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How Your Zodiac Sign Might Explain Why You Were Ghosted/Dumped

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Getting dumped or ghosted is the worst. And the truth is, not everyone is a match and sometimes one person sees this clearly before the other person gets the chance.

Other times, we let some of our less developed traits take center stage and scare away prospects before things even have a chance to take shape.

These are the most likely reasons you got ghosted or dumped according to your zodiac sign.

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Aries – Too argumentative.

You are fiery and passionate, it’s what draws people to you… but it can also push them away. You don’t need to agree with every single thing the other person says, but being too argumentative and digging into your stance before even hearing theirs is off-putting and will drive prospects away.

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Taurus – Your feelings were unclear.

It’s really hard to know where someone stands with you. You could be in love with them or never care to see them again and your demeanor will read the same. You aren’t so forthcoming and expressive about your feelings, leaving your dates wondering if you even are interested or attracted to them at all. It’s not that you don’t experience strong emotions, you just don’t express those emotions so strongly. Try giving a little more indication of where you stand… otherwise, the other person will just feel confused and move on.

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Gemini – You were too flakey.

Your flakiness is never born from malice, you just go where the wind takes you. But this flakiness can come off as rudeness and some of your romantic prospects may have no tolerance for it.

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Cancer – You got attached too easily.

You are soft, sensitive, and not afraid to be vulnerable. You hold the belief that love will save you from something and when a promising prospect comes into the picture, you sometimes latch on a little too hard and too fast. Stop projecting some sort of ideal onto another person. They are not there to complete you or heal you. Dating is a discovery process, not a measure of your worth or a means to heal yourself. Practice moving slow and steady and just enjoy the getting-to-know-you process.

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Leo – You showed no interest in the other person.

You sometimes focus so much on impressing the other person you don’t leave any room to be impressed by them, making them feel like they were just there to reflect back your own shiny image. You are confident and bold but these attributes can border on being toxic when expressed as excessive vanity and egoism. You don’t need to steal all the shine in the room, if you do, you’ll find yourself standing all alone.

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Virgo – Picking your partner apart.

This is one of your strongest inclinations, the need to just pick away at someone. You may not even say anything out loud, but all people can pick up on when they’re being judged or sized up and it doesn’t feel good. It’s like being on a job interview when you know the person doesn’t want to hire you. You don’t feel good and confident, you feel small and awkward. This is how you make your dates feel when you get so caught up picking every single thing apart.

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Libra – Flirting with everyone.

You’re a charmer and love to flirt. While it’s mostly innocent and doesn’t mean you’re pursuing other people, that’s how it can come across to someone you’re seeing. Try to tone down the flirtiness and channel it more toward the person you’re dating rather than turning up the charm on everyone in your vicinity.

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Scorpio – Too guarded.

You are mysterious by nature. You are not one to give yourself away freely. This makes you interesting and compelling, but also incredibly hard to get to know and how can someone truly come to care about you if they don’t know you? Let that guard down a bit so you can let people in and connect in a meaningful way.

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Sagittarius – Not taking anything seriously.

You’re fun, free-spirited nature is a blast but you risk coming across as too flighty and flakey if that’s the only part of yourself you reveal. It’s possible you lean into your fun side to avoid getting real and vulnerable, which can be scary for you. But without it, you can’t ever have a real connection.

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Capricorn – Too intense.

You are known for being motivated and driven. No one gets things done like a Capricorn. But it can be a bit… much. Your dates may feel intimidated by your drive or maybe like they will always be competing against your goals to get your time and attention.

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Aquarius – You don’t need anything from anyone.

You are hyper-independent and this makes you interesting and intriguing, but if someone doesn’t feel like they have anything to offer you because you can just do it all yourself, there won’t be much motivation for them to stick around. Practice letting people in a little more.

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Pisces – Too needy.

Neediness is creepy. Your heart is in the right place, you just want love and you can’t help but go all in when you find a promising prospect. But going all in right away just comes across as desperate so practice slowing down and letting things unfold naturally.

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