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This Is How You Know It’s Time To Move On, Based On Your Zodiac

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Let’s face it, moving on from a loved one is never easy. Despite all the clear signs telling us that we ought to leave this person in the past, somehow we always find something to hold on.

We hope that our significant other will change their ways and that all of the years we spent by their side won’t be wasted.

That all of our efforts and love aren’t in vain.

However, there is always a last straw – something that helps you see it’s high time you say your final goodbye and continue living your life.

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There are many things you can put up with, but having to beg for your partner’s attention and love is where you draw the line.

The truth is that you’re everything but possessive and overly jealous, but that doesn’t mean the other person has the right to act like they couldn’t care less about you.

You can’t stand feeling unloved, unwanted, and emotionally neglected, and the last thing you plan on doing is sticking with someone you need to force to be with you.

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You know it’s time to move on the moment you feel like your romantic partner stopped putting any effort.

You don’t mind trying hard in your relationship, but you don’t want your efforts to be taken for granted – you want your love to be reciprocated.

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If you were born under this zodiac sign, you know it’s time to continue living your life when your significant other betrays you not only as a lover but also as a friend and human being.

You can stand literally everything besides being backstabbed and disappointed by the person you love most.

The moment this happens, you lose all respect for your partner and you know there is nothing left for you in this relationship anymore.

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You’re one of the selfless and kindest zodiac signs. And this especially goes for you as a romantic partner.

However, the moment you start noticing that your loved one doesn’t see your worth, you’re out for good.

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You know it’s time to move on when you see that your trust has been violated.

You can’t put up with people who play with your intelligence, those who work behind your back – especially if this is someone you shared your life with.

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If you belong to this zodiac sign, you know it’s time to move on when you see that your relationship has no future.

No matter how much love you have for your romantic partner, if you notice that the two of you can never meet halfway in reaching a compromise and that you aren’t compatible, you say your final goodbye and don’t look back.

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You move on when you see that unnecessary drama has taken over your relationship.

It’s nice to have a little chase and adrenaline in the start, but having to fight all the time is a big no for you.

You want peace and balance and if that is something your life partner can’t give you, you will continue your life without them.

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The thing you could never put up with is being cheated on.

It’s not the fact that your partner slept with someone else that hurts you the most, it’s the fact that they’ve betrayed you and stopped being loyal, despite all of their promises.

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For a Sagittarius, the thing that helps them see it’s time to move on are mind games.

You like butterflies as much as the next person, but that doesn’t mean you’re willing to put up with someone treating you however they want.

You don’t want inconsistency and not knowing where you stand.

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As a Cap, you don’t move on easily from your loved one.

However, once you catch yourself giving away too many second chances to a relationship that is doomed to fail, you start your process of getting over them.

You see that you’ve given your best and that it’s time to start saving yourself.

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An Aquarian will move on from a relationship the moment the other person starts acting like they are above them in any way.

This is the zodiac sign who won’t put up with being disrespected or looked down upon.

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When you first meet a guarded person, you’ll do everything in your power to tear down their walls.

However, after a while, once you see that all of your efforts are in vain, you withdraw.

You know it’s time to move on once you see that your partner only loves you with half of their heart and will never change.

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