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Men of 4 zodiac signs who will cherish and cherish their wives

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Absolutely all women want to get an ideal husband, they just don’t know where such rare individuals live. Of course, the concepts of “ideality” are different for everyone, but there is a certain set of qualities that appeals to all ladies.

“He carries me in his arms” – this is just one of those happy statements that proves that your husband is almost Mr. Perfection. Especially if at the same time he does not grumble and does not complain about your weight.

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In other words, there are husbands with whom life makes women believe that miracles, though rare, do happen. It is enough to find out under which stars your faithful was born to understand what kind of husband he will become.

Here are 4 zodiac signs among men who will carry their wives in their arms:

a lion

The man of this zodiac sign is often called an egocentric and narcissistic person, but everything changes when he meets That One. In the blink of an eye, Leo turns into a gallant elect, who will literally carry you on him, along with showers of roses.

Do you think that after marriage everything will change, and Leo himself will take root on the couch, confident that he has fulfilled his romantic duty? But they didn’t guess. Husband-Lion refers to rare individuals who do not forget about love and tenderness, even after many years of marriage.

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He will patronize and surprise you for a long time, not forgetting the date of the first kiss or the birthday of your cat. The Lion Man is generous and romantic by default.

The only thing that his beloved will have to do is tirelessly cultivate his big ego with constant compliments and assurances that he is the most-most.


There is a rumor about male Dev that they are real crackers and terrible bores. So it is, only here the Virgin in the depths of her soul are also practical romantics. You should not expect a million red roses from them, but they will certainly show simple everyday care.

This means that as soon as you get sick, a Virgo man will draw himself near your bed with a warm blanket and a first-aid kit, to be on duty nearby day and night. He will measure your temperature and massage your legs if necessary. And also, not ashamed, he will prepare a hot sandwich for his wife early in the morning, while she is going to work.

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A Virgo man will carefully put an umbrella in your bag if the weather forecasters predicted rain. Yes, he does not know how to speak beautifully and loves to grumble, but on condition of great love for you he will become a caring and gentle husband. Honestly.


He is laconic, introverted and very serious, but he is yet another contender for the title of “Best Carrier in His Hands”. How does the male Capricorn act? He makes money to secure a strong family rear, and then kindly allows his wife to spend it. By the way, he does not check checks at grocery stores and does not block your credit cards.

This practical man is unlikely to carry his beloved in his arms, but he will offer to buy her a car so that everyone is more comfortable.

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Capricorn allows his wife to be what she is, without forcing him to change in the direction necessary for him. Of course, he hopes for the same generous gesture. If you need something, you won’t ask what and how, but simply say “buy, if you need to.” A dream, not a man, right?

The only thing a Capricorn man needs is a hot dinner on the table and a devoted wife nearby.


He is sure that in any situation you can agree and find a common language. The Libra man is calm and calm, he skillfully explains everything to his wife before she wants to make a scandal.

Scales do not disdain to wash dishes or perform purely female duties. They are not being teased by friends that only henpecked people do this, and will always put buddies in their place.

The Libra man is confident that the main thing in the family is peace, and therefore seeks to provide it at all costs. And if somewhere he can sacrifice his masculine principles so that his wife feels good, then for this he needs to applaud while standing.

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By the way, Libra will never forget to congratulate her beloved on all kinds of anniversaries, even after a dozen lived years together.

It is these men who can carry their wives in their arms. Moreover, both literally and figuratively

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