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It’s 2024 And You’re Still Single, Here’s Why (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

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Aries — Too impatient.

You don’t wait for things to happen, you try to make things happen. You want love and you approach it the same way you approach your career or any other goals: with sheer force and determination. Now your passion is amazing, but when you apply so much pressure to something so delicate, it can combust. When you try to force things to be a certain you, you don’t give the other person the space to choose you. This creates a suffocating energy that sucks the life out of any potential for romance.

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Taurus — Too stubborn.

Your rigidity makes you great for stability and structure, but it can become a little too much unless you choose to date someone completely passive with no wants or needs of their own. A leper can’t fully change its spots but try to relinquish at least a little control and let the other person have a say. If you don’t, your romantic prospects will just feel put off by your domineering energy.

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Gemini — Not showing your true self.

You are fun-loving, sociable, and light, but lean on these traits to mask your vulnerability and true self. People can’t connect with a facade, they connect with the person underneath, that’s how you form a relationship and that’s what creates intimacy. Don’t hide from your deeper feelings, they will find you and this will make you feel even more disconnected from other people and from yourself.

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Cancer — Too needy.

To put it bluntly: neediness is creepy. It’s off-putting. You need love and you also need to be needed- this may cause you to come across as too desperate for love, or conversely, you may wind up in toxic, co-dependent relationships  You expect too much from love- you expect it will give you a sense of completion and will make you OK, that it will magically heal all the pains from your past and struggles you’ve endured, love can’t do this for you.

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Leo — Too self-centered.

Your light shines bright and you want to envelop everyone in it. But when you are making everything about you, it pushes people away. No one wants the job of feeding your ego and that’s not what a healthy relationship looks like. Focus on getting your ego in check and tapping into your genuine authenticity. When you do this, you become absolutely magnetic and people want to be in your orbit.

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Virgo – Overthinking.

You struggle to be in the moment and instead get caught up in analyzing the moments. You veer toward cynicism and a glass-half-empty view of life and have a tendency to look at everything that’s wrong or everything that could possibly go wrong. Consider for a moment how that makes the other person feel. It’s hard to be your authentic self when you feel judged or feel someone trying to find faults. This makes the other person on edge and they may feel uncomfortable in your presence which will kill any shot of romance before it even really starts.

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Libra — Too idealistic.

You love the idea of love more than what it actually means to be in love. Love isn’t simply a mythical fantasy. Yes, love can be uplifting and beautiful, but a loving relationship is also hard work at times. The beauty of a loving relationship isn’t that it’s perfect all the time… it comes when times get thought and two people are able to work through it despite their egos and past pains. You can be indecisive and change your mind on a dime, but don’t run for the hills the second things get a little complicated. If you do, you’ll spend your life on the run and will never have the love you want.

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Scorpio — Too suspicious.

You are slow to trust and always suspicious. Maybe it’s just your nature, or maybe it’s because you’ve been burned in the past. In order to protect yourself, you can become emotionally manipulative as a means to gain control. This may give you the upper hand, but it will not be the pathway to an honest, open, loving relationship. So if that’s what you want, you need to open yourself up a little more and dial back on the suspicions.

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Sagittarius — Too hard to pin down.

Your wanderlust and an adventurous spirit are exciting and captivating, but it can make it hard for people to get to know the real you. And maybe you like it that way. At the same time, if what you want is a genuine, loving relationship, you need to slow down and let your real self come through.

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Capricorn — Waiting for everything else to be in place.

You have an idea in your mind that you’ll settle down when everything else in your life is perfect. When you are exactly where you want to be in your career, when you are living where you want to live, when you’ve basically manifested your dream life… at that point, you’ll allow love to enter. But here’s the thing- you will never feel ready. There is no such thing. And you will never feel totally complete and like you’ve reached the peak of the mountain. There is no such thing. If you want to find love, stop convincing yourself it can only happen once X is sorted out. Just go for it. You’re ready when you make the decision to be ready.

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Aquarius — Too aloof.

You are a tough nut to crack. You’re enticing and alluring and people are drawn to you but no one really knows you. You tuck your emotions away so people can’t quite get a sense of how you feel and that makes it harder for them to be authentic and open up and feel safe doing so. And if you don’t have that… you can’t really have anything. Stop working so hard to shield yourself. If you continue to live life behind the plastic wall you will never experience the true beauty and depth of the human experience.

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Pisces — You can’t let go of past pains.

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You are deeply sensitive and the scars inflicted take a long time to heal. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, that’s a myth. Don’t wait for the day when time will magically do its thing and you’ll be all whole and healed. Some wounds may never heal and that’s OK. You can learn to live with them and let them be a part of your story without letting them get so much in your way that you can’t open up to someone new.

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