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Most Insecure Zodiac Signs

There are individuals who are certain and confident, who know their value and what they are able to do while there are some who aren’t excessively confident about themselves. These individuals have low confidence and choose their value depending on their outside factors. As per Astrology, there are 4 zodiac signs who have self-esteem issues. So to have a clear view of them you need to go through the following content, as here we have mentioned the Most insecure zodiac signs. So, just check them out and find out whether you are confident or insecure.


Judgemental beings and also perfectionists, Virgos practice a similar criticality over themselves. They have ridiculously exclusive standards for themselves and when they neglect to meet them, they have confidence issues due to this reason we have concluded them to be the most insecure zodiac signs.


Geminis will in general be low on confidence from the earliest starting point. There isn’t a specific purpose behind it. They feel that they are insufficient and consistently minimize their endeavors and pull themselves down which makes them the most insecure zodiac signs.


Pisces can be effectively controlled as they don’t have their feelings. They will in general go with what others are saying. Normally, to know their own value as well, they search for others’ assessments and perspectives on them which makes them the most insecure zodiac signs.


Cancers are excessively touchy and emotional creatures. Crabs are the most insecure zodiac signs because they think about everything literally and will in general lean for others’ approval. For them, individuals’ viewpoints matter a ton and they are continually needing consolation.

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