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If You Want To Understand Astrology Better, Start Doing These 4 Things

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Do you love the moon? Do you love horoscopes, forecasts and astrology? Do you feel like there’s more to life than what’s happening on Earth?

When we embrace our inner star children, potential comes into our perspectives. From these open minds, solutions are born. Humanity is facing a ton of problems, and astrology makes a difference. Astrology is an ancient gift from the civilizations before us. It delivers peace of mind during times of crisis or clarity to relationships. Most importantly, it’s a guiding light for our relationships with ourselves.

Astrology isn’t limited to sun signs; there’s an entire Universe to explore. We can read all the books, subscribe to newsletters, and follow our favorite astrologers. But there’s a well of wisdom inside and around us, waiting to be tapped into. If you’re a lover of the cosmos, here are some simple yet practical ways to deepen your connection to the Universe. That expansive sky out there is a reflection of your inner brilliance.

As an astrologer for over a decade, I’ve encountered people who desperately want to understand the Zodiac. They work hard to memorize what the planets represent and struggle with remembering what those signs are supposed to be like. I’ve taught online courses, published an astrology book, and written hundreds of articles teaching people how to interpret astrological cycles.

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Still, I find the best way to understand what’s happening above is beyond the mind. The most powerful thing we can do is become aware of the sky above and the Earth below our feet. It’s remembering as humans, we’re made of stardust.

As our journeys unwind and unfold, there’s no one size fits all. We’re unique kaleidoscopes dancing through the sun’s rays, reflecting from the moon and celestial bodies. It’s overwhelming to figure out what it all means, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some simple steps you can incorporate into your life so you don’t have to depend solely on someone else’s guidance and can become your own astrologer.

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1. Look at the Moon

It sounds simple, but you’ll be surprised how incredibly powerful this is. How many of us go day to day not knowing what phase the moon is in? When aware of the lunar cycle, we can start to gauge our moods and emotions.

On a New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are together in the sky, which means that the Sun’s rays overpower the Moon and we won’t be able to see it. Each day following a new moon, the moon begins to move away from the sun. She will become a sliver at first and then grow more into her crescent as the days go on. The best way to watch for the moon is at sunset because you’ll be able to notice her shape taking form.

A week after the new moon, the moon will be half full directly overhead in the sky at sunset. It’s the mid-point between the new and full moon. A week after this, so now we are two weeks after the new moon, the full moon will be shining in all its might.

A full moon occurs when the sun and the moon are in opposite zodiac signs or sides of the sky. The Moon is full because the Sun’s light is shining directly onto her. At sunset, when the sun is dipping below the horizon in the west, the Moon will be rising in the East. A full moon is an epic opportunity to soak up the Moon’s rays because she’s hard to miss. It’s powerful to let moonlight wash over your skin, flowing into your body’s cells.

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For the two weeks following the full moon, the moon herself will become smaller and rise later and later. Eventually, she will make her appearance in the morning. A couple of days before the next new moon, she won’t be visible. It’s crucial to be aware of our energy levels at this time. Our batteries are low, and it’s time to rest during the dark moon times.

2. Live by the Seasons

We learn about the seasons growing up and experience them. Even if we are in a warm location without winter, the climate and flora around us shift and change. The zodiac also lines up with the seasons; we celebrate the Spring Equinox (in the northern hemisphere) when the sun moves into Aries and the Fall Equinox when it moves into Libra. The same goes for the Summer Solstice when the sun moves into Cancer and the Winter Solstice when it moves into Capricorn. Even if you have no idea what the Zodiac signs mean, you are already tracking the journey by knowing what season it is. You can take this a step further and act in alignment with the seasons. This could be eating seasonal foods, doing spring cleaning, or cleansing your body when the seasons change.

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3. Connect to the Elements

The Zodiac’s divided into four elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. Even if we don’t know anything about the signs, we relate to the elements. You know what fire feels like and how water moves through the world. From this logic, you see the fire signs’ heat, creativity, and passionate qualities in Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. You can understand why Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, the water signs, are connected to highs, lows, emotions, and changing waters.

Next, think about air. The wind can sweep in and blow things away, and our breath moves in and out of our bodies. Words flow from our minds, out of our mouths and travel through the air into the awareness of others. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are stimulated, on the move and full of communication. Lastly, the solid and steady Earth reveals the stable, steadfast and grounded nature reflected in Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.

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4. Realize You’re Stardust

This one may sound a little far out, but you are made of stars—literally. The atoms that make up your body are the same as the stars. Doesn’t this realization change everything? The planets aren’t something “out there,” dictating what happens to us “down here.”

Could they be reflections of what is unfolding first within us? Imagine walking through the world, remembering that you are the sun and as magnificent as the moon. What would that do for your self-worth? You would treat yourself differently and up your standards regarding how other people treat you.

Remembering you are stardust is a total game changer. That one sentence can shift every area of your life if taken to heart. You are so much more than what you’re taught in school. You’re more than your job, roles, or bank account; you are the freaking Universe, baby!

Now since you know who you are, there’s an expansive inner space within you to explore. Things like meditation, yoga and journaling are all tools that help on this journey. You don’t have to necessarily remember all the technical Astro terms and memorize the dates of transits. Instead, you can be an astronaut and explore those inner realms; who knows what wisdom you’ll discover. Maybe you’ll bring something to the surface that teaches others and shifts perspectives.

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If you feel connected to the Universe, you’re already on track. Throw away the idea that you need to understand every technical piece and instead embrace the unknown. Taking your astrology practice to the next level is meant to be fun, exciting, and empowering. You don’t have to do all four steps; maybe you go deeper into only one of them. Remember, there are no rules—you’re stardust and meant to shine!

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