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This Is Your Ideal Best Friend According To Your Zodiac Sign

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You’re very special and you are no stranger to thinking outside the box. This encourages your creativity in solving things that take more time to solve. You are also very ambitious, but if things don’t go your way, you get frustrated. You want things to happen right away.

Ideal friend: Libra

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Libra is your ideal friend because Libras are patient and they would never do something to upset you. They don’t like your blunt side, but they adore your spirit and energy. Also, Libras can’t hold a grudge forever, which is more than okay with all-over-the-place Aries.


You are the best friend anyone can wish for. When your friend needs you, you’ll drop everything and go to see them—no matter if it’s the middle of the night and you have an hour’s ride to get there.

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Ideal friend: Pisces

Pisces are very loyal and they would never hurt a soul. That’s why you two get along so well because Pisces would never hurt you and you are always there for Pisces.


Gemini are the type of people who are pretty moody and let’s just say that they have two sides to them. Which side will take over depends on their current state. They are incredibly creative and they don’t hold grudges.

Ideal friend: Aquarius

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Aquarius are full of understanding for others which is perfect for a Gemini. They are both easy going and easy to reason with and that’s why they get along so great. Aquarius are the best for Gemini’s moodiness because they will back down and give them their space.


You are a born giver. You will give others everything you can, not expecting anything in return. Since you are so emotional, you can give your friends something—not a lot of other signs can and that is a deep emotional connection.

Ideal friend: Sagittarius

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Sagittarius is there for you to help you loosen up a bit and get out from the routine you’re stuck in. They force you to try new things and go to new places and although you might not admit it, you love it.


You are pretty selfish and you like to make it all about yourself. The center of the attention is something you crave the most, but let’s face it, you’re pretty good at it. It’s the same when it comes to friendship—you are that alpha friend who calls all the shots.

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Ideal friend: Capricorn

Now, Capricorns are very selfless friends and they are your ideal friends because they help you balance out your glorious nature.


You are very compassionate and you really and genuinely care about other people, especially those who are weaker than the rest. You will always root for an underdog. This is not hard for you to do because of your irresistible charisma and charm.

Ideal friend: Aries

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Due to the Virgo’s high intelligence and need for deep and eye-opening conversations, their ideal friend is Aries. They have the ability to stir the conversation in the right direction using their creativity.


You are a true friend, but when you see that someone doesn’t respect you, is making a fool out of you or is being disloyal, you will lose it. But, the catch is that you will let the anger boil inside you until you explode.

Ideal friend: Leo

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Other than humor which is one of the strongest bonds between a Libra and a Leo, the reason why you are such good friends is that you know that neither of you are perfect, so you can look past each other’s differences.


You are very bold and extravagant, but you don’t want to show it to the rest of the world. That’s why your lifestyle is kind of secretive. Although, if someone does you wrong, you won’t hesitate to give them their portion of dangerous venom.

Ideal friend: Aquarius

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They are very easy-going which is the total opposite of Scorpios. But, Scorpios don’t like to be surrounded by people who are similar to them and that’s why Aquarius is the perfect and ideal sign for a Scorpio.


You are very persistent and career-oriented. When you have a goal, you’ll do everything in your power to achieve it. Even if the odds are pretty much against you, you won’t back down. It’s very easy for you to make friends because you’re extremely likable.

Ideal friend: Capricorn

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Capricorns are full of planning and order. They want everything done by the book and because of your no bullshitting and cutting-straight-to-the-point nature, you and your Capricorn friend are a great match.


You are an old soul trapped in a young person’s body. Your ability to understand others and patience in helping them go beyond your years. You are the best friend a person can have. Every time that your friend needs you, you will be there. Even if they screw up badly, you will have patience and guide them to the right direction.

Best friend: Sagittarius

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Sagittarius are restless and they like to break the rules. That’s why your best friend is Sagittarius. They will make you step out of your comfort zone and do things which you wouldn’t normally do and you won’t regret it, not even a bit.


You are very hard to excite and your behavior and personality are pretty low key. You don’t have the tendency to lose it because you are very easy-going. The problem is, when you remain in that state for too long, you can turn into a lazy bag.

Best friend: Taurus

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Your perfect match is Taurus because of their stubbornness. Your carefree attitude and Taurus’ excessive stubbornness make an ideal match. A Taurus will never let you enter the state of complete laziness and they won’t stop until they get you completely out of that mindset.


You are a very mysterious sign and although you may look carefree and simple, you are actually very wise. You are an extremely selfless friend but your biggest flaw is that people can easily use you to their advantage.

Ideal friend: Scorpio

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Scorpio is there for you to break the shell into which you retreat, where you lose yourself and daydream. Usually, they are not the type to do that, but in combination with you, it works like a charm every time.

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