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The Kind Of Partner You Always Attract, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever felt like you’re always attracting the same types of guy? The circumstances in which you meet them may be different but it the end, it’s always the same kind.

Astrology can help you figure out which type of guy you attract, based on your zodiac sign. This insight can help you see the pattern and possibly learn how to break it or how to embrace it.


You are an energetic and adventurous person. You are never happy with ‘standard or normal’ and always want to explore a little further. Ironically, the guy you attract is often the complete opposite. The guy you always attract will rely very much on you and your decisions.

He can’t take responsibility for your dates and your social activities. He lives his life with a much slower pace than you do, and that can make a perfect harmony or lead to total frustration. The outcome will depend on his willingness to understand and admire your way of living.


You love the absolute best things in everything—from food and fashion, to love and your partner. The guys you attract need exactly that. Not that they are mama’s boys, but they need to be constantly showered with love and affection.

More often than not, they are broken and struggling from their past. You and your ability to see and love the absolute best in things are the ultimate way to fix them.


Your extroverted personality makes you attract guys who need a spark in their life. You are very social, and you will meet a similar guy, but not as passionate as you.

You love being constantly inspired and motivated, but he is falling short—often presenting himself with a facade but your desire for learning will make you reveal his true face, and he will become boring for you very soon.


You are very compassionate and care about the people you love.

You will attract the guy who is emotionally like you but also very manipulative—often using your empathy to make you take care of him, but his softness and emotional dependence will not make him boyfriend material, so he will most probably just be friend-zoned.


You are a lion not only in the stars but in real life, too. You are a leader and have a dazzling personality. The guys you attract want some of that. They get swept away by your personality and like to let you call the shots.


No matter the drama you face, you remain calm and collected. You are a great listener and can often calm people down very easily.

You attract guys who exactly need someone to calm them, to find order in their chaotic world. They’re usually somewhat broken and in need of a safe place which you can provide.


You tend to find balance in everything in life. Whether it is social life, work, or love you will always find the perfect harmony.

People who are attracted to you are the ones who have a quiet determination and are never sure about what they want in life. They are always half-in, half-out.


You are s-y and mysterious, and your flirty behavior will always attract guys who are missing passion from their lives.

He admires your ability to be secure within your own person and that you’re independent and self-sufficient. Everything you do is with passion and a strong intent, and it can be slightly dangerous but always exciting.


You are an advocate for adventure and freedom, and you love to live outside the norm. Unfortunately, you seem to attract the type of guy who will just tie you down.

He is bored with his life and knows that you’ll show him things he’s never seen, tastes he never tried, places he wouldn’t think of visiting. You will try to show him all of that, but it’s on him to let you.


You’re the career-oriented type of person who takes life very seriously. You are smart, serious, and ambitious, but will attract men who are missing stability and financial security from their lives.

They’re on shaky ground, and they need you to make them feel as if they’re safe.


You’re unpredictable and spontaneous, which is why you mostly attract guys who are a bit of a rebel. They know you are a selfless person and that you’ll accept them without judging.

Unfortunately, they see the best in you and take full advantage. Keep in mind that not everyone is as genuine with their intentions as you.


You are a dreamer and your head is often in the clouds. You attract men who have a creative side to them that, for whatever reason, they’ve been too nervous to express. You help people reveal their inner artist and to find joy in the creative process.

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