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How Your Zodiac Sign Proves Their Love for You (Without Telling You).

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Aries are great gift-givers. Because they’re so competitive, their love language is making you feel like you’ve won a prize. It could be flowers, a new accessory to flaunt around, a massage, a vacation, or something as simple as a hot fudge sundae. The point is that when they love you but aren’t ready to say it, or simply would let their actions speak for them, it’s all about spoiling you. It gives them pleasure to watch your eyes light up and put a smile on your face, and they’re not the type to only put the effort in towards the beginning of a relationship. Being loved by an Aries gives you license to turn any small occasion into a celebration.

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A Taurus will show you they love you by revealing their sentimental side. While most of their acquaintances are fooled by the retail therapy and flashy style that can border on show-offish, the things a Taurus values most can’t be bought. When you are loved by a Taurus, they will drive you past their childhood home, pull out the family photo album, or an heirloom from one of their grandparents. They will show you the things that can’t be replaced are the ones with the most emotional value because whether they’ve said it out loud or not, they are placing you in that same category. To them, you are something that requires the utmost care and preservation.

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Geminis will show you they love you when they stop worrying about letting it all hang out. They are so organized and accomplished, it’s easy to curate a polished version of themselves for the outside world, but juggling that many different things can put a lot of stress on one single person. They run out of patience, they snap, and they have tempers, just like anyone else. When they feel safe enough around you to tell you what they’re really thinking, no matter how crazy they think it makes them look, you’ll have entered sacred territory with them. With the people they love there is no hesitation, no second guessing whether or not they’ll be accepted for exactly who they are, flaws and all.

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When a Cancer loves you, they’ll show you by telling you about their past. There’s a lot of life lived under that tough exterior, and in the same way a crab holds all its flavor beneath the shell, their hardships are what make their character. Understanding a Cancer’s past is the key to knowing them in the present. It’s like one of those crime boards in a TV series full of thumbtacks and yarn, tying all of the linked elements together, you will finally see them for who they truly are once you zoom out to the bigger picture. When a Cancer loves you, they’ll want you to become a part of that web, tied into the crazy ride of their life so far, and hopefully their future.

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Leos will show you they love you by choosing you over their best friend. You won’t get far by trying to force that choice onto them, but at some point in a relationship it’s bound to naturally occur. They can’t say yes to every invitation so when you become the top priority, it means so much more than it does for the average couple. Putting you first means pledging loyalty to you that is stronger than their oldest friendships. People have come and gone in the past, but Leo’s friendships are carved in stone. So skipping a concert with their bestie to take care of you when you’re sick means they see you as marriage material.

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A Virgo will show you they love you through criticism. They hand out tough love like tissues at a funeral, but you will be held to a higher standard than everyone else. They see the best in you; a potential to be kinder, more positive, and more considerate. And don’t even get them started on your health. A Virgo sees an investment in a human being as a sad dog movie multiplied times a hundred. If they have a pet, their biggest fear in the world is losing them, and if they don’t, it’s because they don’t think they could emotionally deal with the loss. So don’t fight with them over things like flossing or that daily vitamin. They just want to make sure you live as long as possible.

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A Libra will show you they love you by going outside of their comfort zone. If they trust you with something they normally dread, like karaoke, shopping for dresses, planning a vacation, or open water, it’s because they’ve found a level of trust in you that no one else has ever provided. They feel secure enough to experience a part of life they never thought they would try. Their love for you has made them open themselves up to new possibilities, to imagine enjoying experiences that once inspired fear or anxiety. Your relationship makes them more confident to tackle life, and less worried about making mistakes. They will feel like a whole new person because of this shift in perspective.

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A Scorpio will show you they love you by responding to your texts. The immediacy and enthusiasm you’ll encounter are reserved for a special few. Personal time is sacred to them, and others can go left unread for days. But when you are the object of their affection, there is no such thing as a message sent too early or too late. They will prioritize your emotional needs, and always be there to listen or simply shoot the shit. The art of conversation is a lost art form in their minds, and the secret to that long, slow-burn chemistry they’re known for. They are the one sign who really means it when they ask how your day went, and that will be code for those other three words until they’re ready to say them out loud.

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A Sagittarius will worry about you. Whether you start to get a cold or have to be in an emotionally challenging situation, once they know you’re dealing with something, they’ll be checking in regularly to give them some peace of mind. Even though they’re known for being nonchalant, this sign is a natural caregiver, and once they’ve fallen in love, you will become patient number one. All of your past illnesses and heartbreaks will be just as important to them as those of the present day, and they will feel personally upset over anything that involves you suffering. They will show you they care by displaying a sense of responsibility for your well-being.

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Capricorns will make some kind of investment involving you once they’ve fallen in love. It could be planning a vacation months into the future, joining a sports team with you, or signing up for a pottery or language class. Anything that requires the assumption that your relationship will last the course. They know how critical quality time is to create a strong foundation as well as maintain a romance, so they will make sure that you have dedicated time to create those moments together. What they don’t tell you in words, they will show you with consistency.

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An Aquarius will show you they love you by becoming your own personal cheerleader. They’re used to supporting a variety of causes and are the most active sign in their community. So if you are vying for a promotion, working on a DIY project, or just trying to complete a 30-day fitness challenge, they will be in your corner every step of the way, telling you what a great job you’re doing, and making it easier to stick to the goals you’ve set for yourself. And once you’ve finished, no one knows how to celebrate achievement as they do. Cakes, flowers, decorations, you name it. The signs will be specific to what you’ve made happen, but they will all spell out an inherent “I love you”.

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A Pisces will pull a variation on that middle school mix-tape classic, and introduce you to something extremely romantic. It could be music, a movie, a book, an art exhibit, or anything creative at all. But once you see it, if you’re not totally clueless, you’ll immediately recognize it’s meant to symbolize their feelings for you. To Pisces, art is the ultimate representation of real-life experiences, so if they’re trying to communicate how you make them feel, they’ll find a fictional equivalent to help you experience it first-hand. It’s not enough to know you reciprocate, they want you to understand their perspective.

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