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The stars reveal to us which are the signs of the zodiac that are the most jealous in love. Is your partner among them?

Jealousy is a feeling that is very difficult to control. It is a pulsation that comes from within and is often linked to insecurity. Insecurity can derive from a partner’s behavior that has undermined our trust or from a personal characteristic of ours. The stars tell us which signs are innately jealous.

Jealousy is the manifestation of the fear of losing one’s partner. If it is controlled and not exaggerated it does not represent a danger to the couple. Jealousy can manifest itself in love at any time. It is enough for the partner to take an interest or look at another person to make them destabilize. Some signs are especially jealousy in love, find out if your partner is among them.

Here are the most jealous zodiac signs in love according to astrologers

The signs that we are about to list you cannot help but be jealous, as soon as someone approaches their beloved, their antennae stand up and become suspicious. Here are the most jealous partners in the zodiac:


Scorpio is a passionate and quite possessive sign towards the partner. If he is jealous it is only because fidelity for him is a prerogative in love and he does not accept that it is harmed as a couple. At the slightest suspicion of infidelity, this sign goes on a rampage, even before having proof. Jealousy unleashes a legendary and indomitable rage in him. Impossible to calm him down and make him think in those moments, better wait for him to calm down. however, if he realizes he was wrong, he will ask forgiveness for his unjustifiable behavior. If he is not mistaken, his revenge will be certain.


Taurus is also a very possessive sign, his partner is somehow his exclusive property. Taurus has a hard time sharing a partner with anyone. Such a romantic and pragmatic sign will never be able to fall in love with a person who does not inspire full confidence in him. The Taurus needs constant attention and lots of affection. Betrayal for him is inconceivable and unforgivable. Stubborn by nature he does not even accept to question himself when he is convinced that he is not in the wrong.


Leo ranks third on the podium of the most jealous signs in love in the entire zodiac. Unlike the other 2 signs, he is only jealous of vanity in the sense that for him being the center of attention is a fundamental need and he does not accept being overshadowed for any reason. If his partner is taken by someone else, he realizes it immediately and his insecurity will lead to unparalleled anger. His great pride and love for himself prevent him from forgiving his unfaithful partner.

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