to the finger

Dear Leo, do not be angry if we put you at the top of our horoscope ranking today.
Hey, no, wait: you are first to tying it to your finger, of course, you will take it!

Those born under the sign of Leo are extremely proud but also (tragically) extremely insecure people.
This often means that for Leos their value is almost always hanging by a thread: that of the opinion of others!

Those born under the sign of Leo will always,  always, remember whatever you have told them. Maybe it was the tone of voice, the use of a word they didn’t like, or just your expression. For Leos it doesn’t matter: they put you on the black book and from there you will (practically) never move!

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