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How Your Intuition Works, According to Your Zodiac Sign

We all have closed intuitive sides in our minds, but everyone’s intuition doesn’t work the same way as yours. When it comes to these kinds of things, star gazing can give you a good sense of understanding.

Some people are more intuitive than others, but we all have intuitive sides that want to be heard. If you find it difficult to face and listen to your intuition, you may also be putting yourself in awkward situations.

Your intuition is something that depends a lot on the powers your sign gives you to convey messages in your life. If you really want to get the most out of this side of yourself, you need to work to see what it does in your life.

Below, we will look at each sign of the zodiac and how their intuitive sides will most often appear. If a feeling is sent to you, but you normally ignore the feelings that could be a big deal to you. Maybe you are making yourself fail without even realizing it.



Your intuitive side often speaks to you in ways that may seem like well-placed coincidences. You may lose your keys for a while only to find that you just missed a serious accident on your way to work.

Things like that happen because the universe works to protect you as you go through life.


Your intuitive side is a lot more energetic than most. You feel when something is wrong and it’s a feeling you can’t shake off.

If you find yourself in a place that makes you uncomfortable, you have to withdraw, otherwise it will only get worse.


Your intuitive side speaks to you in the sense that it tends to show you exactly what you should see in others when you meet them.

This is what everything is based on and you can establish or break a connection before it even starts. If someone intends to harm you, you understand immediately.


When your intuitive side becomes known, it’s more like a gut feeling. You feel bad inside and like something is really wrong. Even if you don’t follow your intuition often, this happens quite frequently.

Your intuitive side tries to warn you of the people around you that they intend to hurt you, but because you rarely listen, it’s not as loud as it should be.


Your intuitive side is what most people don’t understand. It works more like a natural instinct than a voice in your mind.

You are more in tune with the world around you and when a threat is near, you detect it quickly. For example, if someone plays an unpleasant joke on you, you see their inner workings as it unfolds and you can usually stop it.


Your intuitive side is something that cannot be ignored. You do not miss anything and always keep an eye on everything that happens around you.

Even the smallest things are generally easy to understand


Your intuitive side is more of a sense of self-awareness. You can understand if something will affect you positively or negatively.

Since you can see things from all perspectives, you can understand what is on a person’s mind relatively quickly.


Your intuitive side is always on the edge and can sometimes be a bit over the top if you rely too much on it. You are a naturally suspicious person and that holds you back.

While your intuition is useful in letting you know when someone should go, you should also remember that just because your intuition takes the form of a feeling doesn’t mean they’re talking.


Your intuitive side is the one with great skills. You are able to harness elements of consciousness that not everyone is capable of. Your intuition is more than a feeling you feel when you are unwelcome in relation to an atmosphere you encounter with certain people.

Places seem to highlight you more than anything else and the more you can make money in a place, the more positive you will feel by being around.


Your intuitive side is one that can detect a lot of things that other people can’t find. You tend to notice a lot of repeating numbers and work hard with energies.

You can feel the energy of a room before you even enter it.


Your intuitive side is one that tends to detect toxic behavior quickly. When someone does something they shouldn’t do, you will notice it without much effort.

It will be pretty clear and how you go about it will also be pretty obvious, because cutting the ties is your strong point.


Your intuitive side is just as creative as you are. It goes with the flow, but be sure to talk to you when you need it most.

Although it holds back in many situations if you are in real danger, it comes to your mind.

It will be pretty clear and how you go about it will also be pretty obvious, because cutting the ties is your strong point.

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