Zodiac Signs

“I Will Only Date You If…” Based On Their Zodiac Sign


“I will only date you if you can handle the excitement.”

It’s an unfortunate truth that Aries get bored easily. They’re go-getters with a ton of energy, so if they feel like they’re using all their energy to pull you along to every event, they’ll quickly lose interest. Only date an Aries if you can keep up.


“I will only date you if you can feel comfortable at home.”

While some signs love constant adventure, Taurus is more of a homebody. They love to stay in their comfort zone. True love for them is cuddling on a couch while eating great food and watching a compelling show. If that sounds like a nightmare for you, don’t date a Taurus.


“I will only date you if your conversation skills are stellar.”

A quick way to a Gemini heart is through great banter. If you can keep up with their quick mouth and incessant flirting, you’ll do just fine. However, if the conversation stalls, a classic Gemini will get bored quickly and immediately start planning their exit.


“I will only date you if you’re a good listener.”

Cancers have big feelings and need to feel comfortable sharing them with the person they’re dating. Not only does their partner need to listen, but they have to be good at making their Cancer feel heard, which is even more important.


“I will only date you if you’re good at sharing how you feel.”

Leos need to be told that they’re awesome. If there’s any reason to wonder on their part, they’ll assume the worst. They need partners who will shower them with affection, so they’re a lot less likely to keep dating someone who doesn’t.


“I will only date you if you let me take the lead.”

Virgos like to be in charge. They put a lot of thought and planning into the things they do, so they feel a lot more equipped to make decisions than they would if they let you take the lead. They do best dating someone who doesn’t mind just going along for the ride.


“I will only date you if don’t leave me guessing.”

Libras like their relationships to be simple and straightforward–especially since their minds will jump to conclusions if there’s any room left to wonder. If you date a Libra, be clear with how you feel about them or they may just assume the worst.


“I will only date you if you make me feel safe.”

Scorpios have a hard time opening up, whether to friends, family, or the people they date. They’re notorious for it. They won’t be totally open with you unless you make them feel safe and secure. They’ve been burned before and will be less and less likely to open up to someone new as time goes on, too.


“I will only date you if you’re happy to go along for the ride.”

Sagittarius are known for being adventurous. Whether it’s literal adventure like skydiving or something smaller like hiking every trail within an hour from home, they are constantly moving. If they feel they have to drag you along to everything, they’ll get sick of you really quickly.


“I will only date you if you love to be showered with affection.”

Capricorns aren’t afraid to show their affection when they’re dating someone. Even early on, they’ll buy gifts, do things for you, and take you on trips. Only date a Capricorn if that kind of attention is something you like, and not something you shrink away from.


“I will only date you if you have your own separate life.”

Aquarius has their life just how they like it, so they don’t want anything to change once they start seeing someone. They shy away from people who give off “clingy” energy and prefer that their partners have their own lives separate from them. Any whiff of co-dependency and they’re out.


“I will only date you if you’re willing to be vulnerable with me.”

Long talks on moonlit nights are the name of the game for most Pisces. They want deep conversations, so if their date can’t bring themselves to be vulnerable in any way, the Pisces will very quickly write them off. They’d prefer their partners to be open, and not hiding by brick walls.

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