Zodiac Signs

Your main sore spot, according to the zodiac sign

If a person is annoyed by some things or actions, this is normal. We are all different, and this is natural.

However, each of us has its own “sick callus” – something that can simply infuriate us. Sometimes, until this “callus” is attacked, a person may not be aware of its presence. It may happen that you do not suspect how dirty dishes infuriates you until you begin to live with someone who forgets to wash the dishes.

Astrology helps to identify these sore spots in advance. The zodiac sign will tell you who especially does not like.


Aries can not stand whiners and complainers. Anyone who tries to put pressure on his pity will only cause irritation. You hate it when people justify their actions instead of accepting that they are doing wrong. You are too energetic to connect with constantly dissatisfied with something personalities.


You hate being forced to do something or rushing. You like to complete tasks slowly, with pleasure, and you cannot stand if people try to speed up the process. You have your own rhythm, and when someone tries to stop him, it confuses you.


Twins can not stand lazy people. You are constantly on the move, busy with something (in order not to be bored). You like to communicate with adventurous people, and you tend to avoid those who are adventurous. A calm, boring party can drive you crazy.


Cancer does not like selfish people. You try to stay away from everyone who fits this category in every possible way. And since you are extremely modest and balanced, rude and arrogant people, and egocentrics you do not like.

a lion

You hate being forgotten or simply not noticed. Lions are proud and love to be in the spotlight, and it surprises you when they ignore you. This can lead Leo to a nervous breakdown. Your need for attention is due to your excessive pride. You are afraid of the mere thought that someone might “steal” your fame.


Virgins cannot stand sitting idle. If you have free time, it goes to create lists and ideas for new projects. If this free time is in excess, it starts to seriously bother you. You strive for permanent employment. You don’t like to mess around and waste your precious time doing nothing. Thus, you avoid relaxation by all necessary means. Work, not rest, is your motto.


Libra hates injustice and dishonesty. People may not like the fact that you are too frank, true to your word and expect the same from them. You don’t like optional people. You will always distance yourself from liars and storytellers. You hate it when people embellish their stories in order to arouse more interest. Lying is unacceptable, and deception is disgusting to you in any form.


Scorpio is extremely brave and confident. You hate when people show their weaknesses. Ultimately, the weakest in your eyes loses. You hate those who are constantly looking for support. You are such a purposeful person that you cannot sympathize with any weaknesses in behavior or habits.


Sagittarius do not like disagreement. You really hate situations where people try to prove that you are wrong or start acting like you don’t know what you are saying. Despite your own dislike of conflicts, you will always defend your innocence. Hating disputes, you know how to prove your own point of view.


Capricorns accept people for who they are. You hate it when they strongly condemn others or make hasty conclusions about them. You will never get along with racists or homophobes. These people drive you crazy. This is mainly due to the fact that you are an extremely understanding and compassionate person. You treat everyone the same way and do not understand why others cannot do the same.


If you are Aquarius, you hate the limitations of personal freedom. In your heart you are a rebel who always needs to do what he wants. You live by your own rules, and you do not care what someone says about this. You hate it when people try to convince you to think about things in a certain way. You are stubborn and will not allow others to make you think or look different.


Pisces don’t like others telling them what to do and how. You will never follow someone else’s recommendations; instead, you create your own set of rules. You live in your little dream world, where nothing can stand in your way. No one can ever tell you how to live.

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