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How do you know if he misses you, according to his zodiac sign

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Now it’s easy to know if he misses you. Well, if not definitely, at least guessed it.

All you need to know is his zodiac sign, and that will help you understand what kind of person he is, his mannerisms, his behavioral patterns, and everything (let’s say almost everything) there is to understand in terms of that he misses you.

Men are conditioned to believe that they cannot express any emotion or else they will be stripped of their masculinity pretty much as it is.

And if the man is born under one of the more stubborn or sensitive zodiac signs, it can be even more difficult for him to confess to feelings that he thinks may portray him as weak.

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One of the hardest things men can admit is when they miss you.

And while it is sometimes beneficial for women to be the more emotional ones, at times like these it’s just frustrating to sit around and wonder, “Does he miss me?

Each zodiac sign has a special way of realizing its own emotions and an equally special way of expressing them.

Therefore, you cannot expect your best friend to vouch for the expressions and feelings of your crush or your date.

You will see that there is always a pattern that resembles an individual, and in fact you will learn to get used to it in time, if not at the beginning of the dating phase.


You will know that an Aries misses you when they suddenly text you or call you and ask how you are.

The Aries is by nature extremely competitive, so any kind of threat to his victory unsettles him.

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You will find them when they comment on your picture from a long time ago.

Aries shows that he misses you because of his looming jealousy. If he thinks you are talking to someone else, he is indicating that he is not happy about it.

He may try to appear very casual when he approaches you, but the fact that he is is proof enough that he misses you.

Aries wants you all to himself, so even if he’s too proud to admit that he misses you, he’s not too proud to show that he’s jealous.


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They will send you a message regarding something really stupid, like “I forgot your puppy’s name” or “Where did you say you bought your jeans?

Although Taurus is loyal to his relationships, he is often too stubborn to admit that he misses you. This is what makes it so difficult to read a Taurus man.

They will try to come across as starting a casual conversation rather than flirting. You just want to have a conversation.

He hates feeling insecure, and so he often does what he can to get rid of that feeling, but that doesn’t mean it’ll go away entirely.

The best way to tell whether he misses you is whether he is still present in your life. If he misses you, he will stay in your life.

When something like this happens, you know that Taurus misses you.



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Geminis will go around the bush to find out if you have any plans for the weekend in hopes that you will raise the issue of catching up.

Gemini are super difficult to read because their feelings are so conflicting. One day he’ll tell you in all honesty that he misses you and the next day he will ignore all of your texts.

They will hint at how bored they have been lately and have been looking for a way to rewind so you can quickly discover yourself as the savior!

To know exactly what Gemini are thinking, you need to give him the time it needs to realize he misses you. Because when he comes to that conclusion, he’ll tell you right away.


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Cancer will write you an extremely long and detailed text message in which you express how much you mean to them.

Cancer is very emotional, so if he misses you it will be difficult for him not to show it. The truth is, he is more attached to your relationship than he carries on.

He pours out his heart to you and shares his thoughts with you without hiding anything.

He may have a hard time verbally expressing that he misses you, so he will show it through his actions.

Now you need to know that Cancer misses being around you.

Does he react immediately to your text message? Does he offer to help you with simple tasks? Does he take every opportunity to see you? If so, he misses you.


Leo will ask you questions about your relationship status over and over again.

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As a rule, Leo is the partner who needs attention at all times. Leo shows that he misses you by suggesting that he wants attention from you.

If they miss your presence, you will find that they bring up the question of whether you are still single, whether it was you or not when they last asked.

While this may be done in a subtle way, it is not very difficult to take up this question. Of course they want to get involved, hence their curiosity.

They get jealous if you mention someone you find attractive to them.

If he asks you why you haven’t answered his texts all day or why you haven’t answered his calls, it means he misses you.

He’s probably even wondering if you miss him too.


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Virgo will go out of their way to see you or to make plans with you.

Even if the Virgo feels very comfortable around you, she has a shy character about her.

She will try to find time for you from her busy schedule.

He’s overly critical of himself, and if he’s thinking about whether or not to tell you how much he misses you, he’ll shy away from doing it.

They could even go so far as to restructure their schedule just to hang out with you, provided they miss you and they care about you.

To know if Virgo misses you, you must first take the initiative and admit it to him. He may not have the confidence to say it directly, but he definitely has.

So don’t let the Virgo down at the last minute, because you never know if she hasn’t left everything behind just to see Beauty and the Beast with you.


The Libra will literally keep you in stock and be present everywhere on your social media, from the centerpiece of all your pictures to showing your status updates and commenting on each and every picture with something really cute.

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Libra is a very sociable person and he can’t stand being alone, so he probably misses you even more than you miss him.

Their messages to you will include numerous love emoticons, and that’s proof enough of how much they miss you.

The great thing about Libra is that they value honesty, truth, and fairness. This means that if he misses you, be honest and tell you.

He’s not one to gloss over the truth, so it’s important for him to put his feelings on the table.

If you miss him, you should be honest and tell him. He’ll appreciate it more than you realize.


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Scorpio will keep you updated from day one, they won’t stop texting you until you tell them you have to go to sleep at, say, 3 a.m. They will still ask you if you are really sleepy.

One of the most outstanding traits of the Scorpio is its passion. In fact, the best way to express his feelings is through passionate gestures.

And when they’re drunk, they’ll call you in the middle of the night and ask you to go out with them.

He’s a very closed person, so if he misses you, the truth is, he probably won’t admit it.

But you will know that he does it because he cannot hide the passion he has for you.

They will say, “I miss you and I can’t wait to see you”. They will say very clearly how they feel when they are drunk.

If Scorpio is still getting on you, he’ll miss you.


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They won’t flood you with texts or endless calls. They are a sign of patience.

When it comes to his relationships, Sagittarius is threatened by clinging partners who force him into a serious relationship.

Sagittarius will wait until a special occasion to text you or call you because they waited for the perfect moment to jump in and make their move.

If you show him that you miss him, it will be easy for him to notice.

So if Sagittarius text you out of the blue without long contact time, then you know he misses you, especially if he continues the conversation.

It’s important to give the Sagittarius the space they need to find out how they’re feeling or they’ll run away.

It may take some time, but when Sagittarius starts missing you, they will be honest and tell you, be patient.


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Capricorn will text and expect you to say you miss her. If Capricorn misses you, you will know.

Capricorn takes absolutely everything in his life seriously, and he has a lot of self-control so it won’t be difficult for him to hold on to his feelings.

They’ll just flirt too much and hint at what’s going on on their minds, but they’ll expect you to return the favor.

Because he’s so stubborn, he’s probably waiting for you to be the first to admit her feelings.

If you don’t, they will gradually take a back seat. They won’t express their feelings properly unless they are sure that you will be happy to know, or that you will feel the same way.

It will be difficult, but you have to be the bigger person and say you miss him first.

If you’re too nervous for that, just come out and ask him how he’s feeling. He may be stubborn, but he’s also honest.


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Aquarius may send you a song, or the lyrics of a song, or maybe even a long poem that they either wrote with you in mind or that reminded them of you.

Aquarius is someone who runs away from any kind of emotional expression, which makes it difficult for them to admit that they miss you.

The fact that Aquarius goes out of their way to send you something to remind them of you or something they think you would like, like a meme or a joke, just says you got it on their mind gone

The best way to find out if Aquarius misses you is to take note of the way they talk about you.

If he mentions you in his future plans, talks about your past and present relationship, or is interested in your life, he definitely misses you.

He finds it difficult to talk about his feelings, but it is not difficult for him to feel.


Pisces will pull themselves out of the past in jokes to trigger affinity to make you feel safe in your intimacy. Pisces is one of the most emotional and romantic signs.

Pisces will remind you of a beautiful memory and make you relive it by asking you if you remember the evening when …?

The great thing about it is that you don’t have to wonder if he misses you or not because he has probably already told you he misses you, and probably more than once.

It’s just another trick to make you miss them as much as they missed you – by reminding you of good times and making you aware of how pleasant it was to spend time with the Pisces.

Pisces never covers up his feelings, so if he misses you, he’ll tell you.

Be careful because they can read your mind and will resort to various types of psychological manipulation without you noticing.

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