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Meet The Spiritual Guardian Protecting You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries Guardian — Mars/Ares

Ares, the Greek god of war, was known to represent both battle and courage. Son of Zeus and Hera, he was extremely reckless and full of energy. Most of his mythological tales include fierce battles and one-on-one fights against other gods. Ares was competitive and often acted before thinking; unlike his half-sister Athena, goddess of war, Ares represented the physical bloodlust of battle rather than the intellectual side of it. However, he was also known to be a determined and valiant god. His Roman counterpart, Mars, was well-respected and looked to as an honorable protector of the Roman people.

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Aries’ ruling planet is also Mars, which was named after the Roman god. As a guardian and ruling planet, Mars gives Aries their passion for their work and their decisiveness. Courageous, competitive, and gifted with their guardian’s drive for success, Aries are guided by Mars and Ares, the two gods for which they and their ruling planet are named. This connection gives Aries the power to conquer just about any challenge they’re faced with.

TauruGuardian — Venus/Aphrodite

The enchanting tales of Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and desire – begin with her classic introduction; emerging from the sea on a shell, heralding the essence of pure beauty and allure. Across many myths Aphrodite is featured in, her charm and ability to foster romance is a key focus; beings both mortal and divine often seek Aphrodite’s hand, though she herself often sets up couples for fun. She is also known for her love for luxury and her vanity, as her beauty is her main pride.

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In the realm of zodiacs, Taurus also finds a guardian in Aphrodite’s Roman counterpart, Venus. The ruling planet Venus – named after the Roman goddess – accentuates the Taurean affinity for beauty, art, and indulgence. Under Aphrodite’s guardianship, Taureans exude an air of sensuality and a knack for appreciating life’s luxuries. They thrive in stability and take pleasure in life’s comforts, driven by Venus’s pursuit of aesthetic beauty and gratification. Taurus, like Venus and Aphrodite, may also find themselves with many creative passions or appreciation for visual art and poetry.

GeminGuardian — Hermes/Mercury

Hermes, in Greek myths, stands as the swift-footed messenger god, celebrated for his wit, eloquence, and charm. The myths that involve Hermes often feature his cleverness and his ability to traverse between the mortal world and Mount Olympus, involving himself in mortal lives as much as he does the lives of other gods. He also is known for guiding souls to the underworld and, of course, for carrying messages in both the mortal and immortal realms. His Roman equivalent, Mercury, is highly curious and known for his eloquence – befitting a god of interpretation and translation.

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For Gemini, this celestial bond with Hermes and Mercury gives them the ability to effectively communicate and socialize with those around them. As the sign ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini channels the god’s adaptability and curiosity. The Twins, under the guidance of Hermes and Mercury, are blessed with an undeniable eloquence – Gemini also tends to be naturally good at reading people and understanding what they’re trying to say. Mercury’s energy also encourages Gemini to pursue knowledge and keep an active mind.

CanceGuardian — Artemis/Diana

Artemis, the Greek moon goddess, is well-known in mythology for being the goddess of the hunt. She surrounds herself with maidens who have sworn to reject love for the rest of their lives; like Artemis, they will never marry. Artemis also represents the bond of motherhood, protection, and the wilderness. Her myths are woven with tales of her shielding the innocent, her profound connection with nature, and her role as the guardian of childbirth and young children. Her Roman counterpart, Diana, is also recognized as the mother of the hunt; like Artemis, she represents nature and wildlife, and is associated with the Moon.

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Cancer’s ruling planet is also the Moon, drawing a close association between the sign of the Crab and the two Moon goddesses. Cancers naturally mirror Artemis’s nurturing spirit and instinctual need to protect those around her. Under Diana’s guard, Cancer is also linked to sentiments of home, family, and maternal warmth. The Moon’s influence further amplifies their intuitive nature, rendering them sensitive to their surroundings and deeply attuned to the ebb and flow of emotions.

Leo Guardian — Apollo

Apollo is the well-known Greek god of the sun, music, and prophecy. He’s a naturally charismatic god and is often hailed as being a patron of creativity and art, especially poetry and music. Often depicted with a golden lyre, Apollo’s stories revolve around his pursuits of arts, his ability to foretell the future, and his place as the eternal driver of the Sun Chariot. Apollo is also highly unique in that he has no Roman counterpart. Apollo’s image was adopted directly from Greek mythology and integrated into Roman mythology.

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Ruled by the Sun, Leo exudes Apollo’s warmth, vibrancy, and talent for art. They thrive when they are the center of attention, much like Apollo, the center of the solar system. With an innate love for being creative, they carry Apollo’s ability to draw others in with their artistic pursuits and natural charm. Their ruling planet, the Sun, grants them a regal aura and an undeniable presence that’s hard to ignore.

Virgo Guardian — Demeter/Ceres

Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture, stands out with her unwavering dedication to nurturing the land and the bountiful harvests she ensured. She was an extremely important goddess in Greek mythology as she oversaw mortal lands and protected crops and fruits for the harvest. Her tales, most notably the story of her daughter Persephone, highlight her meticulous nature and depth of maternal love – she is also recognized for being a goddess of childbirth, fertility, and marriage. Her Roman counterpart, Ceres, oversees the same things as Demeter; she even has a daughter identical to Persephone, named Proserpina.

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Virgo, under the guardianship of Demeter and Ceres, embodies the same sense of duty and care that the two fertility goddesses bring to the land they protect. Virgo possesses an inherent need to serve, nurture, and bring order. Ruled by Mercury, Virgos are analytical and detail-oriented, much like Demeter overseeing the intricate processes of the harvest. The influence of Mercury grants Virgo an unparalleled methodical nature, allowing them to work with precision and a desire to make things better for everyone around them.

Libra Guardian — Themis/Astraea

Themis, a Titaness in Greek mythology, and her Roman counterpart, Astraea, were both celebrated as deities of justice, law, and order. Themis was renowned for her oracular wisdom and prophecies, and played a critical role in the divine order of things, ensuring that balance prevailed. Legends also speak of Astraea as the last immortal to live among humans, representing purity and righteousness. Themis bears the same Scales of Justice that represent Libra sun signs.

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Libra, with their innate need for balance and fairness, mirrors the very principles Themis and Astraea stand for. Under Venus’s influence, which also governs love and beauty, Libra also benefits from a touch of charm and an eye for aesthetics. Their guardian figures remind them to seek harmony – not just in external relations but also within themselves. The planet Venus further enhances their diplomatic nature, making them the zodiac’s beloved peacemakers.

Scorpio Guardian —Hades/Pluto

Hades, ruler of the Greek underworld, is linked with themes of both death and rebirth. Hades is a mysterious god who often keeps to himself; he rules over the underworld far away from the other gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. The myths surrounding Hades depict him as a figure of great power, reigning over the unseen realms and the cyclical nature of life and death. His Roman counterpart, Pluto, represents the positive aspects of the underworld; he was highly respected and was also understood to partially represent wealth and good harvests.

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Scorpio, with their intense and transformative nature, resonates deeply with these two deities. Ruled by the planet Pluto, Scorpio shares the same traits as the planet of mystery and depth, with a knack for unraveling mysteries and forming deep bonds with others. Scorpio’s connection with Hades and Pluto reinforces their ability to embrace change and renewal, often emerging stronger from challenges – similar to the cycle of death and rebirth that Hades oversees. With planet Pluto’s influence, Scorpio’s depth and resilience become even more pronounced, making them the masters of transformation and reinvention.

Sagittarius Guardian — Zeus/Jupiter

In Greek mythology, Zeus reigns as king of the gods and is ruler of the sky, thunder, and justice. Zeus also represents leadership and was recognized for both his strength and intelligence. Though Zeus was known to be wise, he was also very fickle, and often acted quickly to punish those who angered him. His Roman counterpart, Jupiter, also reigns over the sky; he even carries the same thunderbolt as Zeus. Both Zeus and Jupiter are featured in many myths, deciding punishment for other gods and often participating in escapades of their own.

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Sagittarius, known for their expansive thinking and keen sense of justice, is guarded by both Zeus and Jupiter. Guided by their ruling planet Jupiter, their ruling planet, Sagittarius possesses an inherent need for growth, expansion, and wisdom. Their guardians’ tales of adventure and exploration mimic Sagittarius’s love for exploring the unknown. Sagittarius, much like their celestial guardians, is fiercely independent and knows how to take charge in any situation. Planet Jupiter not only fuels their passion for exploration but also imbues them with a sense of righteousness and a larger-than-life perspective.

Capricorn Guardian — Cronus/Saturn

In Greek mythology, Cronus stands as a paramount figure representing time, order, and discipline. A leader among the Titans, Cronus had a dominating presence and was known for his ability to maintain order – even though his methods were often severe. His Roman counterpart Saturn, on the other hand, had festivals dedicated to him that celebrated harvest and bounty, recognizing the rewards of discipline and hard work. Where Cronus was known to be a destructive god, Saturn was known to bring about an age of peace.

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For the diligent Capricorn, these deities are the epitome of perseverance and the recognition that time – when respected – yields the greatest rewards. Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn inherently understands the value of structure, patience, and ambition. Their celestial guardians emphasize the importance of building lasting legacies. Cronus gifts Capricorn with the ability to be discerningly fierce in their discipline, while Saturn demonstrates the good fortune that both discipline and time can achieve. Together, Capricorn achieves a perfect balance of patience and pursuit that helps them achieve their goals.

Aquarius Guardian — Uranus

Uranus, a primordial deity in Greek mythology, symbolizes the sky and the heavens. He was among the first gods, known as the first ruler that fathered twelve Titans. Uranus represents both creation and unpredictability. Uranus is also sometimes identified with his roman semi-counterpart Caelus, who is the god of the sky in Roman mythology; notably, Uranus is the only Greek god with a planet named after him. Originally, his Greek name was Ouranos, later changed to Uranus by the Romans. Uranus was the original god the sky before Zeus took over; after Zeus became ruler, Uranus shifted to represent the sky instead of rule it.

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Aquarians, known for their forward-thinking and often revolutionary ideas, find a kindred spirit in Uranus. This sign often feels the call to challenge norms and pave new paths, making them the innovators of the zodiac. Ruled by the planet Uranus, they are blessed with the ability to think outside the box and envision a world different from the present. With their guardian’s cosmic energy, Aquarians are inspired to bring forth change; not just for themselves but for the broader collective.

Pisces Guardian — Poseidon/Neptune

Poseidon of Greek lore rules the vast depths of the sea. He is also recognized as the god of storms and even as the god of horses. He is known for his violent mood swings that mimic the sea’s unpredictable nature; yet, when he felt kind, the seas were calmed. Mythology and folklore paint Poseidon as a god of emotional depth and unpredictability. His Roman counterpart, Neptune, also ruled over the seas; he matched his Greek counterpart in the areas he oversaw, including becoming the patron of horse racing. He was also known to be a fairly harsh and, at times, unjust god.

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Pisces, with their intuitive, empathetic, and often dreamlike nature, resonate profoundly with both Neptune and Poseidon. They navigate the depths of human emotion, often displaying an uncanny understanding of those around them. Neptune, their ruling planet, heightens their sensitivity and gifts them with unparalleled imagination. Guided by their celestial guardians, Pisces is often reminded to honor their intuitive instincts and recognize the strength that lies in vulnerability and compassion.

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