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Which Marvel Hero or Villain Is Your Soulmate, According To Zodiac Sign

Fancy yourself a Captain America by your side, or maybe the gorgeously devilish Loki if you’re more into the dark end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Who wouldn’t want a superhero or a villain at their disposal 24/7?

Despite the fact they sadly aren’t real, a girl should at least have the right to fantasize, right?

So, let’s get started and check out which one of Marvel’s hotties is your soulmate according to your zodiac sign.

Which hunk has the biggest chance of haunting your dreams?

Aries: Star-Lord

You’re always on the go, Aries, and you subconsciously fall for guys who are able to keep up with you.

Your ultimate soulmate is definitely Star-Lord.

His level of energy hits the roof and there is no other Marvel character who is able to follow your tempo.

Your personalities go together perfectly.

Your well-organized life needs some humor and recklessness, which only he can give you.

So, go ahead, fantasize about your perfect soulmate!

Taurus: Captain America

Mmmmmm, Cap is not a bad choice, not bad at all.

Your harsh exterior matches his to the last detail, and your devoted and soft inside matches his empathy and care for others.

Captain America may look all tough on the exterior, but on the inside, he is a softie, just like you.

Besides the fact he’s hot as hell, your personalities are so similar and your need to make the world a better place is what makes you perfect for each other.

That’s the reason why you have an inexplicable attraction to him.

Gemini: Bruce Banner / The Hulk

Gemini, you need intellectual stimulation to become fulfilled and happy in your life. In general, you are a very social and fun human being. Taking into consideration your profound intellect, your soulmate is the geniously geeky Bruce Banner.

By joining forces, you are able to extract deep emotions the both of you are hiding with your intellect.

Also, Bruce has a monster hiding inside, stimulated to come out by his rage, and you are a two-type personality as well.

This is yet another thing that binds the two of you together.

Cancer: Loki

This may come as a shock, but Loki is your perfect soulmate.

This mischievous character appears to be evil, but in the end his human side – his hidden warm heart – wins and he does the right thing.

Just like you, he is tough on the outside, hiding emotions and love inside.

You will only open up to the people you trust and getting you to trust someone is no easy task.

Leo: Black Panther

You’re very warm and kind-hearted, but a bit egocentric at the same time.

You like shining brightly on the main stage and your soulmate shouldn’t mind that.

You need someone who won’t be threatened by your need to be the center of attention.

Your perfect Marvel match is Black Panther.

His selfless need to help others and his high self-esteem make you two the perfect couple.

His independence won’t pull you back, but the complete opposite: you’ll be free to shine without worrying you’ll outshine him.

Virgo: Spider-Man

You have problems with expressing how you feel, Virgo.

You’re hardworking and persistent, but you’re going to keep whatever is bugging you to yourself, you won’t tell a soul because you don’t want to bother anyone with your problems.

Why is Spider-Man your soulmate?

Spider-Man is analytical and emotional, just as you are.

He has an eye for details, and his tenderness and compassionate side makes him more than capable of getting through to you.

Libra: Thanos

You’re in constant search for justice.

If things are not balanced in your life and around you, you won’t be able to sleep at night until you make it right.

The problem is, you can get easily carried away and lose sense of what is really just and what you think is just.

That’s why your soulmate is Thanos.

He followed what he thought was just, blindly risking and sacrificing everything he could.

Luckily, your justice doesn’t involve killing half of the people on the planet.

I’m sure if you and Thanos sat down together, you could easily come up with a plan to help everyone without any killing involved.

Scorpio: Drax

Your biggest problem is that sometimes you can get too wrapped up in your own feelings.

There is just too much going on underneath your surface. Sometimes even more than you can handle.

That’s why you need Drax as your soulmate.

Drax knows about feelings, but he is also very grounded and realistic.

He always assesses the situation as it is, even if it’s too obvious. It would be nice to have someone as grounded as he is by your side.

Sagittarius: Thor

You are an eternal optimist and endless adventure seeker. You won’t stop exploring until you’re absolutely sure you’ve tried it all.

Your ideal soulmate would be someone who is as adventurous as you, someone who is not afraid to experience new things and go on quests.

Therefore…your ultimate soulmate is Thor. He is a bit on the serious side, but your sense of humor lightens him up right away.

Capricorn: Deadpool

With your stubbornness and traditional behavior, you need someone to get you out of your comfort zone every now and then, otherwise you’d go crazy and become too stiff.

That’s why your ultimate soulmate is Deadpool.

Deadpool is not so good with his feelings, which is good for you because you are also not that adept at displaying affection.

Although, small details count and he is full of them. That is his way of showing he cares.

Aquarius: Ironman

You’re highly emotional and intelligent, but you run away from your feelings, which is why Ironman is your soulmate.

Ironman enjoys being in the spotlight and he’s very intelligent, like you.

At first sight, you would say he is an emotionless stuck-up jerk, but in reality, his heart is full of love and compassion for others, especially the ones in need of help.

Pisces: War Machine

Since you’re the most selfless and emotional person in the whole zodiac realm, you need someone who won’t take advantage of you.

That someone is definitely War Machine.

He will take your needs into account and deal with your emotions in the most caring way possible and his loyalty will never fail you.

No wonder that you fantasize about this sweet, sweet man.

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