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‘I Love You’ 4 Zodiacs Who Are Scared Of Saying

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Some zodiacs wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others are more hesitant about being vulnerable with their emotions. Here are some zodiacs who are terrified to say those three little words, even once they’ve found someone special:


Even though you’re impulsive, it’s rare for you to say I love you first. You’re terrified of getting hurt again so you don’t let others inside. You push them away as soon as they start to get close to you because you’re scared of what might happen if you give them a chance. After all, opening up to someone gives them the opportunity to break your heart – and you don’t want anyone to have that type of power over you. You would rather pretend you’re heartless. That way, no one can hurt you. However, you’re only hurting yourself by locking away your heart. You’re depriving yourself of a beautiful love that could make you so much happier.

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You’re aware of how fickle you are. You lose interest quickly. You’re terrified that you’re going to finally say those three little words, and then you’re going to change your mind. You don’t want to hurt anyone. You don’t want to break the heart of someone who cares about you. You’re extra careful with your words because you know how quickly your feelings can change. You don’t want to get too deep into a relationship then realize it’s not what you really want. You don’t want to end up stuck with a commitment that makes you miserable. Even though you want this person today, there’s no telling whether you’ll feel the same tomorrow, and that scares you.

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This sign is terrified of rejection. Although you might come across as happy and laidback, your feelings get bruised easily. If you are brave enough to say those three little words, and the other person refuses to say it back, you are going to be heartbroken. You won’t get over the pain easily. You’re going to be upset for a long period of time and will have trouble getting out there again in the future. Even though you want to be honest about your feelings, you are scared of getting turned down. You are scared of being told you aren’t good enough. You are scared that you’re still going to be alone, no matter how hard you try to make someone yours.

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This sign avoids feelings whenever possible. You don’t want to get into long, emotional conversations about your personal thoughts. You would rather stick to the facts. Love isn’t logical – and that’s what scares you the most. You don’t always understand your feelings. You don’t understand why certain people have so much power over you. Capricorns are cynics. You’ve been hurt before and understand that it’s entirely possible to get hurt again. You don’t want to make yourself vulnerable to heartbreak. You know that falling in love is risky, and whenever it happens, you’re kind of annoyed about it. You feel your life would be so much easier without emotions.

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