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How Your Mars Sign Affects Your Love Life, According To Astrology

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You’ve probably heard that, in astrology, your Venus sign affects your love life. While it may be the ruler of your romantic relationships as a whole, it isn’t the only planet at play here. Your Mars sign is the ruler of your sex life, from mild to fiery. Look for your Mars sign below to see how it relates to your adventures in your bedroom and beyond. And if you don’t know your Mars sign, you can find out here.

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Mars in Aries

You move quickly and aren’t afraid to ask for what you want. If you’re into someone, you’re often making the first move. Unfortunately, this also means that you can get impatient if things move too slowly for you.

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Mars in Taurus

You need a strong emotional connection in order for the physical aspect to feel truly comfortable. You’re also patient and care a lot about the satisfaction of your partners. Unfortunately, this can translate into a need for control that can be off-putting to others.

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Mars in Gemini

You love excitement in your sex life. You’re a big flirt and you want to keep things interesting and different in the bedroom. You’re fun to be with, but things can turn sour as soon as you’re bored. You’ve got a wandering eye and are more likely to cheat.

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Mars in Cancer

You need trust and happiness outside of the bedroom before you can ever be fully comfortable inside of it. Comfort and routine are your number one goals. Unfortunately, if you’re not in a great mood, there’s not much that can get you interested.

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Mars in Leo

You like to be with a partner who’s just as adventurous and imaginative as you are. You enjoy pleasing your partner both for their happiness and for the praise you’ll get when you do. Unfortunately, you can a little bossy in the bedroom.

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Mars in Virgo

You need a lot of trust in your partner in order to truly let loose. And partnership is great in all aspects of your relationships, including the bedroom–no one is more important than the other. Unfortunately, you’re not always great at voicing what you want.

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Mars in Libra

Praise does wonders for you when it comes to your sex life. All it takes is a string of compliments and you’re putty in your partner’s hands. You do get bored easily though, so you’ll sometimes start drama just to liven things up a bit.

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Mars in Scorpio

You need an emotional connection and strong commitment before you can really let yourself go enough to feel total pleasure. The more connected you are with the person, the better the experience–just as long as you don’t let your temper get in the way.

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Mars in Sagittarius

You just like to have fun, and that includes your sex life. If you can be adventures and happy–and maybe have a few laughs, too–then you’ll feel fulfilled. It means that you might get a little shy if the mood turns serious, though.

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Mars in Capricorn

Just like a Capricorn never gives up when it comes to hard work, the same can be said for bedroom activities when your Mars is in Capricorn. You’re determined and pride yourself in a job well done. It adds a serious vibe to the act though, which can be off-putting for some.

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Mars in Aquarius

You need to be completely comfortable with yourself and any weird quirks or desires you have. You need a partner who is willing to try new things. If you feel like you’re holding back in the bedroom, you won’t have nearly as much fun.

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Mars in Pisces

The best your sex life has ever been was when you were incredibly spiritually and emotionally connected to your partner. The deeper the connection, the better it all feels. Even so, you often have a difficult time committing because you think you can find better.

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