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Libra Season Is Here—Here’s Each Zodiac’s Horoscope For The Next Month

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On September 23rd, 2023, Libra Season begins and we enter the Fall Equinox. This solar transit will have a Venusian feel, meaning that it will have us reconnecting with our values and relationships. As Venus in Leo continues to help us uncover more about ourselves, Libra Season will be filled with quite the energy that will enable us to uncover the parts within which we have failed to show love. It is a time of romance, showing love to those we care for, and understanding the art of compassion and patience. See how this transit will impact your sun, moon, and rising signs.

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Expect to experience a lot of relationship energy in your partnership house, as the Sun in Libra will make you feel nostalgic about past connections and friendships. It is a period where you will be more keen on finding yourself. With Mars currently in the same sign, you have learned a lot about creating balance in your relationships, and now it is your moment to improve your listening skills and communicate better with others. This Libra season pushes you to continue to adopt a diplomatic approach to your connections and not be too impulsive. Maturity begins now.

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Libra energy will allow us all to meet ourselves, and you will be receptive to this because it can awaken the love and inspiration you have desired for quite some time. The next four weeks will be filled with fun, excitement, and many social connections. You may feel like you have reached a new level of confidence and others will notice. A period that will help boost your creativity, especially when Venus enters Virgo in the next few weeks.

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Libra is a fellow air sign, so expect this period to flow like a dream. You are much more communicative during this time as the Sun in Libra will open you up to a world of opportunities and creative self-expression. Mars in Libra adds more fuel and makes you feel more connected with your muses. With these transits no longer aspecting Saturn, you could feel a little more freedom and optimism coming your way.

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The focus for you shifts now with balancing home and career. The creative energy now can have you start some blueprints to redesign your home or a room. This Libra season will allow you to feel inspired and much more calm. It is a time when you are prepared to take on the world without feeling limited and it all starts with planning from home. You are filled with magic and optimism at this time.

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Venus will remain in your sign for just a few more weeks during this solar transit, giving you strength and more self-love. As Mercury, Sun, and Mars enter Libra, you are going to feel a lot more social and comfortable making new connections. The energy for the next month will be centered on you, and you will be able to see the effects of the Venus transit in your sign. You could feel more comfortable showing the world the new and more empowered version of yourself.

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As you look forward, this Libra season brings you plenty of opportunities to stay ahead in your game. You could also start to view romance more practically, making your boundaries known to your partner. It is also a period where your hard work will not be overlooked as Mercury will join Mars and the Sun to give you new ideas on how to stay on top. This transit will bring you the healing and power you have searched for just before Scorpio season goes full force.

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Happy Birthday, Libras! We are all excited to have more air energy in our charts. This solar transit could help you become the center of attention. You feel radiant and empowered, as Mars is already in your sign, giving you a lot more focus and direction. Career and love will have you flourishing, with Mars giving you insight and direction. You will channel a lot of the characteristics of your sister sign, Aries! This season will let everyone know what you are made of.

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This is an awakening period as the Sun in Libra highlights a mysterious point of your chart, setting the stage for the next solar transit in your sign. You have the opportunity to set your sights on greater things as you plan them out with patience and determination. Once Mars enters your sign, it will set the tone for your upcoming season. Utilize the next several weeks to plan and be there for yourself. Be protective of your energy and time so that others do not drain it for you.

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Your work will be tested for the next several weeks, as the Sun in Libra can feel slightly overwhelming but illuminating. While these Saturn transits have been a little chaotic for you, things are beginning to cool down as you shift your attention to the things that bring you joy and happiness. It is a time to dream big, allow your friends to give you a helping hand, and be more patient when it comes to time management. Overall, you are in it to win it.

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This critical transit is happening at the highest point in your chart. Libra energy will allow you to step into the limelight and shine brighter than before. You feel supported and much more optimistic about making things happen, especially with Mars currently in the same sign. Remember that with this transit, it is best to maintain the peace, measure your words, and listen to others.

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Having a fellow air sign making a positive aspect to your sign will give you lots of breathing room. The Sun in Libra is an enlightening transit that will help you fall in love once more with your dreams and feel very inspired by the people around you. With this energy, you will be a lot more prepared to set your plans into motion without having anything stop you.

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Getting back to the groove of things for the next six weeks will be much easier for you. The Sun in Libra presents a period where you can expect your motivation levels to increase as you develop more courage and see yourself becoming more patient. Pisces, this year has allowed you to evolve and mature. You will be tested, but having Saturn in your sign will give you the resilience to keep powering through.

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