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Love & Romance Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign, February Saturday 10th, 2024

Can you feel the quiet rumblings of change? Although a new moon in Aquarius happens annually, this one is particularly unique and powerful—it’s the first conjunct Pluto that any of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes.

The new moon goes exact at 5:59 PM EST at 20°, a degree typically associated with Scorpio. This infuses a darker, more foreboding energy to this otherwise common transit, and presents the possibility that issues surrounding sexuality will be brought into the light.

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ll have already taken note of the number-one Pluto in Aquarius issue: the ethical issues of technology. If there’s one thing this new moon is sure to kickstart, it’s change in legislation surrounding AI and the way the public has exploited it.

If you’re feeling spacey and disassociated today, it’s not a huge shock. Besides the moon and Pluto, the sun and Mercury are also currently occupying the sign of the water-bearer. No one will want to stay silent about their values anymore, and they will feel empowered to speak up.

In sociology, a “preference cascade” occurs when individuals begin to realize their peers are not unquestioningly supportive of oppressive regimes, but simply fearful of speaking out. Once the first brave person steps forward and dares to be branded a heretic, many more come out of the shadows to express support.

The collective feeling is one of breathless impatience, a kind of cosmic calm before the storm. If you’re angry, you’re not alone. The righteous rage of the impoverished, marginalized, and abandoned is steadily growing, and if history is any indication, it won’t be long before the tipping point arrives and revolution spills out into the streets.

Everyone will feel the energy of this once-in-a-lifetime event, so the best thing to do is settle in and prepare. Read your forecast for your rising sign for the most accurate delineation. And indulge in some self-care. If you have any major placements around 20° of Aquarius, expect your world to be rocked.


You, out of all of the signs, understand the power of standing for what is right—even if it means standing alone. The new moon in your eleventh house is going to shake up the foundation of your existing social group, giving you permission to release people who you feel bound to despite your differences. This is a breaking point during which any and all social structures you’ve built over your lifetime will come under review.Fractures between long-time friends are possible, but so is the introduction of brand-new, ideologically aligned people you can welcome into your life.


A new era in your career is starting, whether you’re ready or not. The new moon takes place in your tenth house, the most public place in your chart. Many of you will become overnight viral sensations, with the influence of Aquarius, which rules the Internet and technology. Others will step down from a previous career to pursue philanthropy full-time. The life of an activist is not an easy one, but it is a courageous path—and at this time, you are encouraged to consider existential questions like the following: What values are driving me? What cause am I willing to die for? You have a platform. It’s up to you how you will use it.


With the new moon activating your ninth house, you’re walking down your own personal road to Damascus. Today your beliefs will solidify in some way, whether it’s through a commitment ceremony like a baptism or a dramatic spiritual revelation. Some of you are moving a great distance away or starting a new branch of study. Whatever adventure you’re about to embark on, it will broaden your philosophical perspectives and inspire you to stand for what you believe in, no matter the cost.


This new moon in your eighth house is drawing out your darker side, shifting the focus to what you value and how you can capitalize on the very things you have been taught by society to be ashamed of. Starting now, you’ll be ready to go public with your struggles, possibly with the help of another person’s financial assistance and emotional encouragement. You’ll be delving deep into your subconscious today, mystified by what you’re learning about yourself through the process of shadow work. It’s critical that you take the first steps towards releasing your fear of the unknown.


The new moon lighting up your seventh house will not only create weird sexual energy between you and your partner, it might draw in a desire to experiment, explore your sexuality, or open up your relationship. You always tend to fall for people who are a little eccentric, but your standards will probably change radically around this time, placing you on unsteady ground. You might start to wonder if you even know yourself and your desires at all. Don’t be afraid of what you learn. The more we learn about our shadow side, the more proactive we can about avoiding triggers.


Your routine has always been a little different than most of your peers’, and you like to do things on your own time. The new moon in your sixth house will cause a disruption to your day-to-day, potentially due to a health issue that demands a lot of your attention. If you’ve been working yourself to the bone for the past month and a half, you’ll start to feel the effects of burnout now. Stock up on some vitamin C and ginger to fend off any potential cold and flu bugs going around, and give yourself ample time to rest. If you do end up getting sick, consider it a blessing in disguise; sometimes our bodies provide us with the much-needed break we’ve been stubbornly refusing to give ourselves. Mental stamina, however powerful, is not always enough. Even you have physical limitations.


A good dose of weird and chaotic romantic and creative energy is now spilling over into your fifth house, giving you the opportunity to go wild. That might mean getting entangled with a new situationship or texting your ex, or it might mean swearing off casually dating altogether and deleting Tinder, Hinge, and Raya from your phone. You’re likely fed up with modern dating culture, as a hopeless romantic who does best in partnership with others who are committed ‘til death. Don’t try to force yourself into a box you don’t fit in. Channel your frustration into creating a new project that is all your own, and don’t be afraid to break the rules. Splatter paint on the canvas, color outside the lines, and let your inner child free.


Since this new moon is occurring in your fourth house of home and family, you could find yourself heading home for the funeral of a loved one or at least preparing for the inevitability. Your own mortality is likely to be on your mind, and your TikTok FYP is probably not helping by shoving anti-aging content down your throat. Don’t fall into an anxious spiral about getting older. It’s a natural part of life, and you have so much to be excited about right now. Many of you will be physically relocating to a new home around this time, and moving, however stressful, always provides the opportunity to start over fresh. You can make your space all your own, no matter how wild your interior décor ideas might be. Paint one wall black or buy the bright yellow couch. Life is short.


Your local community and neighborhood might start to feel outdated or unfamiliar with the new moon illuminating your third house. Ditto for your siblings. Even if you have a good relationship with them, you’re likely to find it challenging to connect with them emotionally right now and you’ll be craving some space from them. They know you and your specific triggers, after all, since they are the only ones who shared your formative years in such an intimate way. Be wary of getting overly paranoid or suspicious of people around this time; while you might encounter some locals who give off a creepy vibe, not everyone is necessarily exerting a dark influence over you. Use your discernment and keep your life private right now. There will always be someone praying for your downfall.


Your money axis is being lit up with the new moon in your second house, and you might be spending a lot of it as you pursue a new chapter in your life. Many of you are finding a way to intertwine technology with philanthropy, working to spread your own personal gospel to the world at large. In order to make money you have to spend money, and this is the time to get scrappy about it. If you’re starting a podcast about sustainability, for instance, you’ll need a good mic setup and some quality equipment that might put a pretty significant dent in your bank account. Is it worth it to get your message out there? That’s entirely up to you. Consider how deep you’re willing to go; anyone who has a platform inevitably ends up offending someone. But everyone knows you’ve got a thick skin.


This new moon is all about you. It’s happening in your first house of personal appearance and identity, but if you feel like today is the day to shave your head or get a face tattoo, use your discretion. You like shocking people with your self-presentation, but with this energy dialed up to 11 right now, you might end up doing something you regret. Run your wild ideas by your friends for some accountability before deciding to get your new flame’s initials tatted on you. You’ll feel fired up about speaking your mind, though, and this is rarely a bad thing; you know how to do so diplomatically and with the broadest possible audience in mind. Learn how to wear your deepest convictions on your sleeve.


Your dreams are going to be incredibly weird with the new moon occurring in your twelfth house, but don’t get distressed by seemingly prophetic nightmares about the apocalypse. Everyone is in fight-or-flight mode right now, and some of this inevitably makes its way into our subconscious landscape. While you might prefer to paint over your struggles with an illusory brush, you won’t be able to avoid telling the whole truth this time. Your dreams provide symbolic hints: what are you suppressing and hiding, even from yourself? It might be time to get a therapist or release some of your journal entries in the form of blog posts—you’re now compelled to share what you once swore you’d take to your grave. Once you unburden yourself, you’ll experience great relief. There is true healing to be found in vulnerability

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