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There Are Loves That Last Forever Even If They Never See Each Other Again

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I wish not, but there are times when I blame life. I don’t like that cruel idea he had of introducing me to a beautiful love, one of those in which distrust does not exist and the desire to see each other does not end. In my memory, those afternoons remain on the lawn contemplating the strange shape of the clouds and the kisses that he stole from me and that enchanted me. If I had to choose a special chapter of my life, that would be it. Now, only the memory remains, the signs of the zodiac know that there are loves that last forever, even if they never see each other again.

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So, you decided to pick up your courage and start over. You never denied pain, you embraced your fears and let go of that love, even though it broke you. You know that it is impossible for them to be together again, but everything that made you feel is kept in the secret of your memory. In your crazy dreams, you kiss from time to time, but you don’t tell anyone.

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For a long time, you closed yourself to believing in love again. You were the person who imagined a world next to her, you believed that the best of both of you would give each other, but it wasn’t like that. The scar remains on your soul and it still hurts when you remember what they once were. However, a resignation forced you to look up. You don’t know if you’re going to love someone the same, but you try.

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You broke, like never before, as if you hadn’t delivered your feelings before. And it is that that love completely shook you, made you ask yourself over and over again if it was the best. You felt so vulnerable next to her, that you had no choice but to end up crying in a corner. It hurt you a lot, but there is only one life and you are not going to throw everything away for a love that is not decided.

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It is impossible that it does not come to your memory, it does so in an unpredictable way, sometimes, in the aromas, the textures, the music, any pretext is ideal to relive the romanticism that they once had. You fell in love until you lost your sense of reality, it was something so deep, but it was so fleeting, that that is precisely what hurts the most. It is not easy to erase such an intense imprint.

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Leo, you trust in your ability to recover after a broken heart, you know that you are not going to cry for days or stop your life, no matter how much you love that person. However, it does not mean that you do not experience a tough duel. In fact, hiding your emotions is even crueler than crying out. Sometimes, there is nothing left but to move on, even if the absence does not go away completely.

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Perhaps they are right to say that you became skeptical, but you gave so much at the time that it is impossible for them to expect you to put your ingenuity back in the hands of someone who does not want to build something lasting. Virgo, that love made you fly, it filled you with life, with the desire to reach your best version. In truth, you thought that the cracks would come over the years and they would continue holding hands, but it wasn’t like that.

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Honestly, Libra, you are terrified of love, because you know yourself, you know that when someone enters your mind and your heart, there is hardly any going back. You like to believe in relationships that heal, inspire and last a lifetime. It may sound a bit fanciful, but you believe in that intensity when it comes to love. That love broke your hopes, even though it was very genuine.

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It’s not true that you turned cold, it’s a precaution. You trusted you gave yourself until your heart trembled and it didn’t work. It hurts because you had a great time with her, she taught you a lot of things and she hugged you in a very transparent way. She was with you through thick and thin, but unfortunately, she will not be able to be with you forever and that breaks.

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That part of you so in love has not fully returned, because it was fragmented. You really committed yourself so much to that bond that you thought yours would never be broken, but it wasn’t. That left you fearful, how do you trust again after such a beautiful relationship? It seemed that nothing was missing, but when it came to putting the cards on the table the differences were greater and they could no longer be together.

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Life has not always treated you with the best attitude, but you are a sign that hides a fierce side and that is when you can emerge victorious in the midst of the storm. However, when you give your heart, you are not as strong as you would like, a part of you held out hope but realized that you were only doing yourself double damage. Letting go is also loving.

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It is very difficult for you to accept that after everything you lived with that person they could not reach a happy ending. You remember yourself there, by his side, planning so many things and living many more. His story has the most romantic moments you have ever experienced and it is practically impossible that when you hear his name you do not feel. However, you will no longer hold on.

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In that relationship, Pisces, your heart was safe, but over time you realized that they would not stay together and that made you feel terrible. You got angry with yourself because you fell into the vicious cycle of guilt and that’s when the reproaches in your mind did not stop. Today, you know that letting go was for the best, but that doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten.

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