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The zodiac signs always lost are all those zodiac signs that are constantly lost in a glass of water: is it not that you are among them too?

Tell us the truth: is it not by chance that you are the kind of person who cannot really understand, no matter where he goes and what he is doing?
Today we decided to ask the horoscope to help us find out which are those zodiac signs that seem really confused.
We hope you are not among them!

The zodiac signs always lost: that’s who gets lost in a glass of water

Today ‘s horoscope ranking is one of those very difficult to deal with… especially if you find your sign in the top five!

Today, in fact, we are talking about all those zodiac signs always lost , which are literally lost in a glass of water.
Even the simplest thing seems to them really complicated and there is absolutely no possibility of doing things calmly: everything is a problem!

Let’s find out the top five positions of today ‘s ranking : better know who these zodiac signs are always lost, don’t you think?

Cancer: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Cancer are people who, often and willingly, definitely complicate their lives.

Cancer , in fact, is a person who often makes unnecessary problems, much more complicated than what the situation would require!
That’s why, for those born under the sign of Cancer , getting lost in a glass of water is practically the norm.

Scorpio: fourth place

We put Scorpios in fourth place in this ranking for one reason only.
It seems strange, in fact, that Scorpios (who are generally extremely pragmatic people and full of spirit of initiative) are among the most lost zodiac signs of the whole horoscope.

Still, Scorpios deserve a place in this ranking.
When they find themselves in an unknown situation, in fact, the Scorpios struggle not a little to deal with it. They get stuck at the slightest difficulty, they get agitated for a trifle and find themselves in the position of not knowing absolutely what to do. In short: they literally get lost in a glass of water as soon as they don’t know the situation perfectly!

Pisces: third place

Those born under the sign of Pisces are people who never really know what to do or how to do it.

Much is to be attributed to their elegance , thanks and aura of “untouchability”. Pisces
are always treated with great reverence, as if they could not be disturbed: Pisces obviously like this and for this reason they indulge a lot in this attitude. Too bad, however, that by dint of doing so Pisces find themselves unable to learn something new and, every time, they get lost in a real glass of water. It seems that Pisces know how to do little or nothing: whose fault is it?

Libra: second place

Dear Libra , where are you going in life? How are you going there? What are you doing right now?

Libra has a hard time answering these questions.
These are certainly not silly questions, let’s be clear: almost none of us have the ability to answer or respond with knowledge of the facts. Libra, however, in the face of these questions really goes into confusion and also ends up becoming particularly bewildered. Those born under this sign simply don’t know what they want and, therefore, get lost in a glass of water in any situation. Any decision is truly difficult and impossible for Libra to make . You have to go to the extreme before they decide to do something!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of always lost zodiac signs

Finally, we arrive at the first place of our ranking today.
Dear Gemini , we are sorry to give you the bad news: you are at the top of the ranking of always lost zodiac signs!

This is certainly not an offense: you are just so stuck and always undecided about what you want to do that you have a hard time completing any task! Gemini is like this: they are very sweet people but also tragically indecisive, who never know what to do and get stressed at the first, tiny, complication. Don’t give them too difficult tasks!

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