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What Hurts You And Makes Knots In Your Throat According To Your Sign

They say that the bigger the wound, the more private the pain and the truth is that there are times when you feel that the best thing is to break in silence, just when you collapse and you think that you will no longer be able to move on. There are things that hurt your soul and make your throat lump because you shut them up. Sometimes, embracing pain is synonymous with repair, of tearing yourself to pieces and flying again, each zodiac sign knows what I am talking about. This is what hurts you and makes your throat lump according to your sign:


Aries, you are used to working under pressure, you like to set goals and you do not see the impossible, on the contrary, you are always looking for an efficient way to achieve them. You are brave, without fear of risk and the moment you succeed, you applaud yourself with all your heart. The problem is when things don’t go your way, when your stubborn and competitive part wants to take control. That is when you are apparently cruel, but deep down you cannot deal with failure, it breaks your heart to know that you are not doing things well and even if you do not say it, you feel worse and worse.


The work, the goals, the perseverance. Suddenly your day to day has become an accumulation of demands, it seems that nothing is enough, you want your fighting instinct to take over so that you can demonstrate your qualities to the world. And the truth is that you are doing a good job, but you minimize it. The moment your stubborn part takes control you do not accept comments from anyone, your arguments are endless, because of course, nobody likes to highlight their mistakes. That’s when you start to feel stressed, when you cry silently and get frustrated trying without getting a different result.


Behind a brave, dedicated, social and adorable personality, hides someone who can no longer with so much fear. And it is that Gemini is the person who was born to communicate everything that is inside him, he does not have time to pretend and thanks to his authentic side he wins the affection of people. The problem is when you start receiving complaints, because you don’t pay attention when listening, which makes you look selfish, as if only what you have to say matters. It is painful when you try to give your all and still for the other person it is not enough, because you know that you are a sweet soul with a huge heart. This is what hurts you and makes your throat lump according to your sign, Gemini.


Cancer is the hug that calms you, the being that puts sensitivity first, likes to be loving and loyal in an incomparable way. The problem is that you don’t always get the same in return and that’s when it can break. There comes a time when you have no choice but to let your tears fall in silence. You don’t say anything,you keep giving in to the needs of others and that’s when you forget about yourself. You are getting hooked on meeting the expectations of others and that only hurts you. Life is waiting for you, invest the energy and love that you give to others.


Leo is unstoppable, he is a generous, bright person who transmits good self-esteem. When he focuses on something, he doesn’t take his finger off the line until he gets it. You really show your self-love. The problem is when you cross the fine line, when you go from motivating to a catwalk of your ego. That’s when your personality can turn into a stone in the shoe. It is desperate when you only want the other to recognize that it has cost you tears, sleepless nights and losing important beings, achieve your victories. You don’t always do it with bad intentions, but people don’t understand it.


Virgo is the one who gets up every day to improve his version. He likes to be an example of improvement, that is the reason why he is excessively meticulous when making a decision. Virgo is a lot of thoughts, he is the one who analyzes, reflects and then carries out. The truth is thatit is difficult for you to accept when you are not right, because you see it as a synonym that your effort is not valued,that is when the annoyance becomes present. People may tell you exaggerated, but that’s actually what hurts you and makes your throat lump based on your sign, Virgo. They don’t know the way your mind works, but you don’t say anything, because you don’t want to fall for provocations, you keep everything even if it hurts.


Read well Libra, you do not have to like everyone around you, you are much more than someone trying to meet the expectations of others. Let your ambition, your bravery and your resilient side focus on your dreams, not those of others. You are breaking yourself every time you feel bad for not pleasing, you are not a savior and the thread of your life does not depend on anyone else. You have the courage to jump into the ring, but you have accumulated so many insecurities that now it is hard for you to trust yourself. You take one step and you take two more backwards. You are much more than someone’s opinion and you know it.


Scorpio is synonymous with intensity, he is the one who goes through life with a huge shell, he does not let anyone touch his heart. Few people get to know their kind and loyal side, but once they do, they realize that they are the type of person who does not fail you, who is not afraid to put their hands in the fire for the people they love. The problem is when your dark side is present,you are not someone who forgives easily, in fact you rarely believe in second chances. The problem is that in the end you are the only one affected, because you waste time wasting energy by holding so much resentment.


Without a doubt, you are the sign that enchants with its personality, you have the gift of exuding optimism in everything you do. You are the one who enjoys the moment, the one who injects emotion into everything he does, the more adrenaline for you the better. The problem is that the desperate desire to see everything well can cause you to fall into constant confusion. You got used to being the one who always cheers, the one who fills you with good vibes and now it seems that when the world is upon you it is better if no one finds out, that’s when you prefer to cry between four walls, to fake a smile the next morning. 


Capricorn, your head is a seesaw of thoughts, you are always looking to have everything under control. You are the person who honors discipline, perseverance and perfection. You have a hard time dealing with mistakes, so you always review each of your actions over and over again. The problem is that you have become your worst critic, it seems that nothing is enough, you minimize your achievements and sharpen your mistakes. There is a part of you that needs a desperate pause, that feels like it can’t take it anymore, but you keep it to yourself. You let your heart fill with cracks that no one heals. That’s what hurts you and makes your throat lump according to your sign, Capricorn.


A creative being, who is always looking for a way to carry out that cluster of dreams that haunt his mind every second. He is the one who does not waste time on people who do not share his way of seeing life. Aquarius goes against convention, he sticks with what really makes his heart beat. The problem is that by not being understood each time you move further away, you keep things, your fears, your sadness, everything, which ends up becoming a lump in your throat that causes insomnia, anxiety, stress. Sometimes, getting away from everything is not the best option, sometimes it ends up tearing you to pieces.


Pisces becomes the pillar that is always ready to listen to you, it is the friend who happens to become a brother and does not want to see you cry, because his soul is full of goodness. It is the sign that stops what you are doing to help the other. Pisces has a dreamy side that makes you see the positive side of everything, sometimes, more, because it forgets that there are those who only come close to absorb its energy. That is the reason why Pisces ends up with very deteriorated mental, emotional and physical health. He becomes the sponge of others and forgets himself. Pisces cannot help feeling the pain of others and does so in silence because he is afraid that they will not understand him.

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