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If Your Zodiac Sign Is On This List, You Might Be A Toxic Partner

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You may or may not be surprised to see yourself here, Scorpio. Though you’re a great partner in terms of being introspective and connecting with someone else deeply, you can also be manipulative or even controlling at times. Even when you don’t know it, you might find yourself acting in ways that just aren’t healthy—whether it’s disguised jealousy or just plain anxiety you’re trying to manage.

You can check yourself before you hurt your relationship by addressing the root of these behaviors, though. You might want to work through these learned actions with a professional or start by working through things on your own time. Open communication with your partner about what sets you on edge and what you want to change, and you might find yourself switching out your behaviors relatively quickly.

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You might be a toxic partner when it comes to your stubbornness and deep emotional reactions, Taurus. Though typically grounded and practical, you’re the sign of the bull for a reason—you lash out when you feel hurt and make it other people’s problems. When you feel safe enough in your relationship to do this to your partner, you only end up hurting them in the process. It’s a cruel irony, isn’t it?

Your best bet might be to self-isolate when you’re upset. Though this can seem counterintuitive, letting your partner know that you need to cool off and walk away could save your relationship. Work through things on your own time and only address them with your partner when you feel completely ready.

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Though you’re a sign that can attract toxic partners, you may also find yourself with toxic relationship traits. Because you like to avoid conflict and dissolve tension whenever possible, you may accidentally (or maybe purposefully) veer into controlling territory to keep all conflicts to a minimum. As someone who is also a highly charming, graceful, and social sign, you may come off as manipulative, especially when it comes to social situations with or without your partner present.

To rectify these behaviors, you’ll need to focus on your need to resolve conflict. Addressing anxieties and issues openly with your partner can help; creating an environment where conflicts aren’t arguments to fear but instead, obstacles to conquer together can also help you reframe your mindset when it comes to mediation. Additionally, as a sign who is judicithatin nature, make sure the solutions you’re coming up with are actually fair to both you and your partner. A quick resolution doesn’t always make a happy relationship.

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