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What Each Love Language Needs Most During A Global Health Crisis

Regardless of where you are in the world, it’s been a tough few weeks. Besides the financial toll this crisis has taken on human beings, it’s also taken a toll on people’s emotional and mental health when it comes to the dating scene and romantic relationships.

One of the best ways to help boost your mental health, along with your romantic relationships, during the coronavirus crisis is to learn about your partners and your own love language.

The fastest and most resourceful way to do this is by taking note of what you do for your loved ones to express love. Do you desire to spend quality time with them or do you appreciate when you get gifts? Chances are the way you show love is the way you’d like to receive love in return.

Below you’ll learn what each love language needs most during a global health crisis:

Words of Affirmation

The best thing about expressing words of affirmation to someone during any crisis is that you have a multitude of resources to do it. You can call, text, or FaceTime someone. You can compliment them, talk about their strengths, or thank them for anything they’ve done. Another way to think about it is you’re expressing gratitude to your partner.

The way I ensure my girlfriend knows she’s valued is by making a list of two to three positive traits about her and then telling her.

Receiving Gifts

Giving a gift tells the other person you were thinking about them at a specific moment in time. Whether you’re living together or apart during the current crisis, you can send your partner their favorite food via delivery. You can also surprise them by giving them a handmade gift or doing some online shopping for them!

This love language doesn’t have to be about receiving physical gifts. It can sometimes, as Dr. Gary Chapman says, be about “being there when your spouse needs you.” You’re giving your significant other the gift of being present and focused on them.

Physical touch

Expressing physical touch during a global crisis can be challenging, especially if you and your partner aren’t physically together. The best way to get around this and create a feeling of intimacy is by exploring with other alternatives, such as phone s*x.

While you may or may not be uncomfortable with this, remember that exploring and trying new things in your relationship will keep things interesting and push the both of you to grow.

Acts of Service

If your significant other’s love language is acts of service, the best thing you can do is help them complete tasks. This can be as simple as taking the trash out of your house, doing laundry, or washing the dishes.

If you don’t live together and are quarantined apart, you could help your partner by doing their grocery shopping for them and helping them check off their to-do list. For people whose love language is acts of service, actions speak louder than words.

Quality Time

This can be summed up as “spend time with your partner!” If you’re dating and are quarantined in different locations, talk to them on the phone or FaceTime them.

Whether you’re physically together or not, take this time to focus on one another and get to know each other more. You’ll be surprised what you can uncover, and make sure to give your partner your undivided attention so you can listen intently and aim to understand them.

In the end, human beings are social animals, and the relationships you have throughout your life are what make it flavorful and amazing. Take a little time today to talk with your significant other to learn what makes them feel loved. Remember, meeting your partner’s need for love is a choice you make daily. Make sure you choose to love.

What Each Love Language Needs Most During A Global Health Crisis
What Each Love Language Needs Most During A Global Health Crisis

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