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Are you insecure? This is what the stars say about you.

Insecurity is one of the characteristics that more and more people try to escape and fight. In fact, being insecure leads to not knowing how to assert oneself as one would like, not assert oneself in discussions, and giving up too often on what you want for fear of not succeeding. It is a difficult enemy to defeat because it resides deep inside and feeds on thoughts, words, and often also a completely wrong way of seeing things. If on the one hand, the feeling of insecurity depends on the education received and on the experiences of the past, on the other hand, the stars also play an important role in this aspect. So today, after seeing how determined we are and how generous we are, we’ll try to find out if we are insecure people. Also in this case, since it is something that has to do with emotions, the advice is to also check the profile relating to your ascendant.

Are you an insecure person? Find out from your zodiac sign

Aries – Not very insecure
In life you like to show as much grit as you can and this depends, at least in part, on the fact that towards people and everyday matters you tend to be quite sure of yourself and your means. Things change a bit when there are feelings at stake, but that is a fairly common question and one that you don’t worry too much about, sure as you are that time sooner or later solves everything. So if you want to make an average, you are not a very insecure person apart from some small failure that as a human being can also be considered normal.

Taurus – Medium insecurity
Your insecurity is positioned in the medium, that is, in that range of situations that for obvious reasons you cannot control in every respect. When you make a decision, in fact, you do it after considering each variant and only if you are fully convinced of your choices. This makes you feel pretty sure of yourself but always with a hint of uncertainty that in critical moments can become insecurity, risking to make you falter. The trick is never looking back and never asking questions. After all, if you have already considered every aspect of the situation, it will not be retracing your steps that will make things easier. Better to wait and hope for the best, showing off a confidence that will do you good, first of all.

Gemini – Insecure only when in a bad mood
Normally you are not someone who indulges in your own insecurities. Always act after reflecting and always knowing that things can’t always go well. At the same time, you like to feel the adrenaline of uncertainty as well as you don’t mind waiting to know how things went. Unfortunately, things tend to change when you are in a bad mood. In this case, you tend to become a person unsure of himself and his means and therefore prone to a thousand doubts and unknowns that risk becoming bigger and bigger as your mood worsens. In these cases, it’s best to get some fresh air and try to make peace with yourself. The sooner you feel better and the sooner you regain control over your emotions and everything around you.

Cancer – Deeply insecure
Although you punctually do everything to hide it, you are a very insecure person and in need of constant confirmation of both your actions and the feelings that others, starting with the family and ending with love, feel for you.
This way of being you often makes you so nervous that it takes you to blame those around you, risking making things worse. The only way to get out of it is to solve each problem individually, seeking help from those who can give you and encouraging you to do better without standing there judging your every mistake. Remember that it is wrong to learn and move forward and that to become less insecure you have to be the first to trust yourself.

Leo – Not at all insecure
Your swagger is such that you are very confident in yourself and your means. In life, you like to have your say and prove to others that you are right. For this reason, you are always around people and ready to talk about yourself and your successes. The determination that you invest in everything you do is the same with which you go around showing the results obtained. You have always applied a way of doing things to increase your self-confidence. But remember that true security is the one that lives even in the darkest moments and in case of failures. Try to deal with this aspect of life too because only then can you say with extreme serenity that you are a confident person.

Virgo – More insecure than you want to let people know
Although it bothers you to admit it even to yourself, there is a certain amount of insecurity in you that makes you always fear when you take a new path or when you are waiting for an important result in your life. The truth is that even if you try not to show it you have a lot at heart the judgment of others that you fear more than anything else and that if negative can put you in a bad mood even for several days. The first thing you should do is therefore to make peace with yourself and with others and start admitting your insecurities without problems. This way you will only appear more human, being able to empathize better with those around you.

Libra – Not very insecure
In life you tend to rationalize both criticisms and compliments in a constructive way, always keeping yourself at the center and evaluating everything with the right calm. This leads you to be a little insecure person because you are aware of your limitations as well as your qualities. The best thing of all is knowing how to forgive yourself in case of mistakes. This combined with your way of seeing things from an always detached point of view makes you a person who, in addition to not feeling particular insecurities, knows how to instill the right insecurity in others.

Scorpio – Insecure only in the affections
In life, you tend to be a very safe person because aware of who you are and the qualities you have and are able to accept even the defects, well aware that they are part of being human. Your only problem is the affections. When you love someone you are in fact seized by the fear of losing him and this generates in you basic insecurity that you find hard to manage and that is often not understood by others, accustomed as I am to seeing you always sure of your means and ready to attack. the world with your determination. A point on which you should work in order to achieve the right balance between the two situations.

Sagittarius – More insecure than you show
In the eyes of others, you are a self-confident person and always ready to go to war in order to assert your ideas. The truth, however, is quite different and sees you much more insecure than you yourself are unable to admit. A condition that pushes you to seek the approval of others even unwittingly and this also in different and often difficult to understand areas. Perhaps, by digging deeper and working better on yourself you will be able to understand where the real problem is, face it and solve this situation that often makes you restless and at times nervous and that if solved would give you a feeling of unimaginable satisfaction.

Capricorn – Insecure
Your insecurity is there, and it shows up when you have to make important decisions. In these situations, in fact, either you tend to oscillate between multiple options without finding peace or you end up throwing yourself on the first available option and all just to get rid of the problem of having to make a choice. This is a counterproductive way of doing things because it often leads you to make risky choices that can turn out to be wrong to the point of increasing your insecurity. A vicious circle from which you can only get out of it by wanting to and engaging in a sort of gym where you can learn to make decisions on your own, perhaps going from the simplest to then progressively level up.

Aquarius – Not at all insecure
Everything can be said about you except that you are insecure. When you make a decision it is really difficult to change your mind and this is because you are used to listening to your mind and heart, putting them on the scales and drawing your conclusions in a balanced way. The relationship you have with yourself is also quite good and made of a certain inner security that allows you to deal with others without too much tension. In some ways it could be said that you are so sure of yourself that you hardly need the approval of others, which often leads you to isolate yourself to relax and all without worrying about the thoughts of others.

Pisces – Insecure When You Question Yourself
The truth is that basically you wouldn’t even be an insecure person unless you fall into your own traps. Your problem is that you overthink and tend to rethink every decision you make, evaluating it from various points of view. In this way it is almost natural to find flaws or have second thoughts and when it happens you end up going into crisis, unsure of how to move. A problem that risks making you gradually more and more insecure and that for this reason should be solved. How? Try to follow your heart and not rethink what has been decided but just put it into practice. You certainly have all the resources you need to deal with any type of problem, which is why it is preferable to start worrying about them only in case of actual need.

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