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Which Interior Suits You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The stars know which interior suits you!

We all try to make our home as comfortable as possible. Only the concept of comfort is different for each of us. Someone likes minimalism, someone prefers to surround themselves with antiques, and some make renovations every 2-3 years , following the fashion. It is not hard to guess that in many respects our interior preferences depend on our zodiacal affiliation. And today Passion.ru tells in which interior the representatives of the zodiac signs feel most comfortable and how they relate to their home.

I would like to remind you that people born from the 1st to the 18th are considered “pure” signs, and the rest are influenced by the previous or next sign – both in personality characteristics and in astrological predictions. And this must be taken into account.

Interior For Aries

Aries (21.03 – 20.04)

Aries love everything new and unusual, so their collection of interior items is constantly updated. They are comfortable in a house where the smell of newly acquired things does not disappear, but at the same time representatives of this zodiac sign do not think about how the final result will look like. In their homes, you can often find complete eclecticism and the absence of a single strictly consistent style. However, they themselves like such variegation, so you shouldn’t tell them that it is kitsch.

In addition, Aries are trying to equip their home with the latest technology. They regularly change home computers, buy the most sophisticated kitchen and other household devices. Many representatives of this sign prefer to spend money not on expensive repairs, but on those gadgets that make everyday life easier and more comfortable.


Interior for Taurus

Taurus (21.04 – 20.05)

For Taurus, their home is in some way their own face, so they feel comfortable in a home that fully reflects their true essence and in which comfort is combined with maximum functionality. So the representatives of this zodiac sign are constantly altering, improving, complementing something. In addition, they like it when their apartment has a lot of storage points – cabinets, mezzanines, secret drawers. Taurus love to put everything on the shelves, in their opinion, every thing should be strictly in its place.

If there is such an opportunity, Taurus do not skimp on regular expensive repairs; they choose furniture, textiles , and decorative interior decorations with great care . They have a delicate taste and overestimated requirements for the quality of things, so in their house it is almost impossible to see cheap stuff and random objects that are out of the general style.


Interior For Gemini

Gemini (05.21 – 06.21)

Twins feel very comfortable in a high-tech home : spaciousness and excellent lighting are the key to their peace of mind. Another indispensable condition is televisions, or at least stereos with radios in every room. Representatives of this zodiac sign do not like silence, therefore they feel normal only if something is constantly muttering or singing next to them. And without regular access to new information, they are uncomfortable.

In addition, Gemini needs fresh air, so they try to get rid of unnecessary items, but do not throw them away, but remove them from the open space. True, in their closets, complete chaos can reign, since they do not like to bother themselves with cleaning, but simply hide what they call their eyes. In addition, the representatives of this sign are famous poseurs. They like it when they have things in their house that no one else has. And they tell each new guest with pleasure and pride the story of the appearance of this or that item.


Interior for Cancers

Cancer (22.06 – 22.07)

Cancers prefer classics and maximum comfort. For them, the house is the fortress in which they hide from the world, so it should create a sense of security and comfort. Massive but comfortable furniture , antiques, things with a history, for example, inherited from parents and other ancestors. In addition, representatives of this zodiac sign are very sentimental, they like to decorate the interior with photographs dear to their hearts, various trinkets presented by those people they love.

In addition, Cancers, as a rule, feel most comfortable in small rooms, and if the rooms are impressive in size, they try to place as much furniture, floor vases and figurines there as possible. Representatives of this sign like low light, so in their homes chandeliers are usually lit only on holidays, and on ordinary days the role of “luminaries” is performed by floor lamps and sconces.


Interior for Leo

Leo (23.07 – 22.08)

Lions feel comfortable in bright multicolored interiors with elements of luxury, the Empire style is very suitable for them. They are children of the Sun, so often yellow, gold and sand shades, diluted with red or blue, prevail in their home. The fact is that the representatives of this zodiac sign seem to be recharged with energy and good mood from the colors of the solar scale, and additional tones reflect their multifaceted nature. In addition, they like it when there are a lot of houseplants in their home. True, provided that someone else is looking after them.

In addition, Leos are sybarites, so they try to provide themselves with full bodily comfort. They love to buy appliances that make their daily chores as easy as possible, and furniture that takes them like family. And even the dishes in their house must meet certain requirements. Representatives of this sign are individualists – they love personalized cups, jealously guard their chair and never provide guests with the linen on which they sleep.


Interior for Virgo

Virgo (23.08 – 23.09)

Virgos love minimalism. They try not to clutter up their home with decorative items that have no practical use. In addition, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are ardent opponents of any disorder, for them order and cleanliness are the key to not only health, but also peace of mind, so they do not litter the surface with things that accumulate dust and make cleaning difficult. And in general, Virgos hide everything that can be hidden, and this even applies to furniture: built-in wardrobes and beds, folding chairs and book-tables – all this is highly appreciated by them, and they do not spare money for it.

In addition, Virgos prefer laconic interiors – smooth wallpaper without any flowers and patterns, the absence of carpets, calm shades (in extreme cases, the contrast of black and white). Sometimes it seems that the representatives of this sign are trying to be the only bright spot in their home, since, on the contrary, they choose rich colors for home clothes.

Interior For Libra

Libra (24.09 – 23.10)

The scales are comfortable in rooms where everything is harmonious and balanced. They like it when their home is beautiful and functional. They give equal attention to aesthetics and practicality. Representatives of this zodiac sign love to cook and receive guests, therefore, as a rule, they have the best equipped kitchens and living rooms . Everything there is thought out to the smallest detail – decor, furniture, dishes, gadgets amaze the imagination and carry a special semantic load.

In addition, Libra often prefers the art deco style, even if they are far from art in their profession (they are impressed by the theatricality and symmetry of such an interior). They love to decorate their home with unusual lamps, exotic plants, paintings, figurines and even posters or posters, and deliberate eclecticism reflects the mischief and spontaneity inherent in the representatives of this sign in those moments when they feel that they are on their territory.


Interior for Scorpio

Scorpio (24.10 – 22.11)

Scorpios, by and large, do not care what their home looks like. For them, the main thing is to have at their disposal a room where you can close, where unauthorized entry is prohibited. True, if in the representatives of this zodiac sign their innate mysticism “wakes up”, then they can easily turn their home into a hermit’s cave or into a castle of miracles. In addition, in any case, they are comfortable where each thing carries a special, sacred meaning. Crystals, ritual masks, aromatic incense burners and other not quite ordinary things are often found in the abode of Scorpions.

In addition, representatives of this sign, as a rule, prefer dark colors in the interior, blackout curtains, and low light. Sometimes black color is adjacent to burgundy. In addition, if there is such an opportunity, Scorpios try to make complete soundproofing in the house or apartment, or at least put plastic windows that do not allow extraneous sounds from the street to pass through.


Interior for Sagittarius

Sagittarius (23.11 – 21.12)

Sagittarians feel very comfortable in ethnic-style rooms. As a rule, representatives of this zodiac sign have their own favorite country (I mean not their homeland), the traditions and culture of which they admire, so everything in their home often reminds of that corner of the world that appeals to them. It can be Japanese, African and Mediterranean interiors , or Sagittarius equips their home in such a way that moving around it resembles a mini-trip.

True, there is also another extreme. Some representatives of this sign do not pay attention to the interior and the convenience of their home at all. Sometimes for them the house is just a staging post, in which they appear from time to time to spend the night or take a breath between wanderings and business. And then nothing changes there for many years, and nothing, except for some things, does not reflect the true character of the owner.


Interior for Capricorns

Capricorn (12.22 – 01.20)

Capricorns feel most comfortable in the interior, which is decorated in the rustic style – natural materials or their imitation (“raw” wood, stone), deliberate rough textures, a minimum of glass, natural shades. Such seeming simplicity not only ideally fits the character of the representatives of this zodiac sign, but also allows them to demonstrate their well-being, because in our time it costs much more than Empire and high-tech combined.

Plus, Capricorns value solidity. They are more likely to be attracted by earthenware rather than porcelain dishes, heavy chandeliers rather than spotlights, massive furniture, and not a thin-legged misunderstanding, which is even scary to sit on. In addition, representatives of this sign prefer to pay a tidy sum once to create the interior of their dreams and forget about repairs until there is an urgent need.


Interior for Aquarius

Aquarius (21.01 – 18.02)

Aquarians are very kind to their home and are ready to constantly invest money and energy, seeking optimal comfort. They are comfortable only when everything is right in their house – the most comfortable furniture, strong doors, high-quality windows. In addition, representatives of this zodiac sign equip their homes with exclusively functional equipment, but they, as a rule, have a lot of it.

If we talk about a particular style, then Aquarians often prefer Art Nouveau – floral ornaments, natural, natural lines, rejection of monumentality for the sake of experimentation. Representatives of this sign are impressed by the combination of rationalism and decorativeness, they welcome original design solutions that help make the premises the most practical, but at the same time are not devoid of the owner’s individuality. It is in such an interior that they feel most comfortable and harmonious.

Interior for Pisces

Pisces (19.02 – 20.03)

Pisces are sentimental romantics, so they feel most comfortable in rooms that are filled with memories. Representatives of this zodiac sign like it when there are many things with history in the house , so even after renovation they do not part with such objects, finding a place for them next to them. In addition, Pisces, as a rule, prefers comfort over luxury, making a choice in favor of the mood of the premises, and not their pretentiousness. They do not try to surprise, do not chase after fashion, but create an abode in which it will be good for them personally and for those who are dear to them.

In addition, it is important for Pisces to have their own personal room in which they arrange their personal world. Representatives of this sign do not gravitate towards a particular style, they are comfortable when the space around them corresponds to their idea of ​​peace of mind and harmony. True, they feel good in the “society” of art objects and among the pastel pacifying colors, so they subconsciously strive to create something between the classics and art deco.

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