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In 2024, These Zodiacs Need To Stop Seeking Outside Approval

Some zodiacs couldn’t care less what others think. They’re going to do their own thing, even if it means getting judged or ridiculed. But other zodiacs aren’t that carefree. They want to be accepted. They want to be admired and valued and loved — so they will try their hardest to fit in. But this is always a losing battle. If you want to make the most of 2024, here are some zodiacs who need to start caring less about fitting in:


Cancer, you care deeply about the people you consider family, which is why you try to be on your best behavior around them. You force your smiles and pretend everything is going great because you don’t want to bring down the mood or cause trouble. But you can’t change your personality based on who is around at the time. You can’t pretend to love everything that your friends or your partners love, just to make them happy. The people who genuinely care about you will want to hear your real thoughts, not what you think they want to hear. You need to stop people-pleasing because if you spend too much time molding yourself into what others want, you’re going to lose your real self — and that would be a shame because you are a fun, fascinating, worthwhile person.


Libra, even though you preach about how others should be their true selves, you have trouble following your own advice. After all, you cannot stand confrontation. You avoid making waves because you don’t want to cause trouble or unnecessary drama. You want to make others feel happy and comfortable, not frustrated or on edge. You keep telling yourself that you’re telling little white lies for their benefit, but really, you’re doing it because you want to fit in. You want to be accepted. You want to feel like you’re a part of a group. But you know how much you admire others who are their authentic selves. You know how much bravery it takes them to speak their truth. Use them as a reminder it’s okay to say no, okay to be different, okay to do what you want instead of what everyone else does.


Pisces, you are a people-person, which is why you want to be accepted by everyone you meet. You want others to enjoy their time spent with you as much as you’re enjoying your time spent with them. But the connections you make won’t be genuine if you’re playing pretend, if you’re fibbing to keep the peace, if you’re giving them what they want without ever stopping to mention what you want. If you want to build deep, lifelong connections, then you need to open your heart fully and show them the most authentic version of yourself. Remember, people-pleasing comes at a cost. You don’t want to make others happy while making yourself invisible. You don’t want to sacrifice your truth in order to make others comfortable. If they don’t like the real you, they don’t deserve you.

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