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The Lie Each Zodiac Sign Believes That Is Hurting Their Chance At Love


You believe every relationship is bound to end in flames. You believe letting someone into your heart is going to end in pain. But not everyone is going to hurt you. Some people actually have good intentions.


You believe there’s only one person in this world for you — but that’s not true. You can have multiple soulmates throughout your lifetime. Even if you were in love before, you can fall in love again.


You believe you can only have a relationship or a career. But you can have both. You can carve out the time to get close to someone while still having enough time to chase after your dreams. You don’t have to choose one path over the other.


You believe love s all you need. But, really, you need so much more than that. You need respect. You need open communication. You need a strong friendship. You need to like each other, not just love each other.


You believe you need to be perfect in order to be loved. You put on an act instead of showing your partners the real you. But the right person will see your flaws and still love you. You shouldn’t have to hide anything from them.


You believe you can change someone’s mind about you. But it doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to convince them you’re worth the effort. You can’t force them to love you. You can’t control their heart.


You believe in love at first sight. You assume it’ll be obvious when you find your match. But sometimes, first impressions give you the wrong idea. You shouldn’t write someone off, simply because you didn’t feel butterflies the first second you locked eyes.


You believe every relationship is going to end like your last relationship. But history doesn’t have to repeat itself. As long as you pick the right person, you won’t end up reliving your past.


You believe jealousy is a sign someone cares about you. But most of the time, jealousy is actually a red flag. You don’t want someone to tell you what you’re allowed to wear or who you’re allowed to text. You don’t want them to be overly controlling.


You believe you’re better off on your own. But you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. You would be an amazing partner. And as much as you want to pretend you don’t need anyone, you would love to have someone around to kiss and cuddle.


You believe love is a feeling. But love is a choice. You have to choose to stick with someone. You have to choose to put in effort. You have to choose to keep loving them even when it’s hard.


You believe fights are a bad sign. But really, every couple fights. As long as you’re treating each other respectfully, it’s good for you to get your feelings out in the open. It’s good that you can talk to them.

The Lie Each Zodiac Sign Believes That Is Hurting Their Chance At Love
The Lie Each Zodiac Sign Believes That Is Hurting Their Chance At Love

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